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48 comments on “Rhonda Chapman”

  1. What a wonderful memorial, it made me cry, and have many belly laughs! It’s been a privilege meeting you, Rhonda, you are indeed a force of nature and an inspiration for many of us. Thank you for having warmly welcomed me in Castlemaine, during my brief visits. I loved learning about Cohoots, walking around your veggie garden, and hearing about your adventures. I remember when during the 2020 lockdown we videocalled and you and Tim showed me your “new ultralight hiking gear”! And when you told me about your new-found love for cold swimming! I love the enthusiasm and joy you put into everything you did. Arrivederci, cara, Rhonda, ci, mi mancherai molto.

  2. Vale Rhonda, inspiring and warm, insightful and gracious. I only just got to know you and feel grateful for those days in Canberra autumn. How wonderful to celebrate and know more about your life well lived, thank you TIm and friends and family for such a beautiful (Rhonda vetted!) celebration.

  3. Dear Rhonda – what a magnificent life you had. We were fast friends during our formative years , studying biology together , sharing a household for many years , members of the Student Union Board together at Macquarie University , and sharing a house in London too. I have so many awesome memories, random parties, spontaneous events, slip n slides , camping trips, practical jokes and a whole lot of laughs . Vale Rhonda , your spirit lives on in those whose lives you touched . Xxxx

  4. Tim, what a beautiful celebration of a life well lived, by a beautiful loving woman. A life force as strong and far-reaching as Rhonda was can never be extinguished or diminished. To touch this world and leave such an amazing impact and energy is awe-inspiring and that sentiment was very evident today. You left this world a better place but a sadder place today. Wrap yourself in those wonderful memories of times shared as you move forward, Tim they will sustain you. You will always be her Ketut. RIP beautiful Rhonda x

  5. Thank you for sharing the service with us. Rest in peace dear Rhonda. Love from the Lund family, Meningie, South Australia xxxx

  6. Dearest Rhonda, may your soul rest in peace and blessings. Remembering your amazing friendship and your deep caring for people. I remember you and treasure your inspiration and care for the community and friends in Cambodia. I’m sending lots of love to Tim and the family! Sophiep, WaterAid and Cambodia!

  7. First met at OSB and crossed paths on and off over the years – you were always impressive, impassioned, generous and kind with a lively glint in your eye. A wonderful celebration of a life lived fully. Farewell to you Rhonda and condolences to your family.

  8. Lovely memorial ❤️
    The stories from all speakers were wonderful and funny – Dean and Paul, Louisa, the girls, the Res Swimming Club, The Band and Tim. We all nodded in agreement that Rhonda had an enviably strong spirit and sense of ‘self’ which she shared back with staunch positive support for others. Louisa’s effable ‘C’ words capture Rhonda’s essence – a person of Connection, Courage, Conviction, Curiousity, Caring, Community Builder and a person of radical Candour! And I will always remember occasions of a Cheeky grin mixing coyness and her good humour!

  9. Rhonda. Such a beautiful woman. Strong, determined to make a difference. Bubbly, enthusiastic and effervescent. Forever in our hearts.
    Rhonda saved our wedding day in 1989 by organising the hall right before the ceremony, that’s just the sort of person she was, seeing something that no one else was doing and doing it. Taking care of people, bringing everyone together. I was so privileged to do her Partnership Broker training last year where I witnessed the depth of her knowledge and experience, I was in awe of her. She shone so brightly and she shines on. Rest in peace our beautiful friend.

