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33 comments on “Ricky Madsen”

  1. I only just found this website, and I am sooo sad to lose my dear nephew, Ricky! He was such a kind, respectful and soft person that I was very proud of! I know his mum & dad, Jamie and Tanya loved him very, very much! I look forward to getting to know him better in the future, when he comes back in the resurrection that Jesus spoke of in the bible at John 5:28,29. Please visit a website to find out about this wonderful hope! My love goes out to both Jamie & Tanya! ❤️❤️

  2. Thank you for all the beautiful messages this was the worst day of my life nothing will ever hurt me more than Rickys life ending ,if u knew rick he was a beautiful man his touched so many hearts today ,he was my world he will allways be in our hearts an never forgotten. rick an Brooke are my world an we shared some beautiful memories .so much happened today . Like when we let all the red balloons of a Hawke came from no where ,an went up in a spiral with all the balloons till we couldn’t see the balloons or Hawke ,this Hawke was amazing , Ricky would of been laughing so much like big Brendon I love this guy ,he reversed his car in a big ditch but it was slow an he just kept reversing till it was so far in the ditch my bro had to tow him out ,it was so funny an Brendon just smiled oh well .Ricky would of been in tears a few other things happened with beautiful christa an my self trying to get this idiot out of the lane we were following Ricky in the funeral car an this car cut in front of me an took the spot where I was behind my boy this car wouldn’t move we gave this car so much of a hard time to move but he didn’t an wouldn’t move .I had a good laugh cause if ricks was watching he would of said oh what a idiot stuffing with us crazy bitches thanks christa ur a top chick ,many things happened rick would of been laughing at all of us.Thank u all for for sharing this sad day with my family n all the comments an hope u enjoyed the live link ,

  3. You were my first Love.
    My first Everything.
    I will never forget all the special moments we shared together as teenagers. You always had a piece of my heart and you always will xxx

  4. condolences to Jamie , Brook, and family love and thoughts are with you today Ricky is forever in your heart for forgotten .Tanya sorry for your loss R.I.P Ricky from Daphne Kahu family xxx

  5. Rip in peace
    RICKY we grew up together had so many wild times as we grew up into fantastic parents I you will be watching over them and your family
    My heart goes out to Tanya Jamie Brooke and loved ones
    rest in paradise my friend

  6. I’m so proud of you tan ,I’m so thankful to you that I could say goodbye to your darling son, I’m here for you anytime darling, I luv you and I always will. Your long time friend ❤❤❤☮ PEACE BE WITH YOU

  7. I am so glad myself and my boys got to share some beautiful memories of a beautiful boy/ man … my sincere condolences to you and your family … Ricky was taken way to soon … RIP Ricky ………..Lisa

  8. We are glad to have shared beautiful memories of a beautiful son and family man who was taken from us all to soon. To Tanja, Brook and family, Jade and Karl, our hearts go out to you for your great loss.
    We will miss you Ricky, rest in peace.

    Matt and Chrissy

    1. Glad you where all able to celebrate the life of Ricky a man very loved I hope it was therapeutic for family and friends. May the memories,friends family and Gods love get you though and give you comfort and peace.

  9. Absolutely beautiful ceremony definitely a great send off Ricky, he would have loved it and thankyou to family for allowing us to stream it, seeing as COVID has prevented a lot of people from coming and paying their respects. Rest In Peace Ricky you will be sadly missed by a lot of people xxx

  10. Tanya, Jess and family, my heart is breaking for you.
    This must be the hardest day of your lives.
    Ricky was a lovely young man and left this earth way too soon. May he rest in peace
    Love from Mum Penny

  11. That was an absolutely beautiful service, and I loved the hard rubbish comment. Lol. I can’t believe your gone Ricky, my thoughts are with the entire family and I’ve been crying here at work with you all. RIP Ricky. Xox

  12. All our love and thoughts to you darling, our heart goes out all of Rickys family and friends xx

    1. My heart goes out to you and your family Tanya, may Rick be at peace and forever looking over you, cherish the memories.

  13. My heart goes out to you both Jade and Tanya, and all Ricky’s family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love John and Jane

  14. To all of Ricky’s loved ones
    You are in our heart today
    Cherish all your loving memories you have close to your hearts
    Ricky’s family and beautiful babies needs all the love and support to heel at this sad time
    Thinking of you young man
    Lots of love Katie and family xxx

    1. So sorry for your loss. my thoughts and prayers are with u On this sad day
      R.I.P Ricky
      Sharon xo

  15. Our thought and prayer are with you Tanya and your family.Our hearts are broken for you sweetheart love Roz

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