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9 comments on “Violet Rose Whyte”

  1. Sleep tight little Violet-Rose.
    There is no footprint too small that cannot leave an imprint in this world.
    Lots of love your cousins in UK xx

  2. Dearest Veronika & William, thank you both for letting us share the funeral service of little Violet Rose. Thoughts & prayers are with you both at this difficult time.

    Listen…can you here it?
    A heavenly choir sings.
    Another little Angel
    Just got her set of wings.
    There’s joy and there is shouting
    As she steps through heavens gate.
    They all lined up to greel her.
    All the angels celebrate.
    Her eyes are shining brightly
    And a smile lights her face.
    As she receives her halo
    And takes her special place.
    She’s the smallest little Angel
    With the biggest kind of love.
    She’s wiser than an owl
    And more peaceful than a dove.
    And though there’s joy in heaven,
    There is sorrow down below,
    broken hearts are crying
    Since they had to let her go.
    So she watches them from heaven
    But she knows the time will come,
    They will join their precious daughter
    When their work on earth is done.

  3. My deepest condolences to Veronika and Will; my heart goes out to you! Rest in Peace little Angel!
    Thank you for the privilege be a part of Violet Rose Memorial! It was a beautiful service!

  4. I cannot imagine your sorrow, for I too I’m broken hearted. Yes, every tear drop is love. Rest in Peace beautiful Violet. All my love to you both Veronica and Will

  5. Thank you for sending me the link Veronika. I wasn’t able to watch the service due to me operating heavy machinery but I was able to listen on my Bluetooth headphones.

  6. To William and Veronika. We am deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful baby Violet Rose. Words cannot express to you both what to say but know we have you in our thoughts and prayers. Violet Rose will be your guardian angel looking after you both and giving you both the strength to get through this time of grief.

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