  10. Rhonda from the moment we met yours was a life-force to reckon with, and that indomitable spirit of yours shone through so brightly today during the service, so many heartfelt messages and memories of the lives you’ve touched. Go peacefully back into this earth that you so treasured, see you on the other side of the rainbows :). Lisa x

  11. Dearest Rhonda. We love you. We miss you! We cried at the news. And were reminded of the many times we’ve cried with laughter with you. We’ll keep laughing and crying. You’re the fiercest of friends. The most elegant fighter for freedoms. So beautiful to witness your love for Tim and the girls. We’ve always known that we’re held by you and we hold you now. Paul, Liz, Lauren and Jack ❤️

  12. Sending Love from Brisbane. Rina, Martin Dwain ( Irish Volunteer) and I shared a house in Colonia Santa Fe, in San Salvador in 1997. What a hoot we had! So many good memories, her laughter, her cooking and sense of adventure! Thank you Rhonda, See you in the next life!

  13. What a legacy you leave Rhonda and how many lives you have lived despite this one being cut short. Rest a while then work your magic again through the earth. With love from the Edwards family in Orange.

  14. Wow – what great send off, for the ever positive, laughing and wonderful person Rhonda was. Loved The Band, a beautiful memorial for a beautiful lady.
    To Tim, I am so sorry the lurg kept me away today but hope when you’re ready we’ll catch up for some stories and laughs at the block. Perhaps some giggle juice with hot cross buns. Many good times and memories. Love Annie xx

  15. Love, life and infectious laughter. We were a force of nature and trailblazer. Hard to believe you are not physically here. Love to your whanau.

  16. I am so sorryI had not heard how ill Rhonda was, as I would have loved to have told her how much I loved her spirit, her sense of humour, her passion and her commitment to leave the world a better place. She sure did that! My condolences to Tim and all her family and close friends. She was inspiring and generous and I am sure you will all miss her terribly, but she will be at peace.

  17. Farewell. I hope you are at beautiful peace. We first met in our 20’s at CAA getting things done ! and also having a great laugh and a party. It was an unforgettable time and an unforgettable Rhonda. Thanks everyone for a beautiful ceremony and take care everyone without R. love and a big hug to everyone.

  18. Vale Rhonda . Thank you for your friendship, love , craziness and shared passion of nature .I will always cherish our time at Macquarie Uni together and then later in London. I remember wild spontaneous parties, student politics , boyfriends, flat mates, 21st birthdays , slip n slides , and so much more. Love always – Karen xxx

  19. Rhonda, you were a force of nature. So many amazing memories, and such a huge life, my friend. Miss you heaps. Ellen

  20. A very moving tribute to a wonderful person.

    Rhonda you lived a full and worthy life and greatly impacted the lives of so many others for the greater good.

    I am truly grateful to have shared part of it with you. You will be remembered for ever. May you finally rest in peace (although we all know how highly unlikely that is, being the force of nature that you are!)

  21. Met her back in college in the 80’s. Years later, she moved in to Kirribilli with us and brought Maynard the cat, too. I will never forget the night the dishwasher flooded, and she flung the window open to shout “what the f**k do you think YOU’RE doing???” at the poor firefighter trying to climb in the window after they could not wake us to turn the water off.
    She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and we all laughed so much on that day. Glorious memories of such a vital, world changing person. Hugs,

  22. Love you RL. Thank you for your ever-supportive friendship, all the laughter and for always helping me find the way through. The coven will always hold a space for you and cherish your wit and wisdom.
    Sending love to you, Tim.

  23. Rhonda, may you Rest In Peace, continue to dance and sing and bring joy to those who you are with now.
    I send my love and condolences from Amsterdam. Rhonda, as my godmother, friend, and agent of change in this world, you will be missed.

  24. Love you RL. Thank you for your ever-supportive friendship, all the laughter and for always helping me find the way through. The coven will always hold a space for you and cherish your wit and wisdom.
    Sending love to you, Tim.

  25. Rest peacefully, dear Rhonda. Such a great loss. Sending love and strength to Tim, family and all who will miss you, from Cambodia. Di XX

  26. Sending love from London to everyone in Castlemaine. What a beautiful service to remember an incredible woman. Ellie Munari xxx

  27. Thank you for the chance to share in the stories and music from a far. Sending hugs.
    I know Rhonda’s spirit will live on.

