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  1. Dear Lisa, Jo, Kristy, Ness and family. I have so many fond memories of your dear mum through our dancing years. I’m so sorry she’s had to go and so close after the loss of your dad. Life can be so damn sad. Please know I have thought of you all so much this past week. You should be so proud of the beautiful tributes you gave today. I’m honoured to have been able to share in the memories with you. Love you all. Nat Paton and family X

  2. To our dear long life friends Lisa, Jo, Kristy, Ness and all of your beautiful families. We miss your amazing beautiful Mum so much and know that she is now at peace with your Dad. What a fabulous send off she had under the extreme circumstances you had to deal with. You should be so very proud of yourselves for your beautiful words. She was such a beautiful bright light in everyone’s life. She will always be remembered for her cheeky smile and the funny stories that you have an abundance of that you will all talk about for years to come.
    Our heartfelt condolences to each and every one of you. Always here for you. Love you guys so much.
    Amanda, Tim, Corey and Brayden.

  3. My dear nieces, our hearts were aching that we couldn’t be with you physically today, but you know that we were definitely there with you in spirit…in fact there wasn’t a vacant seat in the chapel! But the service was a wonderful tribute to your mum and you all made it so special, with your strength, compassion and humour. I have absolutely no doubt that mum and dad are truly together in a very real way, and that their reunion is joyous. Stay strong, stay together and always look out for each other.
    Till June,
    Aroha nui
    Keith, Dawn and Joe

  4. Dear Lisa Jo Kristy Vanessa and families,
    What a beautiful service and Farewell to your dear Mum, I think my heart actually broke watching you all get up and speak about the love you all have for your Mum and the wonderful memories she has created in your lives. Never have I known a stronger family bond than the one that you all have.
    Cant wait to celebrate Robyn’s life with you all in the near future, where we can all hug each other and tell all the stories we have.
    Stay Strong girls, your mum and dad would be Sooooo proud of you today.
    Cath, Mel, Liam, Ash and Jye. LOVE LOVE XX

  5. Dear Jo , Lisa , Kristy , Vanessa and your Beautiful Families.
    My heart goes out to you all and the beautiful words you all spoke were exceptional just like her.
    Robyn was and is an amazing women I think of all the hilarious things she would say and do and those memories have left an impression on me for ever .Thank you Roby for some of my fondest childhood memories it was never a dull moment . I will always remember your Parents with the greatest love and affection.
    Take care of each other and love each other the way your parents did .
    All Our Love Gav, Dannii Riley and Charli Hollioake xx

  6. Girls, My heart goes out to you all in this very sad sad time, your mum “my 2nd Mum as a kid” was an amazing loving lady, her smiley face, would light up a room, I have so many memories I will cherish & I know you will too. She will watch over you, & laugh with you all. She is with your dad at peace. My love to you all Leanne Wiggerink xxxx

  7. That was a beautiful service girls. Sending all of our love to you and the biggest hugs in this difficult time. Love Love xxx

  8. Dearest Lisa,Ian,Brooklyn,Taylor and extended families. We are so sorry for your loss and our hearts go out to you . She was a remarkable woman and a loving mother and grandmother. Our heartfelt sympathy to you all and thinking of you through this difficult time…Love Kerry, Tara and Jackson xxxxxxxxx

  9. Dear Nessie, Kristy, Jo and Lisa,
    So, so sorry for your loss. The Sayers family is built on the strongest foundations of love and strength and that is what will get you through this, the hardest of times. Sending you all so much love and well wishes.
    Love from Lauren, Doug, Albie and Imogen.

  10. To our super power Sayer sisters. We are sure this tribute and day is probably the hardest thing you have all possibly done in your lives, but you all shined on through what had to be done and paid a beauitful tribute to your mum, that set off tears, laughs and even more memories about our adopted Mumma Bear… Love Johnny her Robbie Williams & tell Laura I love her….


