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47 comments on “Therese Tham Sueh Cheng”

  1. She was well remembered for her frequent trips to our medical hall in Klang. Truly a lady that was always ever to counsel and help in anyway she could. Klang would missed a remarkable generous and fine lady of her nature.

    Condolences to her family and may she rest in peace.

  2. Class of 1985
    Ms. Tham – A gentle soul, with a warm heart for her students. A rare gem, and she has left her mark on the people she has touched. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons I have taken to teaching. Thank you for being that beacon. May you rest peacefully in the Lord’s garden.

  3. Aunty Therese’s devotion and faith was authentic. I knew her only after her retirement through Maureen and Andrew and recall all our get togethers with fondness. I think we connected through our common beliefs but she never boasted about all her achievements and I did not realise how many lives she has touched until after her passing. However this does not surprise and I know her legacy lives through her loved ones and her students whose lives have been touched by her. We will continue to pray for her soul and her loved ones. God bless you Aunty Therese. We will never forget you. Love in Christ

  4. Ms.Tham was instrumental in getting my two daughters to study in Convent School Klang. She was a relative of my neighbour and we had many fond memories of her being a very kind, loving and friendly person.

  5. The farewell service was beautiful and we will cherish wonderful memories of Cousin Cheng Chey. She is now in the presence of our Father GOD in Heaven Who will care for all her needs. May GOD grant Family members comfort and reassurance.

  6. Class of ‘ 94 SM Convent Klang

    Thank you for all the wonderful memories during my school years. You will always remain in my heart. May you Rest In Peace, Ms.Tham

    Nidha Ayub

  7. Your mum/mil/grandma was an amazing soul. I was one of the lucky few who got to sit and have deep amd meaningful conversations in her office.
    While most kids were scared to enter into the principal’s office I loved it. Her stories would include you, our families and the world.
    I remember telling her that I was moving to Sydney she was overjoyed for me telling me that I was going to love finishing school. I told her that day I wished I could have her as the Principal in my new school. She gave me the biggest hugs and told me to enjoy my new journey.
    She would always tell me to say hello to my grandparents and would tell me that we were distant relatives.
    I loved and adored her for her kindness and genuine love of each of her students.
    Heaven shines a little brighter because she’s up there.
    My deepest Condolences to each of you
    May Internal Rest Grant Upon her Oh Lord
    And May Perpetual Light Shine Upon Her
    May Her Soul Rest In Peace

  8. Thank you for your guidance. You will be missed and remembered in our heart. May your soul rest in peace. My deepest condolences to her family.

  9. 1985 batch
    A very calm principal
    You will always remain in my memories
    My heartfelt condolences to the family
    May Your Soul Rest In Peace Miss Tham

  10. My deepest condolence to the family members. Miss. Tham, you’ll always lived deep inside us, each and every Convent girls knew that from the bottom of our heart. You’re our guardian angel , without you we will not be who we are today. You’ll be missed, our great principal in school and life. Rest in peace.

  11. Ms Tham (Kai Ma) will missed you dearly. Thank you for your teaching not just in school but your care and love after 40 some years has never left us. Class of 1977 are so blessed to have you. the Lord holds your hands like you hold ours, your good deeds shine out for all to see. You have end the race well, rest in peace.

  12. Goodbye Miss Tham. We will miss you …. indeed we are priviledge to serve in Convent Klang with you as our principal. Thank you for guiding us to be better teachers to our students …. you were a great mentor… glad we are able to reconnect with you again the last few years.. your memories will continue live on in our hearts…

    Teacher of Convent Klang,
    1990 – 2017

  13. We will always remember Ms Tham, who was our Head Mistress in Convent Klang. An amazing lady who devoted her life to teaching and has left an everlasting mark on our young lives then. Thank you Ms Tham and may you rest in peace with our Lord right now.

    On behalf of Convent Klang, Class of 1983 – we will always remember you and be thankful for you.

  14. Maureen thanks for sharing.
    Terese Tham RIP
    Condolences to tha Family. We share your grief.

    From Mrs Ng Thian Hoo

  15. Thank you so much Ms Tham. We are blessed and greatful to have you as our headmistress. Memories kept and you have done more than just a great job
    Love you so much
    Rest in peace

  16. I was a student in Convent of 1993 and have been dearly touched by your role as a headmistress. You have left an indelible mark in my life. Thank God for your life that was well lived and to be celebrated! May you rest in peace Ms Tham.


    She led a simple austere life . She was a very humble person . She was a well educated woman of her own class . One of her students quipped she was strict and fair as a teacher and headmistress. She was humanely kind , loving , without any regrets in life and was ever ready to help a deserving cause . She was the teacher who taught us aesthetic values through art , free expression of the mind and heart and quality of creative thinking . She was literally rich . She was much richer in her mind and heart something many of us may lack nowadays to have complete fulfilment in life . Ms Tham was always fair to the poor and to the rich ever helpful to those in need regardless of race ,creed or colour .
    We should be thankful and grateful for having Ms Tham play a key role in our life . She was our role model . Thomas from Singapore said it so aptly when he spoke about her influence in his life during our get together dinner with her in June 2017 . This video is dedicated to her living memory !
    Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as goodbyes !
    Ms Tham, you will always be our teacher ! God bless you forever !