  28. Bye my friend Rhonda. Over the 15+ years our lives crossed paths you were always such a genuine joy to be with. I’ll miss you.

  29. My dear Community Aid Abroad colleague whom I spent many wonderful hours with over five years. So much laughter, passion, discussion, empathy, intelligence and FOCUS.
    I was so glad to be able to meet the wonderful Tim during a quick Melbourne visit.
    My heart breaks for you all and Rhonda will always be in my heart. X

  30. I had the privilege to work with Rhonda. She was incredibly generous with her knowledge and skills. I was so impressed with her professionalism, empathy, curiosity and kindness, with a strong flavour of humour. A wonderful life and achievements – she will be greatly missed.

  31. I think it was 1989 when I met Rhonda. I was back from a 10 year stint in Thailand. Rhonda made sure I caught up on all the partying I’d missed out on during the previous decade. In the following years whenever I met up with her, it was her laugh, sense of mischief and energy that always greeted me. That never changed. That is how I will always remember her.

  32. A beautiful memorial to Rhonda, an inspiring powerhouse. Her generosity, curiosity and kindness touched so many people.

  33. Rest in Peace dear Rhonda. We will all miss you dearly, but comforted a little by the amazing legacy you leave in having inspired so many people and being such a force for change.

    Sending my deep and heartfelt condolences to Tim and your family and friends.

  34. You were a force to be reckoned with, in a good way! so sorry you have left us so soon. thinking of you with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. my love to you and yours.

  35. Dearest Rhonda – fierce, funny, whip smart, courageous, compassionate and No BS ever! You have been so fundamental to our coven and our thriving together as independent women. The international development world, and the Rhonda world are so much the poorer without you in it. Our deepest condolences to Tim and those you loved.

  36. In the early 1980’s I met Rhonda and partied with her plethora of university friends at Macquarie University … Oh and we did some serious partying. In the early 1990’s I caught up with Rhonda in England and on one very memorable visit – I caught up with Rhonda and we drove down to Stonehenge for a day trip from London. One that particular trip to the UK we burned down a neighbour’s wooden fence – a BBQ that got out of control … but lots of laughs that night in Cricklewood. Whether it was water pistol fights at Koolewong or simply Wednesday Club Xmas get togethers – Rhonda was always there as the life of the party. Simply put – Rhonda will be significantly missed by all and anyone that ever met this dynamic entity … See you in the next life Rhonda – Wambo

  37. Sending love from Central Coast NSW. We may have lived in the same town but didn’t meet until Mac Uni when the fruity bunch from Orange kept growing at DLC. I will always remember your energy, your friendship and that gorgeous, naughty laugh. As smart, cheeky and stubborn as the donkeys she loved. The world was better for your existence, and we are all diminished by your loss.

  38. My most sincere condolences to Rhonda’s loved ones, Tim, family and friends. Rhonda was smart, vivacious and enjoyed life and I am grateful she was part of my life. She will always have a special place in my heart and in my memory. Vale dear Rhonda.

  39. A force of nature … Rhonda you brought life light and a spirit of determination and joy into the world. Your laugh was so infectious and I’m glad I had a few belly laughs with you. Love to Tim and family and friends who looked after you xx G

  40. Vale Rhonda. How lucky we were at Wateraid to have your wisdom, guidance and sense of fun. A very special person who whose kindness, intellect and sparkle will always be remembered.

  41. Gracias Rhonda, por todas las risas y los abrazos que me diste!
    Te voy a extrañar, mi corazón esta dolido con tu partida, tu tiempo con nosotras fue y siempre será muy precioso!
    Hasta siempre preciosa!

  42. Sending my deepest condolences from Canada. Rhonda was a force for good in this world. Thank you for a life well lived Rhonda. Thank you Tim and other loved ones for sharing Rhonda with the Partnership Brokers Association.

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