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  1. Dear Paul, Yasmin and Dylan, Aftasi family and Suzan’s friends. I send my deepest condolences and love to you all for this wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and teacher. My family and I were so honoured and lucky to have known you, Suzan, and I hope you knew how much I loved and respected you. Your warmth and intelligence was amazing. Thanks so much for posting this video so that I could witness the wonderful celebration of Suzan’s life – some tears, but more laughter, which seems so fitting. I am glad you are finally out of pain, dear Suzan, and I promise to honour your memory.

  2. I didn’t think there were any words available to articulate the loss of our beautiful Suzan and have struggled to find words myself. I am honoured to have been able to watch this incredible service and tribute to my wonderful friend. Thank you to everyone that made this possible. I felt like I was there despite being on the other side of the world. To all of you that found the strength to stand and share your stories of this wonderful woman to the rest of us I can’t thank you enough. Thank you all for the cherished memories of this amazing woman on her journey through life. I watched with tears rolling down my face. My darling , my best friend of childhood, I feel the pain alongside your wonderful husband, children , family and friends. A thirty year friendship despite most of it being apart never altered my unrivalled love for you or yours for me. I am lucky to have met you and shared a lifetime of memories that were cut short way too early. I carry you in my heart and will forever be inspired by your courage and devotion. Your beautiful children live in you and will continue your plan to make the world a better place. Our own children will hear about you and will continue to carry forward your dedication to love and life. You will never be forgotten my darling. I cherish you and hold you in my heart forever more. I am thankful for our last conversation and despite what you were going through you tried to give me hope. As was your wish , all that loved you and all that you loved will not be separated and while our pain has just started we will comfort each other. Sleep well my darling. See you again x

  3. A beautiful and moving service, and a fitting tribute to such an extraordinary person. I am honoured to have known you Suzan, may you rest in peace.

  4. An impressive and beautiful ceremony for an equal beautiful, loving and remarkable person. Grateful to have been part of it from a distance and to have been a part of Suzan live.
    Lots of love and strength to the family.

    She has loved for more than 1 life..

  5. Thank you Paul for the wonderful speech, she well deserved such a nice funeral and I am not surprised to see this many people coming. You really truly are a gentleman and I am glad for Suzan fell in love with you. Please keep in touch with us, and we hope to see you and kids very soon.
    Please keep this video available and do not remove.
    Sending our love to beautiful Suzan.
    Amirali and Mona from London

  6. Suzan, such a remarkable lady who is a magnificent example of living life to the full despite huge challenges to her health wise. a most loving and caring person and a most loyal friend to all who knew her. A wonderfully loving and dedicated wife, daughter and mother. this world is much richer for the life she lived. Rest with God in paradise, my dear.

  7. Suzan was inspirational to all who knew and loved her – family, friends, students and teaching colleagues. She will be greatly missed by all, but we are all the wiser for having known her.

  8. To the Davies & Aftasi Families,

    What a beautiful service. I cried buckets of tears. Apologies for my absence, but very happy that I could still view the funeral.

    Suzan is an amazing woman. Special memories I shared with her featured in the lead up to Sam & Ruza’s wedding. Bridal dress shopping with her sister in law, Ruza. I’ll never forget her face of sheer delight & happiness when we were trying on bridesmaid’s dresses & we thought we’d found the perfect fit for all of us.
    We had a wonderful road trip with Suzan, Ruza, Lisa & Borjana up to Bendigo to see the Bridal exhibition, with Suzan at the wheel of the family car, us ladies all giggling & crying together all in one day.

    I’ll never forget Sam & Ruza’s wedding day, us bridesmaids all hurrying out of the house to the bridal car, Suzan with Yasmin seated on her lap in the back of the Rolls Royce, the car driver trying ever so hard to squeeze Suzan’s crutches in this teeny tiny little car boot along with everything else!!!!!

    Suzan had spent the week leading up to the wedding in hospital having another cancer removed, but nothing would stop her from not being at her brother’s big day.
    Her ability to be able to deliver a speech was also amazing. Having never had a sister, Suzan loved her sister in law, Ruza dearly.

    The evidence of that was clear during her heartwarming reception speech. She’d always wanted a sister, & with Ruza joining the family, it was such a joyous occasion & you could see and hear the delight in her face & voice as she told everyone how excited she was to finally have a sister.
    Suzan had this wonderful ability to make everyone around her feel special. I know I’ll never forget her.

