Sunday Mass – Sunday 26th April – 9am

Sunday Mass – Sunday 19th 9am

Easter Sunday Vigil – Saturday 11th 7pm

Good Friday Mass – 10th April 3pm – AVAILABLE TO VIEW AFTER 3PM

Stations of the Cross – Friday 10th – 10:30am

Holy Thursday Mass – 9th April 7:30pm

Palm Sunday – 5th April 8:45am

Sunday Mass – 29th March 2020

After watching online, if you can leave a guest message to let Father Mcilroy know you have joined into the service, that would be greatly appreciated.

Following the service, the footage will be available to watch until the following Saturday if you were unable to watch at the time.

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146 comments on “St Macartan’s Catholic Mass”

  1. 26th April 2020
    Thank you Father Geoff for another beautiful mass. We so enjoy Justin singing.
    Fay and Barry Murphy

  2. Dear Father Geoff, thanks again for continuing to read Mass for us each week. It has been very special and a real Blessing.

    Stay well,
    Jo, Mark and Izzy Zerafa xx

  3. Thanks for our special Sunday Mass on this Divine Mercy Sunday .
    God Bless you and all St. Macartan’s Parishioners.
    Veronica & Tony

  4. Thank you Fr Geoff for this Devine mercy Mass and thanks to the other participants for helping you may the risenLord protect you always and your mother Jean. God bless,
    In Jesus name
    Clive & Colleen

  5. Father keep up the good work.john & Jill Bently Melton Botannical Gardens send their best wishes and say the boat is still afloat.just watched todays Mass 19 April 2020.

  6. Peace be with you too Fr Geoff.
    Thank you for sharing the Easter ceremonies with us. God bless you.
    Brendan and Anne McKenna.

  7. Happy Easter Fr. Geoff, his mum Jean and all Parishioners of St. Macartan’s.
    Sincere thanks Father Geoff ,Belinda Jane Video and all who enabled us to celebrate and participate at home in the Easter Triduum.

    Lord, the Resurrection of Your Son has given us new life and renewed hope.
    Help us to live as new people in pursuit of the Christian ideal.
    Grant us wisdom to know what we must do, the will to want to do it, the courage to undertake it,
    the perseverance to continue to do it, and the strength to complete it. Amen
    Veronica & Tony Ryan

    1. Very well said, Veronica.
      Thanks to you, Veron, every week at Mass we enjoy inspiring music and gorgeous powerpoint-slides to visually encourage a deeper connection to our faith.

  8. Dear Father,
    Thank you for the Easter Masses — a message of hope in this
    gloom in which we live at present..
    Happy Easter and God bless you..

  9. Girolami Trio : Thank you once again Father Geoff for keeping us connected through the Mass. Really appreciated being able to attend the Triduum.

  10. Thank you once again Fr Geoff and those who took part in celebrating the vigil mass coming into our homes bringing the light of Christ to brighten our days in these dark moments of uncertainty, lifting our hope and faith in our risen Lord he has risen indeed. Alleluia,Alleluia.
    And a happy Easter to you Fr Geoff and all the parishioners of St Macartans
    Best wishes Clive and Colleen

  11. Thank you Fr Geoff for bringing the Easter Liturgies into our home. We have enjoyed being able to be part of all the Ceremonies.
    Craige & Teresa Trenerry

  12. What a wonderful celebration – solemn and full of joy! What a terrific team effort! And the MUSIC! The “Exsultet” and “Gloria” are still ringing in my head and heart! Thank you, Father … and all those who have worked with you to make such a magnificent BEST out of the present circumstances.
    Happy Easter!
    God bless!

  13. Thanks Father Geoff and Parish Team for all Holy Week celebrations and the opportunity of part taking on them. We find the Thursday Eucharist, Station of the Cross and Good Friday Mass very close to our hearts.
    Keep safe and God Bless you.
    Christina and Sergio Llopart

  14. Thank you Fr Geoff and all the participants Len ,Julie ,Veronica and the others who made it possible for us at home to participate in the Passion of the cross may our God be with you protecting you each day we face with so much uncertainty
    God bless
    Clive & Colleen

  15. Congratulations to the whole team for a most beautiful, meaningful and moving Good Friday ceremony. It’s a huge liturgy and everyone, by their efforts, made it flow gracefully … in every sense of the word. Thank you all SO much!

