Allan & Leanne’s Wedding Ceremony

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24 comments on “The Wedding of Allan & Leanne”

  1. What a beautiful service and what a lucky man Allan is with such a beautiful bride.
    I’m sure your Mum was with you Leanne and happy you have a loving and caring husband.
    Hate to admit, I’m that ‘one’ person who always forgets to turn off their phone !!
    With love, Jill xxx

  2. Félicitations a vous deux,
    Un grand merci de nous avoir permis de partager cet instant si précieux et intense de votre vie, tant d’émotions de vous voir vous dire “oui”, pour la vie, on vous souhaite de tout cœur que dans votre vie ensemble tout se passe comme dans le monde des mathématiques : peines soustraites, joies ajoutées, amour multiplié et divisé par deux. Avec beaucoup d’affection.”

    Odette et Manuel

  3. Many congratulations, Allan & Leanne! What a lovely service.
    Wishing you all the best for a long and happy life together.
    Charles & Julie xx

  4. Congratulations Leanne & Allan, wishing you much love & happiness in your future together. Leanne you look stunning. Sending lots of love from the high seas.
    Leon & Donna xxxx

  5. Dear Leanne and Allan
    Rose se joint à moi pour vous présenter nos meilleurs voeux de bonheur
    instant présent, instant magique

  6. Congratulations Leanne and Allan! May the years ahead be filled with everlasting love and happiness! Lots of love, Tess

  7. Félicitations à tous les deux.
    Nous avons pu partager ce moment plein d’émotion avec vous grâce à la technologie! C’était émouvant et Octave et Héloise étaient heureux de voir cette belle cérémonie.
    Nous vous souhaitons tous nos voeux de bonheur.
    Béatrice et Cristobal

  8. Mon Cher Allan,
    Je te remercie de nous avoir fait partager ce moment exceptionnel, rempli d’Amour et d’émotion profonde qui m’a beaucoup ému. Les paroles prononcées sur le Logos ont aussi résonnées en moi fortement. Puissiez-vous, Leanne et toi, partager le plus longtemps possible cette joie paisible et intense qu’est l’Amour. Je vous embrasse tous deux avec une émotion profonde et sincère.

  9. Congratulations to you both, a lovely ceremony, a lovely couple.
    Leanne, the dress was beautiful, such a pretty colour.
    Here’s to many years of happy times together !!
    all our love from a very cold Prechac,
    Anne and Mike – and Ruddles who watched too xxx
    (Mosel decided a 5.30am start was too much on a Sunday)

  10. Congratulations to you both. A beautiful ceremony and Leanne you looked divine in the most gorgeous wedding gown. Wishing you and Allan much happiness for your future life together. You are the”real love story”, and I am so happy for you both. Thank you for sending the link.

  11. Dear Leanne and Allan,
    We wish you long life and happiness together. May the road always rise to meet you.
    Deirdre & Roger

  12. Congratulations Leanne and Dad,

    We wish you the best for today and all next days!

    We think about you, Even if we are on the other side of eath

    See you soon!


  13. My English is too bad for to write you longer in your language so Je vous félicite de nous avoir permis de participer à cette émouvante cérémonie beaucoup de jolies femmes élégantes mais Leanne en était la reine
    Soyez heureux

  14. Hi Leanne & Allan,

    Congratulations on your beautiful marriage. Just loved watching it. Thank u so much for including us. You looked absolutely beautiful & loved Allan’s kilt.
    Enjoy a long & wonderful marriage full of happiness & love.
    Love Chris & Peter Forbes ❤️❤️

  15. Dear Leanne and Allan
    A lovely ceremony – a lovely couple
    All our love from cold Prechac xxx
    Anne, Mike – and Ruddles.

    Mosel is still asleep in her bed !

  16. Congratulations both. Wishing you every happiness for the future.
    Leanne – absolutely stunning!!
    I wouldn’t have woken up this early on a Sunday morning for anyone else.
    Lots of love from SW France,
    Olivia & co. xxxx

  17. Congratulations for this beautiful mariage Leanne & Allan. I wish you everlasting wedded bliss!! Charles de Braux (Pilgrim connected from Paris in France). NB.: thank you for having arranged for us being able to attend the ceremony remotely. Very thoughtful.

  18. Dear Leanne and Allan,

    I write to you from the heart of NYC, where I am witnessing the joyous sight of the two of you walking down the aisle. My excitement knows no bounds as I celebrate this momentous occasion with you. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in your lives, filled with boundless opportunities and unforgettable moments.

    Allan, although we have yet to meet, I am certain that you possess an extraordinary spirit, radiating warmth and love. After all, being Leanne’s choice is a testament to your wonderful character.

    Leanne, your loving and caring nature knows no bounds. You are a remarkable individual who deserves an abundance of love and happiness in every facet of your life.

    May your journey together be adorned with years of unwavering partnership, profound friendship, and unparalleled happiness.

    The ceremony is about to start, yay

    With heartfelt wishes and overflowing love,

    Yaffit, L.D., Lili, and Dean Salmanson

  19. Hi Allan,

    Wishing you and Leanne all the best for today and the future namely next night.

    If they are many consequences keep à male for me please 🙂


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