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5 comments on “Russell Francis & Nancy Martin”

  1. As my big brother said, David, we were so blessed to have the most beautiful Aunt & Uncle; Nancy & Russell. I have the most amazing memories of Glebe & Bonanza Avenue. David, Stephen & I had so much fun staying with our cousins; Dane, Darrell, Serena & Jon. I have fond memories of sitting in the music room in Glebe Ave and listening to everyone’s talents at Christmas time. I used to love staying at Glebe Ave, playing with dolls with Serena. Aunty Nancy & Uncle Russell were always so beautiful to us. Staying at Bonanza Ave was like a dream to me, high on a hill with my cousins, running around, like the world was ours, completely safe and with their dog Snuffy who I adored too. I will always cherish my childhood with the Martin family.

  2. That was the most beautiful memorial I hve ever seen, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you all, but thank you so much for inviting me to join this celebration of your parents lives online.. I met you all in 1977, and have such amazing memories from Glebe Avenue to my many weekends at Bonanza Rd, where I would forge my lifelong bond with Darrell. Jon, we stole your Playmobils to be victims in our Star Wars games; Serena, we ransacked your Barbie House with GI Joe; Dane, you always knew what nerds we were, and loved us all the same, and I remember what you said when you saw me at your surprise 21st; and Darrell… my most beloved friend… hard to describe a frendship like ours, but i picked you as my brother long ago. And your parents always treated me with respect and care and they always made me feel safe and loved and at home with you. You Martins will always be family to me. Much love to you all. (PS Dane, I’ll have a ruler if there’s any spare) (PPS Serena will never forget the Test Tube Club night!!)

  3. Dear Martin family, the service was a lovely tribute to our dear friends Nancy and Russel and so nice to see all the family members,some we have’nt seen for ages.
    Time has gone so swiftly,the years of knowing your family and watching you all grow into good people,I’m sure your parents were very proud of you all.
    Keep in touch ,our home is always open for those who would like to revisit this part of your world,stay safe. Wilma and George Chamberlain.

  4. I am so blessed to have had an Uncle and Aunty like no other. They lived life, followed their dreams and passions and at the same time were so loving, supportive and caring of the their beautiful family. A trip to the Martins was always something to look forward to and always eventful and entertaining. Both Uncle Russell and Aunty Nancy would make you feel special and I have very vivid memories of Xmas parties with Aunty Nancy performing and Uncle Russell’s tool shed and yes that famous intercom system at Glebe Street that I marveled at as a young boy. To me my Aunty Nancy was the most beautiful and talented singer in the world and Uncle Russell the genius professor who could do anything! I know they will both reunite and continue their journey together just not on this stage with us. Love always David, Jane and Alan Rasmussen.

  5. A great service – very entertaining. The family sense of humour is still running strong!
    Nancy and Russell were kind and generous souls. I was lucky to have known them.
    I am glad that they had a long and full life.

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