  16. Thank you Fr Geoff for again giving us the opportunity to participate in the Easter Liturgies. It is very much appreciated at this time.
    Robyn Knight

  17. ,Thank you Father Geoff and all for the Easter ceremony , we have been blessed, l felt the Station of the Cross were very moving .God Bless you Father

  18. Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Fr Geoff
    Stations of the cross was very spiritual especially
    The hymn at the end when you knelt in front of the
    Crucifix was beautiful, thank you once again
    In Jesus name
    Clive & Colleen

  19. Thank you for the beautiful ceremony of the Stations of the Cross. Pitch perfect! 🙂 Believe that we were all singing with you! You were truly not alone as you paced out that holy journey in space and time from Station to Station. Thank you!!

  20. Thank you Father for bringing Holy Thursday Mass to our homes and preparing us for The Paschal Triduum. The Church looks very beautiful and we are truly Blessed to be parishioners there.
    Julie (I just wanted to hug you ) thanks to you and Len for the readings and Prayers .
    Stay safe Father.
    God Bless You.

  21. Thank you once again Fr Geoff for coming into my home on HolyThursday of the Lords Supper Mass, and it was pleasing to see both Len and July helping out.
    I look forward to the rest of the Holy Pascal Triduum
    May God be with you
    In Jesus name stay safe

  22. Thank you Father for a very intimate and moving Passover Mass.The Church looked amazing We are very blessed .
    Julie ( I just wanted to hug you) ,and Len thank you for your Beautiful reading and Prayers.
    Stay safe Father.
    God Bless you.

  23. Thankyou for the opportunity to share in the Mass remotely we hope all our parishioners are safe and well

  24. Thank you Father for a very intimate and moving Passover Mass.The Church looked amazing We are very blessed .
    Julie ( I just wanted to hug you) ,and Len thank you for your Beautiful reading and Prayers.
    Stay safe Father.
    God Bless you.

  25. Thank you so much for a beautiful Holy Thursday evening celebration of the Eucharist. Truly a reverent beginning to the Paschal Triduum. Because I can’t attend in person, I find I value the liturgy more than ever and you’re helping us to consider the pared down, rock solid heart of the matter. Thanks so much!

  26. Just watched Palm Sunday mass. John & Jill Bentley Melton Botannical Gardens say the boat is still working well.Good to see you are doing well in Mornington.

    1. Thank you father Geoff…as always your a total inspiration to our family…..thank you agaib…for all you do…

      Debbie and Alwyn

  27. Thank you Father. It feels really strange watching from home. It was really beautiful and I loved the hymns. Can’t wait for the rest of the Holy Week celebrations. Take care and God Bless!

  28. Thank you again Father Geoff for this week’s Palm Sunday Mass – again very special , stay safe everyone and God Bless

  29. Thank you again Father Geoff
    It was wonderful to be able to celebrate Palm Sunday Mass .The Hymns were excellent
    Maureen and John Ellis

  30. Thank you once again Fr Geoff for the Palm Sunday mass which I enjoyed even though it was from the safety of my home, May God bless you as you continue to enter our homes through this internet connection filling our hearts with joy till we can be together again
    In Jesus name keep safe
    Best regards Clive and Colleen

  31. Thank you Fr Geoff. So enjoyed your Mass sitting in our comfortable lounge chairs by the fire we are very fortunate to have you looking after us all in such a caring manner , take care & God bless you. Irene & Billy Adams

  32. Thank you Fr Geoff. A wonderful palm Sunday mass. Great homily. We are looking forward to your Easter Sunday mass.
    Fay and Barry Murphy

  33. Thanks Fr Geoff for the opportunity to share mass with you and your parish community in these difficult times.

  34. Thank you Father Geoff for bringing Palm Sunday Mass into our homes.
    The Homily and Prayers were very moving and left us with a lot to reflect on during Holy Week.
    Stay safe Father ,God Bless you.
    Michael and Barbara Ensil.

