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Funeral Service
24/04 星期五 上午9:45 開始

Burial Service
24/04 星期五 上午11:45 開始

After watching the service online, if you can leave a guest message to let the family know you have joined into the service, that would be greatly appreciated.

Following the service, the footage will be posted and you can watch at a later time if you were unable to watch at the time of the service. Once editing is complete, the footage will be posted which will include all 3 camera angles.

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20 comments on “Shun Ming Fong Wei – 衛方信明女士喪禮”

  1. 衛大哥,Grace and Helen, 回想1983年初到Melbourne, 到今天已37年,感恩認識衛太,一位有智慧又有愛心的長者。祝願衛太安息在天父懷裏,我們天家再見。My condolences with the family.

  2. My condolences to your family. This was a beautiful service for Wei Po Po. I have not seen her in many years but I remember her smile and her affectionate nature. What an incredible woman to escape war with three young children and raise them on her own. She went through much hardships and still remained steadfast in her faith and belief in God.

    Kind regards , Fontane.

  3. Thank you Mama Wei. I will remember your loving smile in the short time we met during praise dance sessions with Elsa Du. You are indeed an inspiration. I remember too your drum playing session during the dance presentation. RIP.

    Condolences to Grace and Helen.
    May your mum now rest in peace.

    Love in Christ.


  4. Thank God for Mrs Wei’s angelic work from her young age. A live showing God-like characters and be a good life example for the people around her. Thank God for the blessings brought about through her life.

    Well done, Mrs Wei!

  5. 二十多年前因要為教會刊物 【對話】負責一篇訪問,到過衛太的家,聽她娓娓道來移民的經歷,當天的情景,如今還瀝瀝在目。今日離別,他朝天家再見。

  6. 衛太, we will always remember your wonderful smile. 我們永遠懷念妳. Grace & Helen, may our Lord bless and comfort you and your family during this time of grief .

  7. 我們敬愛的衛太:
    你的一生充滿傳奇色彩,見證了中國人經歷的無數巨變。在艱辛的歲月中,你的信心和堅毅的勇氣,使你的人生洋溢着基督的香氣,猶如寶貝藏在瓦器裏,透出柔柔的光芒。我懷念你的溫柔淺笑,和顏悅色。你永遠是我們教會的寶貝。很榮幸知道你是我的同鄉!!Roger 陳德泉 鞠躬致敬

  8. 永遠懐念衛太的慈爱和笑容。你带给我們正面的鼓勵。
    願主安慰Grace, Helen 及各家人

  9. Very sad to hear to about the passing of Grandma Wei. Like to offer my heartfelt condolences & prayers to Albert, Karen & the Wei family.

  10. 衛婆婆, Thank you for bringing smiles and always being so caring to the youth in our church. And thank you for choosing crossway to be your home church where i can get to know Albert my brother in Christ. Your story has set a great example for us.

  11. 衛太,妳虽曾经歷許多艱難,卻因着对主的信,活出一個精彩不一樣的人生,多谢主,妳给了我們一個美好的榜樣,讓我們学習妳的信心、愛心和勇氣。
    Grace &Helen,衛太已在神永恒的家鄉, 願主安慰你們。

  12. 衛太,永遠懷念您在小組讀聖經經文敬畏主的徬樣,到果園摘水果的笑顏。願主安慰Helen, Grace 及各家人親屬。

    1. 衛太,妳虽曾经歷許多艱難,卻因着对主的信,活出一個精彩不一樣的人生,多谢主,妳给了我們一個美好的榜樣,讓我們学習妳的信心、愛心和勇氣。
      Grace &Helen,衛太已在神永恒的家鄉, 願主安慰你們。

    2. 親愛的衛太,今天跟妳送別,看見基督愛的種子在妳母親身上延續在妳和妳兒女孫兒身上。妳的堅毅和堅信無聲無語卻又最有力地活出美好的見証。每次見妳微微的笑活像含羞的花,美麗又令我懷念。Grace & Helen, 加油!

  13. 衛太,每次到達Crossway教堂的右手旁邊座位,都被你的笑容吸引⋯我們握著手,點點頭互相打過招呼⋯⋯好舒服好有人情味。多謝衞太你樹立了努力傳廣福音及參與教會各種活動的榜樣,晚輩Jimmy謹謹效法跟隨⋯Miss you always. 切切祈禱Grace&Helen安慰和平給與 (prayer from jimmy&janet)

    1. 衛太, 想起你的慈容, 感謝你對主的信愛, 對人温柔款待, 成為我的榜樣!Grace, Helen take care!

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