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23 comments on “Susan ‘Sue’ Horley”

  1. My dear friend Sue, I have only just learned of your death. You planted my beautiful japanese maple tree outside my bedroom window – I have thought of you many times as I admire it. I remember the day you planted it and have been so grateful for your kindness. You were one of a kind. an exceptional person. How I wish we could have had more times together. I will remember you always. Yvonne Arney

  2. I was so lucky to have met Sue as her carer, I fear otherwise our paths may not have crossed. I would probably have never picked up a ukulele, learnt to swim a lap without gasping for air or been astounded by her incredible knowledge of plants. Her many close and enduring friendships are a testament to the straight shooting, heartfelt, witty and intelligent woman that she was. It was lovely to see and hear from the friends that Sue had so often spoken of, and I couldn’t help but laugh and smile at the stories that were shared as I could picture her so vividly. It was a privilege to have known Sue and I will dearly miss our weekly catch ups.

  3. Dear Sue, it was my great pleasure to have known you over the last 29 years and I will cherish the many happy and funny times that Joan and I spent with you at our home, your home and the many other places that we went together. My funniest recollection was when Joan, Janet and I took you to Port Douglas to see the Great Barrier Reef. We tried to get you on the boat but you refused to set foot on board as the girl at the desk had said that it might be a little rough. In the end we went off and you returned home to the resort. However when we got back to the digs we discovered that you had taken yourself off to Green Island by yourself and in a boat. When asked afterward why you thought of the underwater viewing facility you said: “I don’t know, I didn’t get out to it as the pier was moving.” Joan and I will miss you dearly. May you rest in peace sweetheart, you will never be forgotten.

  4. We will miss Sue, particularly remembering the trivia quiz at ODO on Saturday mornings, where she came in times of better health. And the trivia quiz at U3A which I attended with her at her request, in the unfulfilled hope of winning the first prize, a hanging basket, for her garden. Many more good times too.
    Sue was a friend of our Laura, working with her at FOS where they both were warriors in the quest to encourage judiciously-chosen language and, most importantly, good grammar.

  5. Trust You Sue, and here’s to you ….. beautiful words from beautiful friends and great music around you as always, loved the choices, laid back big band swing in the service and the wonderful BB’s “Good TImes Roll”. Little toast and sneaky glass in your honour, right now. David Boddington (the other uke teacher)

  6. Thankyou very much to all the speakers, we learnt so much about Sue and her life and I’m so sorry none of us were part of it. Condolences to Bill Horley.
    Bill Dunkley 1st cousin

  7. I’m one of Sue’s cousins on her father’s side…my mother Joan’s brother…we never really knew each other but from listening to everyone today think I would’ve got on really well with her. I rang her years ago when I heard she was sick but we didn’t meet. She was probably too preoccupied with all of that to consider meeting a new person even if family. Maybe it was when the treatment began…the beiginning..14 years ago? So sorry I didn’t keep in touch after that…we weren’t a close knit family in that cousins, aunts, uncles didn’t see each other much. What a shame…she sounds wonderful and we would’ve had things in common…single, avid gardener, politics and maybe a bit too direct at rimes…gosh…sad…

  8. Goodbye Sue, you’ll be sadly missed. It was an honour and a pleasure to be your friend and neighbour.

  9. So glad to have been able to look in on Sue’s funeral service today. In light of the current COVID-19 regulations that are so severely limiting the number of people allowed to gather together on such occasions, the video-streaming service was a wonderful option.

    As one of Sue’s first-cousins, I knew her when we were children but then lost touch with her when my parents, David and Joan Boardman, and I moved away from Melbourne in the 1960s. I’m delighted now to have heard some of her friends talk about her, and to have learned what a happy and fulfilled life she had.

    Jan Ramsay (nee Boardman), Adelaide

  10. It was a pleasure to have known Sue, both as a colleague at FOS and as a friend. Intelligent, witty and funny as they come. Rest in peace, Sue. Enjoy the giant lap pool in the sky xx


  11. Greetings Bill, have just watched the funeral of Sue and express my sympathies, I am you first cousin
    my Mother Violet sis ter of you mother Olive is still alive and just turned 99, would love to catch up
    with you sometime, I live in the Lilydale Lakes, Lilydale, somehow we all drifted apart over the years.

  12. Thank you Sue for your friendship, your sense of humour. We will miss you and never forget you. RIP

  13. With our sincere sympathy on the loss of Sue. Meredith and Don East from Longbeach Ukulele Club.

  14. I only knew Sue for a relatively short time but she was a huge presence at the Ashburton guitar / uke group. Engaging and enthusiastic in her contribution to the collective sound of the group, I will remember Sue as the ukulele player who would get to her feet (while the rest of us were anchored to our seats) and sing with gusto. We all knew that Sue was unwell and recovery unlikely but I just hoped that she would.

    The service confirmed what I had assumed – Sue lived a good life.

  15. Having had the pleasure of Sue’s company and great interest in the Ukulele we would like to say how sorry we are to hear of her passing.

    She was greatly loved as a musician and a friend by all who played music with her.

    We will miss her greatly.

    Ashburton Acoustic Music group

  16. I first met Sue at gym. She attended a few sessions and said It wasn’t for her, she preferred to go for a swim. We both attended the walking program around Elsternwick Park and then, when that ended, we continued to meet up for a walk and a coffee at the Ox Cafe. My husband and I enjoyed our conversations with her and appreciated her sharpness and wit. We talked about books and politics. I appreciated her strong opinions and will miss her.

  17. My name is Harry Harrison. I was Nina’s ukulele teacher over recent years (she would attend with her good friend Nina). It was a true pleasure to have Sue’s company. I smile now at the thought of her restless intelligence and wonderful direct way of talking. I am very glad to be able to join you today to honour her. I hope the service brings you some consolation.

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