  35. Thanks Fr. Geoff for the Palm Sunday Liturgy with again a very moving and spiritual homily.
    God Bless you.
    Veronica and Tony Ryan

  36. Thank you Father Geoff for this special and very different Palm Sunday mass.
    May God bless you and keep you safe.

  37. Thank you Father Geoff for allowing us all to participate in the Mass virtually, it is the next best thing to actually being there. Your homily as always hits the mark perfectly. I look forward to us all being back together again under the one roof, but in the mean time this is a great way to stay connected.
    Thank you. May God Bless and keep you safe.

  38. Thank you Fr Geoff for this morning. My mother has been attending mass at St Macs for just over 70yrs and I have recently returned to Mornington to care for Mum who has suffered a stroke. Being able to attend mass remotely at this time has given us both great joy

  39. Thank you Fr Geoff. My mother (Mitzi Akers) has been attending mass at St Macs for just over 70yrs and I have recently returned to Mornington to care for Mum who has suffered a stroke. Being able to attend mass remotely at this time has given us both great joy.

  40. Thank you for this spiritual lifeline, Father – it gives us hope and connection; I finally feel truly that Holy Week CAN be offered in a holy, connected way via ‘remote’. Thanks to your team too!
    “God bless us, every one”.

  41. My wife loved being able to attend your Mass today from our self isolation in the Noosa hinterland. We are members of the Noosa Parish. A great initiative from your Parish. We are on our on-line spiritual road trip and love attending Mass in various regions of our country. Thank you Fr Geoff and to you and all your parishioners god bless and stay well.

  42. God was “truly present” in this Palm Sunday service. Thank you. God’s presence was with us especially as we listened to such an inspiring and explanatory homily. Mornington has been given a great opportunity by you, Father Geoff to “become more Christ like.”I pray that we listen to your call and place our trust in the Lord our saviour.

  43. Thank you Fr Geoff for a wonderful Mass. The last hymn sums it all up. Jesus is Lord no matter what happens. May we be ready for when he calls us.
    Blessings to you.

  44. Thanks Father Geoff for providing us with mass in this way. You don’t realise how much you miss something until you can’t do it. We really appreciate the effort you have gone to.

  45. Thank you Father Geoff and team. Great initiative that means the world to my mum.
    Best wishes

  46. Thank you Fr. Geoff and team.
    What a wonderful initiative. Thanks for your wonderful words and HOPE for the future.
    Keep safe and take care.

  47. Thank you Fr. Geoff and team.
    This was fantastic, what a great way to continue the spiritual journey. I’ve really missed hearing your homily and look forward to more. Thanks for your prayers and HOPE for a brighter future.
    Take care

  48. Thank you Fr Geoff for thinking of us & enabling us to celebrate Mass in our homes through the power of technology.
    Stay safe & may our loving God be with us all at this time.

  49. A bit tardy in catching up with this but thanks Fr Geoff and the production team for the opportunity to share the Mass, for the heartening message, and for the excellent quality in the production.

  50. Just watched this with Mum; she is staggered by the technology, and loves what you have done with it!

  51. Hi Father Geoff,

    It was awesome for us to be able to take Mass with you again!

    Thank you so much for doing this online. It was great to see you and be able to pray with you again.

    Take care and our love and prayers to you and Jean.

    Jo, Mark and Isabella Zerafa xxxx

  52. Thank you Fr. Geoff for the opportunity to celebrate Mass with you in this new format.
    Shelley & John Finn

  53. Thanks Fr Geoff for enabling us to participate in the Sunday liturgy with you, and for the brilliant homily and your words regarding hope.

  54. Thank you Fr Geoff for this thoughtful and important way you have managed to keep our parish connected at a time when we are required to be physically distant. It is greatly appreciated.

