Streaming of Catholic Mass Service

Streaming of footage will commence 15 minutes prior to the start time of the Mass, you will be able to view the Mass directly from this page.

After watching the Mass online, if you can leave a guest message to let Father Mcilroy know you have joined into the Mass, that would be greatly appreciated.

Following the Mass, the footage will be available to watch until the following Saturday if you were unable to watch at the time of the Mass.


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56 comments on “St Macartan’s Catholic Mass”

    1. Father Geoff thank you for Holy Mass, l struggled to get it at times and will replay it again. Thank you and may God Bless you. Your parishioner.

    2. Hi Fr Geoff both Colleen & I took part in the Mass which was excellent, we enjoyed your homily and being part of the mass was quite a spiritual and moving experience not being there in person.
      May the good Lord bless and keep you safe at all times.
      In Jesus Christ
      Regards Clive

    3. Bon Giorno dearest Fr. Geoff this morning mass was the most heart felt mass anyone of us have ever participated and feel part of the
      holy communion too i was there with God, you and Jean Thankyou again for a beautiful Sunday mass i pray too for this virus to pass and we can all see each other
      God bless your goodness alway and keep you safe. All my love to you and Jean, look forward to more masses

  1. Thank you – it was very special for me to celebrate Mass during this unsettling time – it has made my Sunday feel like a normal Sunday again.

  2. Father, that broadcast was really appropriate. It was great to be “virtually” back in St. Macartans again. Let us hope we will be physically back there very soon. Keep up your good work.
    Anna & Michael.

  3. Thank you so much a Father Geoff.Your kindness in bringing this Mass to the People is truly appreciated.May God also keep you safe.

  4. Thankyou so much Father. Was great to feel part of my faith community and given me thought for the week ahead.

  5. Dear Fr Geoff
    Grateful thanks and prayers for giving us Holy Mass this morning .
    The image of Jesus embracing all the nations of the earth was very touching.
    God Bless you,
    Billie and Ron Allen.

  6. Barry and Jill Morris say: We really appreciated the chance to attend Sunday Mass celebrated by St Macartan’s PP Father Geoff. Thanks to all involved.

    1. Thanks Fr Geoff. It was lovely to be able to ‘attend’ mass this morning. We really appreciate all the effort it would have taken to put this together. We hope you are able to continue as long as needed. Thanks again & stay well.

  7. Thank you so much Fr Geoff, we really appreciate being able to attend Mass in our home at these very difficult times.

  8. Fantastic to be able to participate in the celebration of the mass. Thank you Fr Geoff for making it possible for us to connect with the St Macartan’s community. We felt very much part of your “virtual” congregation, to pray and sing and reflect made the experience very real. Keep up the great work, see you next week.

  9. Beautiful service Fr Geoff
    Holding on H-O-P-E!
    Love from the Guesties

  10. It was a strength to be part of this mornings Mass and listen to the hymns of hope. Thank you Fr. Geoff.

  11. Both Marcelle and I are extremely grateful to being able to watch the mass. Thank you Fr Geoff

  12. Good Morning Father.
    My parents passed your Sunday Mass link onto me. I am very pleased they did.
    Well done.
    Pauline van den Brule
    (Marlene & Terry Said)

  13. Thankyou for serving us in this time Father Geoff with the consolation of the Eucharist ….so blessed that you were able to bring us into our church …..our familiar place of Worship with all the Spiritual Blessings as we participated here at home…Your points in the Homily …..all amazing and so welcome. We ask Father God bless and keep you safe .

  14. Hi Father Geoff. Thankyou so very much for bringing the most Holy Mass to us in our home. The four of us gathered in our lounge room to watch mass on our TV. It was like being at church with every one. We even printed the church bulletin and followed the readings with you. The picture was clear and audio just fine, though your mic was a little muffled father…. but clear enough to follow you. Thankyou to all who made your Mass available to us. We were truly present with you. We look forward to coming back and celebrating in person with you. Until then, see you on-line next week. God Bless and keep all our parishioners well. Warm regards, Don, Leanne, Alyssa and Cameron Brooks.

  15. Sorry we missed Mass We did not realise we had to watch it 15 minutes before Mass time, Had trouble with computer. Great idea and hopefully will continue and we can be better organised. Not too good on computer Thanks Father Geoffrey take care Mary and Geoffrey Lane

    1. Hi Mary and Geoffrey.
      Thank you for your comment but you can view the Mass anytime after it starts – even now.

  16. Thank you Father that was a beautiful mass! Just what I needed
    thank you, i look forward to next week

  17. Thank you for a much needed and uplifting Mass. Perfect for keeping us all connected. God Bless Everyone and keep safe.

    Sonja Williams

  18. Thank you so much Fr Geoff. We enjoyed the mass the morning as a family. The music was beautiful and we joined in with all the singing.

  19. Hi Father,

    Thank you, it worked very well, nice to feel we are all keeping in touch at this time,

    Keep Well
    Renee Dunne

  20. Thank you so much Father Geoff. Barry and I loved the mass and will watch on line next week. Until then keep well and safe

  21. Thank you so much Father Geoff.
    I will ponder upon your message of HOPE through the week.
    It’s great to be able to revisit The Mass at any time, the prayers and hymns were all so meaningful.
    I can imagine how much work went in behind the scenes!

  22. Hello father Geoff….

    Thank you so much for coming in into our life and giving us this wonderful inspiration in getting to closer to the lord….

    We Alwyn and Debbie appreciate all that you do….

    God Bless you..

  23. Thank you so much Fr Geoff and would like to know if we will be having Holy Thursday and Good Friday service as well .
    God bless you.
    Marie Picton.

  24. Dear Fr. Geoff, Thankyou for the experience of sharing the Mass with you and your beloved Mother and parishioners. Your words are inspirational and comforting especially, during these uncertain times! I felt so connected and at peace. HOPE and FAITH are so important and we shall come together soon to celebrate in many ways! Thank you for your friendship and support! May God Bless you always! Ross, Odette and Marcel Pulo✋

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