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13 comments on “Taneith Lanyon”

  1. So appreciate the opportunity to attend from Northern N.S.W. The loving family Taneith had around her moulded her into the wonderful woman she became. We teach by example and so many have learned the true meaning of love from you, Jason. The unconditional love shared by you both surely will continue after this life.

    Gabi & Dale

  2. Thank you for making it possible to be there today all the way in London. It was a beautiful service and you all spoke so beautifully. I could hear her in all your memories. Xx

    1. thank you Jacquie, she truly loved you and your whole family. she talked about all of you often. i was disappointed i couldnt find any photos of your Bali trips. Taneith always talked about your holidays. thank you Jason.

  3. Very moving. So thankful that we could attend from Northern N.S.W. The unconditional support of such caring and loving family moulded Taneith into the incredible person she was. Thank you Jason for showing us the most beautiful love between you both. Truly inspirational.

    Gabi & Dale

    1. thanks Gabi, you were always a beautiful soul. Taneith talked about you often, the dinners we had in the early days were very special. you have always been in our hearts. thank you Jason.

  4. We remember Taneith as a bubbly and clever child, and then in later years of maturity enjoying love in marriage and love of life to the full. And despite her injuries she still managed to always smile and share a laugh. She will be in our hearts and thoughts forever.

    Heli & George

    1. thanks Heli,that is a beautiful thing. your family meant so much to Taneith because she loved Ene so much she thought you were one big family. that is all Taneith wanted in life, was love of a big family.

  5. Sending love and thoughts Jay. You all did a fabulous job of honouring a truely remarkable woman. May her beautiful smile and her big personality be remembered always

    1. thanks jen. it was beautiful for Taneith. i hope the kids are well and good to see your dickhead husband for coming over. love always Jason.

  6. Such a beautiful service Jason, honouring the beautiful soul that Taneith upheld through all adversity. Taneith will forever be in our hearts. Our deepest sympathy and all our love goes to you at this very difficult time.

    1. sorry i just realised you left a message. thank you both, you meant a great deal to Taneith and myself. taneith always talked about growing up with you Matt. Then after the crash Vera loved telling us both about your family. Taneith loved every moment because she loved you both. I have watched our wedding video about 20 times since Taneiths passing and the thing that stands out more than anything is the 2 of you walking up to us before our 1st dance and there were only 2 people other than taneith and myself perfect for each than you 2. thank you for everything. i hope i can visit soon if your happy.

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