  55. Thank you! We felt spiritually connected and an inspiring homily .
    Kath and Brian – Stawell.

  56. What a wonderful way to keep the community connected. It was a proud moment to watch, and to see your mum take part. Much love

    Moira McIlroy

  57. Thank you Fr.Geoff. for filling our Spiritual void with a wonderful Mass and Homily.
    May God continue to Bless and strengthen you.

  58. Thank you Fr Geoff, Theresa & Veronica and all involved in preparing this Mass for us, at this uncertain and isolated time, it is a relief and a strengthener!
    I especially loved the music and also reading through all these posted messages of hope and positivity from my friends, the parishioners of St Macs, (all their faces popped into my memory, as I read through their messages!). Fr Geoff, through your great work we are continuing to remain connected to each other and that is such a comfort.
    We are grateful for your continued commitment to all in our community.
    Kathleen Ronchi

  59. Thank you Father Geoff,for that Beautiful mass very comforting at this time of sorrow in the world God Bless you all
    Carmel Drake

  60. Dear Fr. Geoff, Thankyou for the experience of sharing the Mass with you and your beloved Mother and parishioners. Your words are inspirational and comforting especially, during these uncertain times! I felt so connected and at peace. HOPE and FAITH are so important and we shall come together soon to celebrate in many ways! Thank you for your friendship and support! May God Bless you always! Ross, Odette and Marcel Pulo✋

  61. Thank you so much Fr Geoff and would like to know if we will be having Holy Thursday and Good Friday service as well .
    God bless you.
    Marie Picton.

  62. Hello father Geoff….

    Thank you so much for coming in into our life and giving us this wonderful inspiration in getting to closer to the lord….

    We Alwyn and Debbie appreciate all that you do….

    God Bless you..

  63. Thank you so much Father Geoff.
    I will ponder upon your message of HOPE through the week.
    It’s great to be able to revisit The Mass at any time, the prayers and hymns were all so meaningful.
    I can imagine how much work went in behind the scenes!

  64. Thank you so much Father Geoff. Barry and I loved the mass and will watch on line next week. Until then keep well and safe

  65. Hi Father,

    Thank you, it worked very well, nice to feel we are all keeping in touch at this time,

    Keep Well
    Renee Dunne

  66. Thank you so much Fr Geoff. We enjoyed the mass the morning as a family. The music was beautiful and we joined in with all the singing.

  67. Thank you for a much needed and uplifting Mass. Perfect for keeping us all connected. God Bless Everyone and keep safe.

    Sonja Williams

  68. Thank you Father that was a beautiful mass! Just what I needed
    thank you, i look forward to next week

  69. Sorry we missed Mass We did not realise we had to watch it 15 minutes before Mass time, Had trouble with computer. Great idea and hopefully will continue and we can be better organised. Not too good on computer Thanks Father Geoffrey take care Mary and Geoffrey Lane

    1. Hi Mary and Geoffrey.
      Thank you for your comment but you can view the Mass anytime after it starts – even now.

  70. Thanks for showing and sharing the Mass and for sending the Bulletin so that we can be part of the Mass

  71. Hi Father Geoff. Thankyou so very much for bringing the most Holy Mass to us in our home. The four of us gathered in our lounge room to watch mass on our TV. It was like being at church with every one. We even printed the church bulletin and followed the readings with you. The picture was clear and audio just fine, though your mic was a little muffled father…. but clear enough to follow you. Thankyou to all who made your Mass available to us. We were truly present with you. We look forward to coming back and celebrating in person with you. Until then, see you on-line next week. God Bless and keep all our parishioners well. Warm regards, Don, Leanne, Alyssa and Cameron Brooks.

  72. Thankyou for serving us in this time Father Geoff with the consolation of the Eucharist ….so blessed that you were able to bring us into our church …..our familiar place of Worship with all the Spiritual Blessings as we participated here at home…Your points in the Homily …..all amazing and so welcome. We ask Father God bless and keep you safe .