  18. Class of 1990
    SMK Convent Klang

    I always remember you as a great school principal and teacher. I want to thank you for what you have done to me now you are in God good hand.
    “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

  19. A life lived to the fullest shared with her students touched by her generosity and spirit of giving. A great soul amongst us has passed.

    1. To Maureen & family and to the Tham family, my deepest condolences. It was lovely tribute to your Mum Maureen and all so true.
      Dear Auntie, it had been an honour and privilege to have known you. Rest In Peace.

  20. CLASS OF 1987
    5 ARTS 1

    I recall the times of your strict ruling at school and when i was caught during recess time (break time) sneaking under the fence out of school to the Our Lady Loudes Church beside Convent School …at that time was not punished but requested me and my friends to write our names in a Black Book. There after remember when i won the Story telling Competition outbeating all schools your smile and happiness with shaking my hands many times made me feel good and make me realised too many good things about Madam..till today your smile is fresh in my mind ..and i appreciate you for being strict the discipline made me a better person today ..achieving being Sales Manager and Director in the logistics Industry …May Your Soul Rest In Peace Madam and thank you .

  21. you will be missed and will always a part of my secondary years memory… would be called to her office coz of big and flashy hair grips or ribbons… she never tire with giving advice. may you rest in peace Ms Tham.. and to her family my deepest condolences….

    class of ’92

  22. Thank you for your care and guidance, Ms Tham. May you be at peace. Deepest condolences to the family.

  23. Ms Tham was our Form 3 class & arts teacher. Last few years we managed to re-connect with some of the school mates for a wonderful & happy times together for outing & makan makan. She will live on in our memories forever and will always hold a special place in our heart. We will truly miss her. May she rest in peace. God Bless

  24. Miss Tham you are more like our best friend We will miss you and you will always be in our mind. Rest In Peace Miss Tham

    1. for all your dedication, love and friendship from all your students. You will be missed.

      It is an honour to be taught by you.

      I last met Ms Tham in Klang Club last year. She and my Mum has been friend for over 50 years. She gave me a big hug and was glad to see me back in Klang permanently after being away for over 30 years.

      May your soul RIP. You will always be a part of Klang Convent

  25. Dearest Miss Tam, always passionate and caring. You thought me to never give up. Always try till you succeed. Those words of wisdom was ingrained into me as a teenager. Thank you.

  26. Just thought of Ms Tham a few weeks ago and wanted to reach out to introduce her to my baby girl. However seems like I didn’t act fast enough and she’s left us for a better place. She’s made such a huge difference in my life. She’s helped me when I was her student at Convent Klang. My aunt was her friend in school and because of that she’s always been so friendly and nice to my dad and grandmother. Such an exemplary person. Love and hugs to you in heaven Ms Tham. Your good soul is with God now. My sincere condolences to Maureen and her family.

    1. Class of 83.
      Thank you Ms.Tham for all the art tips and comments to make me improve on my art pieces for art SPM. Being the only Science student to sign up for art exam, you constantly kept an eye on me to ensure I was doing my lino pieces. I did not disappoint you when I scored an A1 for art. You have always been strict but with a smile. Thank you for dedicating your life to Convent Klang. May you rest in peace.

    2. Rest In Peace Cheng-Ku-Chay.
      ♥️ Tai-Soh, Jessica, Josephine, Julie, Michael & Jackie

  27. Ms Tham, although I was not your student as I left Convent in 1975, I was so glad to have met you and spent a day in Genting last year with you & some of your students.I could see that they really loved and respected you. Pray that you know you will be missed by all of us.RIP’& you are safe in Jesus’s Arms

  28. Class of 85
    Dear Ms. Tham. I’ve watched you go about your duties, always wearing a blouse and skirt that matches and sans makeup. Simple in virtue. Steadfast in duty. You embodied the Convent motto. I’m humbled to have known you and years later when I heard you hv been made principal, my first thought was, this was way overdue. I’m sure that you were excellent Andy truly deserving. Rest in peace, Miss Tham. You were truly a mother to us all. Happy Mother’s Day.

  29. Thank you Ms Tham.
    You have touched many of us when we were students and after school life.
    Our thoughts are with the family missing her.
    Sydney , Australia

    1. Thank q Ms Tham. You were the best HM in our school SMC Convent Klang. Lots of good memories to be cherished.

  30. A teacher with great talents. Never stop teaching new art techniques. Always encouraging to get best out of us. Even when we have left school, still searching for us to find how are we doing in life. Great teacher, encourager and friend.

    1. Thank you dear Ms. Tham for being not just our arts teacher but also our friend. Rest in peace.
      Our deepest condolences to the family.

      Class of 1976

  31. Last met our beloved late Ms Tham at the Physio Center in Klang last year. We did share some moments together. She will be miss by all who were close to her and she was a very nice lady. Condolences to her family and May Her Soul RIP.

    1. Kai Ma Ms Tham was an amazing teacher. You will be sorely missed, but your legacy will reside within each of us.
      Condolences to her family and our thoughts and prayers are with all
      Rest in peace Kai MA Ms Tham

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