  9. Suzan you have touched all who were lucky enough to cross your path. You emitted light, positivity, laughter, resilience and joy. We are blessed to have been enlightened by your passion for life and your strength to always stand up for what you believe in.
    You were an inspirational woman and I will always carry your precious memories with me.
    Love and comfort to your family,
    Lynda (Hall) Abbisogni

  10. Beautiful service… Thanks for sharing it with us.
    It’s the little things, the small, everyday occurrences that you all will remember. The laughs, the stories, the smiles, the braveness. And even though it seems like you can never recover from your loss, it is these very memories that will help push the pain away and bring back the smiles.

    Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

    Rest in Peace Dear Cousin Suzan…

  11. A beautiful service and a testament to a wonderful life lived. Susan’s love and smile were infectious. Thinking of you Paul, Yasmin and Dylan. Love also to Suzan’s family and Paul’s family.
    She meant a lot to me and Erica.

  12. Beautiful service… Thanks for sharing with us.
    It’s the little things, the small, everyday occurrences that you all will remember. The laughs, the stories, the smiles. And even though it seems like you can never recover from your loss, it is these very memories that will help push the pain away and bring back the smiles…
    Her infectious laughter and cheerful nature has always brought joy to everyone’s lives.
    Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.
    Rest in Peace Dear Suzan.

  13. What a beautiful service, for an amazing and inspirational person, I am so honoured to have been Suzan’s friend and blessed to have known her. I treasure the memories of my trip to Melbourne, of eating my lunch sat on her hospital bed, and just being there with her – and I am so grateful to everyone for welcoming me into the family while I was there, I left a piece of my heart over there with you all, and I will remember Suzan always.
    Ruth x

  14. Suzan you have made such an impact on my life. I will truly miss you. You are the epitome of love and genuineness. To Paul and the family, thank you so much for letting us be a part of celebrating Suzan’s life today. Such a privilege to be able to laugh and cry with you as we remember her. I’, sending lots of love to you all.

  15. Suzan, you have made such a lasting impact in my life. You truly epitomise what it means to to truly love and to live to the full. I shall truly miss you.

    To Paul and the family, thank you so much for allowing us to celebrate Suzan’s life with you. And to laugh and cry along with you today from many parts of the world. What a treasure we have had among us. Sending lots of love to you all.

  16. Suzan. I am sorry I could not be there for your funeral. What a fitting tribute it was to your life. It captured the impact you made, and how brightly your star shone. You were a very special person who taught me more about giving, compassion and life even when I thought I had these down pat.
    I will miss our lunches at the sticky floor Japanese and our coffee and chats. We discussed everything including our families, dreams and aspirations. Your love for Paul Yasmin and Dylan was described by you as a blessing as indeed it was. I miss you terribly

  17. So special being able to be part of the celebration of Suzan’s life. Beautiful words spoken and wonderful memories recalled. God Bless you all.

  18. Dear Paul,
    That was a beautiful service. And such a priviledge to watch on video. I came too late to Australia to see her and I could not come to the service, but I want you to know, even though I only met Suzan in real life just a few times, I felt embraced by her and made important in her eyes. It’s through you that I knew her and I want to thank you for that. Just by such contact I had, I have felt enriched. She was an extraordinary person and she will live on in our memories of her.
    Big hugs, Love from Angela.

  19. A Paul, Yasmine et Dylan et toute la famille DAVIES
    A Badi et Mahiné AFTASI,
    A Ashkaan AFTASI, Roja et leurs 2 filles,
    A Ardeshir AFTASI et sa fiancée

    Aussi sûrement que le jour suit la nuit,
    que la marée monte et descend,
    ce chagrin qui semble impossible à supporter s’effacera.
    Il cessera,
    vous laissant des souvenirs heureux et paisibles à chérir
    pour le reste de votre vie

    Le bonheur et le chagrin sont frères jumeaux,
    laissez-les venir et s’en aller comme font les nuages

    Nous sommes de tout cœur avec vous et avec les souvenirs de notre douce Shabnam

    La famille ASHTARI, Chohreh, Farhad, Oranous et Farrokh joun

  20. Suzan Davis you touched that hearts and soul of those around you and Iit up the world with pure love, light and positive spirit. We will never forget you. May you rest in peace and watch over you beautiful children husband and family. We are truly blessed to have known such a beautiful soul. Love always Michelina Peter and family. RIP Suzan Davis

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