  73. Good Morning Father.
    My parents passed your Sunday Mass link onto me. I am very pleased they did.
    Well done.
    Pauline van den Brule
    (Marlene & Terry Said)

  74. Both Marcelle and I are extremely grateful to being able to watch the mass. Thank you Fr Geoff

  75. It was a strength to be part of this mornings Mass and listen to the hymns of hope. Thank you Fr. Geoff.

  76. Dear Fr Geoff,

    Grateful thanks and prayers for giving us Holy Mass
    this morning.

    Billie and Ron Allen.

  77. Beautiful service Fr Geoff
    Holding on H-O-P-E!
    Love from the Guesties

  78. Fantastic to be able to participate in the celebration of the mass. Thank you Fr Geoff for making it possible for us to connect with the St Macartan’s community. We felt very much part of your “virtual” congregation, to pray and sing and reflect made the experience very real. Keep up the great work, see you next week.

  79. Thank you so much Fr Geoff, we really appreciate being able to attend Mass in our home at these very difficult times.

    1. Thanks Fr Geoff. It was lovely to be able to ‘attend’ mass this morning. We really appreciate all the effort it would have taken to put this together. We hope you are able to continue as long as needed. Thanks again & stay well.

  80. Barry and Jill Morris say: We really appreciated the chance to attend Sunday Mass celebrated by St Macartan’s PP Father Geoff. Thanks to all involved.

  81. Dear Fr Geoff
    Grateful thanks and prayers for giving us Holy Mass this morning .
    The image of Jesus embracing all the nations of the earth was very touching.
    God Bless you,
    Billie and Ron Allen.

  82. Thankyou so much Father. Was great to feel part of my faith community and given me thought for the week ahead.

  83. Thank you so much a Father Geoff.Your kindness in bringing this Mass to the People is truly appreciated.May God also keep you safe.

  84. Father, that broadcast was really appropriate. It was great to be “virtually” back in St. Macartans again. Let us hope we will be physically back there very soon. Keep up your good work.
    Anna & Michael.

  85. Thank you – it was very special for me to celebrate Mass during this unsettling time – it has made my Sunday feel like a normal Sunday again.

    1. Father Geoff thank you for Holy Mass, l struggled to get it at times and will replay it again. Thank you and may God Bless you. Your parishioner.

    2. Hi Fr Geoff both Colleen & I took part in the Mass which was excellent, we enjoyed your homily and being part of the mass was quite a spiritual and moving experience not being there in person.
      May the good Lord bless and keep you safe at all times.
      In Jesus Christ
      Regards Clive

    3. Thank you Fr. Geoff!
      We love getting together as a family and being part of mass on Sundays.
      May God bless you and give you strength to continue the good work. Hopefully we will back in person soon.
      Price family

    4. Bon Giorno dearest Fr. Geoff this morning mass was the most heart felt mass anyone of us have ever participated and feel part of the
      holy communion too i was there with God, you and Jean Thankyou again for a beautiful Sunday mass i pray too for this virus to pass and we can all see each other
      God bless your goodness alway and keep you safe. All my love to you and Jean, look forward to more masses

    5. Thank you Fr. Geoff, a lovely Palm Sunday Mass. Take care Rosemarie Mahony

    6. Thank you Father Geoff for this Palm Sunday Holy Mass. I felt I was present there with you. The reflection song was so beautiful and so full of meaning. I was so overcome with love in my heart and tears in my eyes. I am not a member of the Mornington Parish. My son Stephen is and he has told me about this Mass. I am a parishioner of St. Thomas More, Mt. Eliza.
      Thank you so much for organising this Mass. May God bless you always and keep you safe.

    7. Thanks once again, Fr Geoff for sharing the liturgy on Palm Sunday, even though you appeared to be alone for the Eucharist , we felt very much with you during the celebration. During the week I was able to go to the last mass video & replay your homily which allowed me time to reflect and deepen my understanding of the readings. I have invited friends and family members not in the parish to also take part in the video mass. Kind regards, Carmel & Michael McGrath

    8. We are very thankful for the Holy masses & were very blessed to be able to access the 3.00

      pm ceremony as well.

      Thank you Father Geoff & helpers.

      Marlene & Jean Tesmann

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