  11. Lovely service. You girls did very well. Mum and Nan would be very proud of you all. Love to you all.
    Auntie Chris and Uncle Martin

  12. what a beautiful service for a beautiful woman, she always made me feel totally at home at her place and allowed me to be me. She will be greatly missed.
    my hugs and kisses to all of you girls but especially my jo.
    ma and pa together again xxx

    Kylie and Mark and family

  13. Dear Lisa, Joanne, Kristy and Vanessa. My heart goes out to all of you and your families with the passing of you oh so colouful Mum… A very special golden hearted lady who welcomed all into her family…Lisa you were spot on, her passion was her family and everyone who entered your family could see it and loved it and wished they had it too! You are all so bonded through the love shown to you and now that love will live on in the grandchildren too. Thank you for the live stream that allowed us to share your grief in the absense of a big tight hug…RIP Robyn a gorgeous lady, Love forever Belinda, Luke, Tamieka, Ebony and Kody xxxxx

  14. Dear Robyn …it was a pleasure to know you … may you rest peacefully know … big g hugs xxx

  15. Dear Lisa, Jo, Kristy and Ness what a beautiful service for your mum. I had my colorful scarf on by chance as I watched this.
    Sending you all my deepest heartfelt sympathy. I’m so sorry we couldn’t be there to support you but I will raise a glass in Rob’s honor tonight. May your mum finally be at peace now with your dad.
    Big love from Chris, Nat & Leo XxxX

  16. Beautiful service for a beautiful lady . Always here if you need anything . Lots of love ❤️ , The Ditchy’s

  17. Dear Lisa, Jo, Kristy and Vanessa and your families,

    We are so sad about the loss of your beautiful mum. She was always there when we needed her.
    She loved you all so much and would talk non-stop about you all of the time.
    She always was up for a good laugh and her laugh would make us laugh more, she was so cheeky!
    We are going to miss her dreadfully and can’t believe she has gone. We know she is at peace now.
    Take care of each other, that is what she would want.
    Love, Lisa, Elita, Jason, Michael, Charlotte & Spencer

  18. Dearest Robyn. Thank you for the sweet childhood and school day memories. So much fun and laughing until we hurt. The years have flown by so very quickly but I will keep you safe in my heart always. Lots of Love to your precious family and your good friend Marilyn Ray. Barb and Ron Dalley-KAY. XXXOOO

  19. Thinking of you and sending love and strength to all four of you. Her cheeky, fun loving character lives on in all of you. Love from Kara and Ben.

  20. My thoughts are with you ladies today with a heavy heart. Your mum was a beautiful soul with a big heart, she will watch over you forever. Condolence to you all and what a beautiful day to send your mum to be with your dad. May she shine bright forever

  21. Dearest Lisa, Jojo, Kristy, Ness and families, The last year has undoubtedly been an extremely tough one for you all. My thoughts are with you today and everyday…. May your beautiful mumma and dad both rest in peace together eternally.
    Im holding your hand today virtually Jojo xxx Sending so much love, Dan, Waz, Arley and Bowie xxxxoooo

  22. dearest Lisa, ness, kristy and jo.
    I’m so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you all in this time of sorrow, and my prayers be with you and your families…
    lots of love from me and my family

  23. Dearest Lisa Joanne Kristy Vanessa and families sending all our love and strength to you all at this most difficult time. Stay strong, lean on each other, Take heart she loved you all and she was more than proud of you all. A beautiful friend for 40 odd years has been taken far to soon. Love Mary Tracey Mackayla and Liam. Love Love ❣️❣️❣️❣️

    1. Wow girls that was beautiful ..she would be so proud…big hugs to all…wish I was there.loveyou all Fran

  24. Dearest Lisa, Joanne, Kristy, Vanessa and families. Our sincere and deepest thoughts are with you on your heartbreaking loss. Always stay close to one another, love and cherish your mother’s memories. Catherine and David Milne

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