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19 comments on “Richard ‘Ian’ Mills”

  1. Dear Jacqueline

    The service for Ian was a beautiful remembrance of a wonderful life. Few days ago we had a zoom meeting. Dr Ian assured his full support to me to take forward our organisation ( Global Listening Centre) noble mission of promoting Listening across Australia. Ian had sent me two articles to publish. And one article for our Journal of Global Listening . Recently Ian had joined our organisation. (GLC)
    Such a nice soul and a great philosopher. Sending my deepest sympathies and love and my prayers to Lord for Ian’s best eternal life.
    Sardool SIngh

  2. Ian was a lion king.

    Climate of the Heart is a quintessential testimonial to the refined awareness that one can only come to at age 85. He grounded our strongest philosophies through his heart—what so few humans ever achieve in their lifetime.

    Ian was an intimate friend and mentor to me, a presence that helped me ground myself in this very rarefied world that all of us as philosopher poets share.

    His virtual companionship was an extremely significant part of my growth, of the substance that I am now …

    These were his last words to me on June 24, a week before his passing:

    “Birds have been a very important part of my life. When I was a boy wandering in scrub, I learned to imitate their calls and complaints and warnings.

    Yesterday, which was the solstice, was also a new moon. So here’s hoping for a turn-around, a new beginning out of the singularity in which we now find ourselves… Your calendar also tells me there is a blue moon on the 31st of October – so that will be the day this year the sea-lily in the deep sea-trench in Japan releases her cells in union with the movement of all the heavenly bodies.”


  3. Dear Jacqueline and all of Ian’s Family and Friends,
    My deepest condolences to all of you. A bright soul has passed from present sight! Thank you so much for sending his funeral service and allowing me to mourn and praise this great man with you!
    Ian and I met on a Jean Gebser forum and struck up a personal conversation from there. I always felt his kindness and appreciated his spiritual and philosophical outpourings. We exchanged poems, books, aphorisms, etc. I felt I had a friend in Ian even though I had never met him physically. We resonated and shared both the human trial – and a freedom from all the human overlays on existence.
    As happenstance would have it, I am also an Aussie by birth. So happy to have met Ian and to have shared such fine conversations and love of life with him. Blessings to Ian – and to all of you who knew and loved him!

  4. Dearest Jacqueline and Will and Lucy,

    Words cannot describe how moved I am by the crystallised and insightful tribute to a generous, poetic, and loving friend. So beautifully and fittingly composed. Jacqueline your words and memories are to be treasured. Thank you for inviting me to grieve and celebrate with you. I will cherish memories of Ian’s fond, sage ‘in-between’ and especially his laughter. And of you both together. Also Ian’s searing intellect and his familial tenderness.

    Thinking of you and wishing you the proverbial ‘long life’.
    All love, Suzanne

  5. Dear Jacqueline, a lovely and fitting service for Ian. What wonderful times you have shared together, memories of which shall always last. Thank you for inviting me to view the service. Sincere condolences. Ian is resting peacefully now. Michelle Savage

  6. What an extraordinary life! A man of great grace and humility who obviously made a difference to many many people. A true renaissance man of many interests and skills.

    With sympathy and love

  7. We loved the farewell service for Ian.

    Memories of our childhood together are close to my heart today.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share the occasion with you. Love Andrew

  8. Dear Jacqueline, Will and Lucy,

    The service for Ian today was a beautiful remembrance of a wonderful life.

    Bernie Neville’s perceptive thoughts on their friendship, Ian’s professional life at La Trobe University and his utmost respect for his keen intellect and compassion was quite special to hear.

    Sending our deepest sympathies and love,

    Maureen & Neil

  9. Dear Jacqueline, Will and Lucy,
    Ian was a dear friend and mentor to me and I will sorely miss his ready laughter and the between of him. He was truly un boundaried – and it was a tremendous gift for all who came into contact with his clear Presence. I appreciated all of that about him as well as him humor and tremendous intellect that took every idea and opened it out into something greater.
    He told me how proud he was of Will and Lucy and what fine people they had grown into – and of the great love between he and Jacqueline. It was beautiful to see how fulfilled his last years were and I too regret there will not be more of them. In love, Lin Waddell

  10. Dear Jacqueline,
    Sending you lots of love in this difficult time.
    What a special man.

  11. Dear Jacqueline,

    Thank you for the opportunity to watch the service. Ian led a remarkable life and I am so pleased you were both so happy together. Treasure the wonderful memories.

    With deepest sympathy, Kath

  12. I think of Ian as a gentle man who shone a light on the world with his blistering mind and his unfaltering compassion. I first met him when I was an academic at La Trobe and he had a huge Moses-like beard, wore a kaftan, and had the stars pasted to the ceiling of his office. I knew immediately we would be good friends. I had a house down at Ocean Grove when Ian also lived there and we took long walks on the beach, tried out many schemes as we bet on the horses, and talked endlessly about the nature of passion which was the subject of my thesis at the time. I remember one particular night when Ian was over for dinner and I asked him something about poetry and Mesopotamia. He proceeded to tell me the history of the world. He talked, I listened. I asked the occasional question about how one thing related to another. We drank many glasses, and eventually the light changed and it was morning. So we cooked breakfast and then went for a walk on the beach because we hadn’t finished.
    Ian: scholar, filmmaker, author, entrepreneur (who can forget the brick making machine to help house the third world), self-proclaimed feminist, spiritualist, raconteur, poet and rogue. He touched me deeply. And to this day when anyone talks about ethics I conjure up Ian from my image repertoire as the embodiment of the ethical man.

  13. A beautiful service.

    We will always cherish the beautiful memories of Uncle Ian.

    Your niece Anne-Marie and family( Mark, Joshua and Molly)

  14. Dear Jacqueline. What an amazing life. So glad we were able to watch. All our love.

    Tony & Robina

  15. Dear Jacqueline,
    Our sincere condolences to you and Ian’s family. We are grateful that we could watch the service and hear your remarks read by Maggie, which were very moving. We are thinking of you and of Ian.
    Love, Joyce & Greg

    Dear Jacqueline,
    Our sincere condolences to you & Ian’s family. We were very moved by your remarks read so well by dear Maggie. Ian is in our thoughts and you both are in our prayers.
    With love,
    Joyce & Greg

  16. Thank you Ian for all that you contributed to my living.

    Now physically absent but eternally present in my memories, my thinking, and in the between.

    Jules Savage

  17. A beautiful service for a wonderful, gentle man.
    You will be missed greatly Uncle Ian.

    Your niece Gabrielle and family (Daryle, Lakkari, Kalyan and Maiye)

  18. Dear Jacqueline, Will and Lucy,

    Ian was a special friend. I will miss his laughter, deep listening and loving presence.

    My sincerest condolences,

    Anna Taifernopoulos

    1. Dear Jacqueline,

      What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful man. I am so glad you had that chance meeting 10 years ago – I remember the day so well. What a wonderful time you
      had together so many times for you to cherish. My thoughts are with you at this very sad time.
      Lots of love Joy

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