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4 comments on “Rose Deery”

  1. Those of us who remain in Scotland share this time of grief with all of the extensive family.

    As a young child I remember visiting the family at Christmas and sharing dinner with you all. I was very young at the time and the memories are vague but, I do remember sitting down to a family meal that my Aunt Rose had lovingly cooked for all the family. Some of you may not know that she visited Scotland sometime around the mid to late sixties. On visiting my home she found me home alone, a hungry and bedraggled child. Aunt Rose put the kettle on, filled a basin with warm water, stripped me off and ensured that I was properly bathed. She also washed the clothes I was wearing and then went to the shops to buy food.

    I did not see Aunt Rose until the early nineties when she, once again, visited Scotland. She stayed with my family for a few days and I took her back to Clydebank to visit her relatives. A few years later Aunt Rose and Uncle Davey came to Scotland and I had the pleasure of their company.

    My son Brian joined many of you on his stopover in Australia. He was very well attended to by all of the extended family. On his return, he spoke highly and fondly of his Great Aunt Rose.

    I personally have spent a very limited time with her. However, in the short time that I knew her, I found her to be a caring and kind woman and the epitome of the term, “The Salt of the Earth”.

    As the whole family look back on her life, I am sure there will be many fond memories that you will all share.

    We are thinking of you all at this sad time.

    Gerald Deery.

  2. A beautiful memorial for a wonderful woman.

    Love to David and all of the Deery clan

    Ken and Patrice

  3. Beautiful eulogy for a beautiful lady –

    God bless you Rose – our thoughts and prayers are with David and the wonderful Deery clan…

    Rest in Peace – Rose

    With love – Amalia, Rob, Gloria & Malcolm xoxo

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