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After watching the service online, if you can leave a guest message to let the family know you have joined into the service, that would be greatly appreciated.

This service will have a password applied once edited (normally within 3 to 5 days following the service), you will then need to contact the family for the password to access.

Following the service, the footage will be posted and you can watch at a later time if you were unable to watch at the time of the service.

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40 comments on “Toatasi Mataupu”

  1. My name is MIRIAMA IOSUA im a first cousin to your dad, im in nz i watch his service from the church till the cemetry, your dad is a very good person he was looking for me for a long time, then he found me through my baby daughter in melbourn and now hes gone.Fai mai le upu a le Atua,Ua ou tau le taua lelei ua iu ia te au le tausinioga, Fai mai foi Filipi 1 fuaiupu 21, Aua o lou ola ua ia keriso lea, ao lou oti, o lou manuia lea,Tatou loto tetele ma onosai aua ua i ai o ia i aao o le Atua, alofa tele atu mo outou uma lava, faamanuia atu foi le Atua i galuega lelei uma sa outou faia mo ia i lona toe taimi, look after your mum and take care of each other, love you all so much and Gob Bless.

  2. What a beautiful service.You can only imagine the joyful reunions on the other side!!
    All our love to you all at this sad time
    A family is forever.

  3. Manuia lau malaga bro.Ma te alolofa pea mo oe seia o tatou toe feiloa’i.Alofaaga ma faamaisega mo le faletua Leone na le fanau.

  4. A beautiful tribute to your beloved patriarch.

    “.. we can’t fully appreciate joyful reunions later without tearful separations now. The only way to take sorrow out of death, is to take love out of life.”

    All our love, thoughts and prayers fam xx

  5. Such a beautiful tribute and send off to such a well loved family man.
    Rest in peace.
    My heart felt thoughts go out to the entire family

  6. Thank you for the time and love you took me in and treated me as your own child. I will forever be grateful for your love and mums. Rest in peace in our father in heavens arms.
    A man of grace and love.
    Love to you all xox

  7. Manuia lau malaga uncle Toatasi Mataupu Palemene I love you so much love from your niece To’a Vaoesea Esera from USA Utah

  8. What a beautiful legacy of a hero a man with a heart of gold, a returned missionary Elder Matupu-God fearing man with great faith in God, a Priesthood Leader, a business man who served his Samoan Community in Melbourne for many years, a Sports Coach & Mentoring, a man who gave his life for his family, his village Moataa and even his country Samoa by serving them. A father/grand father and Patriarch in his family. Eternal beloved companion of Leone Mataupu. Wow amazing life of Taito Fiu Toatasi Palemene Matauou his unconditional love has touched many lives of people and he left a great legacy of his beautiful life for his loved ones to live on and follow his path. Well done Toatasi Mataupu you are great example to many Samoan men and priesthood holders & fathers in homes. Rest in love, manuia lau malaga. Sending love and prayers to all Mataupu Family especially to beautiful Leone Mataupu and their beloved children & grand children ” Families are For ever!’.

  9. REST IN PEACE, REST IN PARADISE, REST IN LOVE, REST EASY Taito! Fa’amaise atu ile Aiga fa’anoanoa, Our Condolences! ⚘ Upu ole Tusi – “Amuia e fa’anoanoa auā e fa’amafanafanaina i latou” Thoughts, Prayers and Love to Leone, Kids and GrandBabies ❤

  10. Condolences, blessings and love coming to you our brother So’o and your beautiful siblings and mum. It has been such a blessing to be with you all on this stream live and we are so grateful to be able to be a part of your papas farewell service. We love you all immensely. My nephew D’Angelo and your siblings we here back home in Aotearoa are with you all and love you all so very much. Stay close together always because it is true ‘Families are together forever’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Beautiful service, thank you for sharing. I loved the boys’ interlude, So’o you were awesome. To all the boys, beautiful Celine and your Mum, you did your Dad proud. May her rest in Love! Families are forever. Love and take care of each. With much love from the Taula family … xx

  12. RIP Uncle. Condolences to the family in this trying time. It was good to watch the video live. Mum wouldve loved to be there but so happy she could watch video live as we are interstate. ❤❤❤

  13. Manuia tele lau malaga uncle Samoatele Toatasi Mataupu. We will never forget the fun times we had while you were here in Utah. The scarifices you’ve made for your family (my beautiful aunty and my cousins) and Your determination to pursue your dream taught us to never give up on our dreams too. Faafetai mo au faataitaiga lelei. We love and we’ll miss you so much.
    To my beautiful aunty nd my wonderful cousins, lototetele he’s gone first to prepare the mansion for you all!! We keep you all in our hearts and prayers!!❤❤❤
    Much alofas,
    Loto & Toli Lagitao
    Utah, USA

  14. Rest in Love Uncle, thoughts and prayers are with you Aunty Leone, Kids and and grandkids, much love y ok you all.

  15. Manuia Lou MalagaThank you for looking after me on my mission 20 years ago.. I’m forever grateful❤️ All my Love to you and your a family ❤️

  16. Lau afioga Samoatele Fiu Toatasi Palemene Mataupu, E manatua pea oe ile tele o mea lelei uma sa e taulamua ai ile au lakapi ale Melbourne Samoa, Melbourne Brothers, Melbourne Moataa 7s, Nofoalii 7s, Endeavour Hills Rugby Club, le tou faili manaia ma si au fanau (le Togoaa’sa Rythym) T-Rythym. Faigata tele na faagalo oe, i lou naunau ma lau tautua Lakapi.. etc.. Faafetai mo le mafutaga mafana ma oe le uso ile tele o tausaga, le gata i Melbourne ao lo tatou nuu/aiga i Moata’a. Faamaise le Agaga o Le Atua ia te oe le faletua Leone Lemalu M. Taito male fanau ona ole valaau a Le Atua ile uso. Thinking of you and all the children during these difficult times. Faafetai mo le ta mafutaga faaleuso, i lou naunau mai i mea ole tatou nuu i Moata’a. Matou alolofa tele atu ma lau Fanau. Manuia lau malaga uso. Rest In Love And Peace my Brother Toatasi until we meet again❤


  18. Alofa tele mo oe uncle! Ia manuia lou Malaga! Faafetai mo mea uma xx See you soon xx

  19. Rest in love Brother Taito. Thank you for always loving us. The world is not the same without you. Our thoughts and prayers are with our beautiful Leone, kids and grandkids….

  20. God be with You Toatasi Mataupu Taito until We Meet Again. Bear in mind Brother we love you so much. Rest in Peace

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