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9 comments on “Sunil Jayasinghe”

  1. Sunil Aiya was a great brother, always putting his family first. He was a selfless man who was kind and generous. He will be dearly missed. May he attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana.

    1. it’s a pleasure making us to view a rare opportunity .we felt as if we were there to pay last respect to sunil aiya.thank you sujanthi,anusha,soji and sanka

  2. Dearest Sunil , make me so sad to watch this, saw you last Melbourne in 2014, with Sujanthi, so nice of you to have visited us when we came for a brief visit to Melbourne , Remember how we enjoyed our teen years at Wellawatte with Shantha aiya and Chitra akka and Ranja, and how we enjoyed playing carom and going walks in Ettampitiya, you were a rock to me when thatha died, never forget your charming smile, and how affectionately you addressed me as Lakshmi akka, You were like a brother to me, so reliable,, how we shared secrets, shame we couldnt keep in touch as our lives changed so much, I was shoked to see ypu at my sisters place in UK, with your illness, still struggling to be yourself, happy that you got such a devoted wife Sujanthi, and lovely kids, may you rest in peace , we are destined to meet again through out our journey in sansara, may your journey be a short one.
    Love you with metta
    Lakshmi akka

  3. All of us watched the video till the end. We got the feeling that we were present there personally to sympathise with Sujanthi and family members. It was done well. May he attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana.
    Shantha aiya, Himanthi, Charithri, Amal, Viraj and Tharindri.

  4. All of us watched the funeral proceedings and got the feeling we were personally there to pay our last respects to my dearest cousin and lifetime friend Sunil malli….We will miss you dearly…
    May you attain the supreme bliss of Nirvana….
    Shantha aiya

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