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32 comments on “Therese Soertsz”

  1. Dear Heather & the entire Soertsz family, we extend to you our sincere and deepest condolences on the passing of a dear soul – Therese, who was the Matriach of the Soertsz family and all those who knew her. May her dear soul rest in Eternal Pearce in God’s garden where no shadows fall.
    Thank you Heather for sharing the “link” with us of the funeral service.

  2. Dear Heather, sorry I was unable to link in. However, I was able to sympathise with the day Aunty passed away. May you always be surrounded by the Lord who has loved and sustained you.

  3. Beautiful service and lovely to hear so many wonderful memories of a very special lady. Rest in peace Aunty Therese. Sending all my love and sympathies to you all. Love from Clare xx

  4. Dear Heather and Family,
    Accept our heartfelt sympathies .May Aunty Therese Rest in peace. We will miss her at our 10.00am Church service

  5. A powerful & extremely moving farewell to a wonderfully gracious lady, who was the example I would often refer to with my own mother, whenever I felt Mum wasn’t trying hard enough! May you R.I.P Aunty Therese.

  6. Our Deepest Sympathies to all of the family of Aunty Therese. May she rest in Eternal Peace .

    Denver Bastiaensz and Heather Scott.

  7. A privilege to be a part of this beautiful celebration of Therese’s long, loved and loving life. Sending our love to all the Soertsz family.
    Lyndall and Roy

  8. Nanna would have found that a very classy affair. As would Mum, Brian, Grampa, Shelley, Joanie and all those magnificent people up there with her.

    Beautiful eulogy Auntie Jenny. The imagery you evoked painted a vivid picture of the childhoods your generation had, that flowed on to provide us all with such joy and strength.

    The tributes were lovely. Thank you to Gregory for reading mine with such love. It meant so much to me.

    Mummy Heather and Uncle Felix your readings were beautiful and she heard and felt them.

    To those three of you, having cocktails on Zoom, supporting each other through these organizations- I am forever grateful to you.

    I want my Precious sister, particularly, to know that she is our mother’s daughter and she did her a great service today. Some of us tap dance and moonwalk around while others have to go about the business that needs to be done staying motivated, pragmatic and cool headed. Those efforts never get as much attention, but they deserve all the more.

    I love you so much and I am so thankful to you. I hope you feel Mum’s pride in you today.

  9. A beautiful soul and such a source of love and support to her family and friends. Rest in Peace, Aunty Therese.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  10. We will miss Aunty Therese and her dignified gentle smile. How much more for you dear Heather, Greg, Chan, Alana and Trisha. Our heart felt condolence as you navigate through this period of grief and pain. Our prayers will continue. I am so grateful for the small window of opportunity Vana and I had in getting to know this amazing lady. She will be always remembered. I also convey this sentiments on behalf of the Ascension Springvale Church where aunty fellowshipped timed to time. She brought with her the sparkle of light. Blessings. Inpa

  11. Our deepest condolences to Greg, Chan, Heather and family. May Nanna Therese now rest in eternal peace and be reunited with her husband, daughter and son. Thinking of you all and lots of love always.

  12. Rest in Peace dear Aunty Therese as you are united with Uncle Aloy, Daphne and Brian. I have fond childhood memories of you as a gentle, loving, soft spoken lady and a talented seamstress.
    My sincere sympathies to the Soertz clan.

  13. Beautiful and fitting service to honour a special lady. Glad to be able to participate. The tributes were so heartfelt and touching.

  14. A privilege to be a part of this beautiful celebration of Therese’s long, loved and loving life. Sending our love to all the Soertsz family.
    Lyndall and Roy

  15. My deepest sympathy to you Heather and the Soertsz family. May God’s Blessings be with you all at this difficult time..Thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Chrystabel, Geraldine & Nicola.

  16. It was an honour and privilege to have intimately known Aunty Therese and been a frequent guest in her home through my close friendship with Daphne. She didn’t have much in those early years, but she generously shared it with all who entered her home. She was truly gracious and caring and with a lovely, quiet sense of humor revealed by the wonderful look in her eyes, belying the seriousness in the rest of her face! Last year I was blessed to celebrate her 77th birthday with her in Sri Lanka and was amazed by her energy and engagement even at nearly midnight! When i asked her whether she wasn’t tired, she simply said ‘I love people’ and that, for me, sums up her life! She has unselfishly and lavishly loved all those that came her way, and has had the tremendous blessing of being loved in return. I was a recipient of her love and care and shall treasure her memory always. Rest in peace Aunty Therese and enjoy eternity with Jesus and your loved ones who have gone ahead of you. I shall see you again, before too long!

  17. Our deepest condolences to you and the family Heather also please convey our sympathy to Ryan and the family. Love always Marie & Donald Boustead

  18. My deepest sympathies to you all! She was a lovely lady and I have never forgotten the kindness shown towards me by her and her family.

  19. Thanks Heather for the invitation to join in this service of thanksgiving & farewell to your dear mother in law.
    Heartfelt sympathies to all the family who will miss her.May God’s Peace rest upon you.

  20. Rest In Peace dearest Aunty Therese, with your beloved Daphne and Brian.
    I’m sure my dear Mum and Aunty Joan will welcome you – three school mates and friends forever.
    Warm hugs to you dear Heather, Derrick and Darrell
    Cordelia and Walter (in Heaven

  21. Rest in Peace Aunty Therese, a very special lady.
    Thoughts & Prayers are with you Heather and the entire Soertsz family.

    1. Our deepest sympathies to Darrell, Bernerdine and the family. May aunty rest in peace.

  22. Heather, it was a special moment when Brian’s mother sat silently with us as her son shared the story of his life with us willingly speaking for posterity. Attentive, observant and from time to a faint smile would colour her face. That was and will always be special.

  23. Thanks Heather,for sending me the online Funeral Service,to be watched today,at 1.30 PM.

    May her Soul Rest In Peace,United with her Precious Family.

  24. Heartfelt sympathies to family of a great lady. Always cheerful, kind and caring – that I had the privilege of meeting in my childhood. May she rest in peace with her beloved husband, precious daughter and son. A true role model.

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