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164 comments on “Vivienne McCutcheon”

  1. What a wonderful life Vivienne and Andrew shared, we were so fortunate to have met them and also shared in some lovely holidays and travels with them. Our thoughts and best wishes to all the family.

    With love Karen, Martin and Addison Spedding

    1. Thank you so much Karen.
      Both Viv and Andrew were so thankful you came into the wine family on the Peninsula. They truly enjoyed your friendship. Stay safe and well.

    2. Viv and Andrew were so thankful for you joining the Peninsula wine family. Many fond memories and stories! Stay safe and well, Speddings.

    1. Dear Caroline,
      Viv really enjoyed her friendship with you.
      thanks for sharing the celebration with us.

  2. Viv would have loved this family shared service, it was perfect..over about 70 years of Viv as my sister in law there was so much to admire, so much to learn from, and so much to try to’s hard to say goodbye..

    1. Dear Jo, thank you for joining us in celebrating her and her life. Thank you for the photo of Viv in your garden.
      Louise xx

  3. Dear Viv,

    Full of infectious enthusiasm, keen for new discoveries and learning to the end of your life.
    Always a selfless contributor to the comfort of those around you, and to the wider community wherever you went.
    Thanks for your friendship, Margaret and Barry Pullen

  4. Dear Vivienne
    I cherish the memory of being in your company together with Andrew and the strength, support, friendship and inspiration that came through you to help us build a better sharing and socially just society. The contributions you made together with Andrew and the profound sincerity in everything you did towards reaching that goal have helped me in my own focus and pursuit to also be a reformer. My deep thoughts and love go to you and your family.

  5. It was a privilege to hear of Viv’s amazingly full, loving and generous life in this celebration today. It was also a privilege to be part of the CAN choir with Viv and share her joy of singing.

  6. Thank you for this beautiful service. I have so enjoyed getting to know Vivienne, such a warm and energetic person and always interested in everyone, and everything that mattered, generous with her time and heart. My deepest sympathies to you all and Vale Vivienne

  7. A beautiful service for such a brilliant woman who lived such a full wonderful life and touched and inspired many. She will be missed greatly and I will always remember fondly Christmas lunches at Viv’s and Andrew’s numerous houses.

    1. Thank you Ayla. So many houses!
      I hope we can gather together again soon. Love to you and Oscar.

  8. Viv – with Andrew: You were a wonderful complementary team, and I have learnt so much from you over a lifetime. Thank you!

  9. A wonderful farewell for an extraordinary human being. Having Viv in the work place was awesome – her energy, passion and caring unmatched. May her joyful spirit live on forever.
    Rest In Peace Viv. My condolences to all the family.

  10. A wonderful farewell for an extraordinary human being. Having Viv in the work place was awesome – her energy, passion and caring unmatched. May her joyful spirit live on forever.
    Rest in Peace Viv. My condolences to all the family.

  11. A beautiful service for a marvellous woman. I am privileged to have known her, and thank her to this day for introducing me to the Elgin group of painters. RIP Vivienne

    1. Thank you Mike and Rosemary. We have fond memories of holidays or get-togethers with you both.

  12. Sending lots of love from Ireland to the McCutcheon Family on your loss.
    I enjoyed chatting to Nicola about Viv. She sounded like an amazingly special woman.
    Our thoughts go out especially to our Easkey Family Friends: Nicola, Nick, Lola and Frankey.
    I hope it brings comfort to know that Viv’s beauty, kindness, strength, and zest for life lives on here in Easkey through the loving hearts of this fantastic McCutcheon/Seymour Family.
    xoxo Sheila & Jonny

    1. Thanks lovely ones, for your comfort and generosity.
      We feel truly loved, cared for and supported at this deeply sad time.
      xx Nic, Nick, Lola and Franky

  13. A beautiful service to honour a beautiful, vibrant, inspiring woman. Viv will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by all those whose lives she touched

    1. Thanks Nerita. I know she would have been digging in caves with you if she could! Lots of love.

  14. A beautiful service for Viv. Sending love to all the McCutcheon family. Herbie Aine and Hannah Macken. Cork Ireland

  15. Oh Vivienne

    The world is diminished by our loss, but enhanced by our wonderful memories of you. Give our best regards to Andrew.

    1. Thank you Murray and Clelia. Such a pity that we could not all gather together to celebrate her life. Kind regards.

  16. Vale Aunty Viv, a strong and impressive woman who left her mark.
    Big hugs to Louise, Kirsten, Simon and Nicola, and thoughts with the extended McCutcheon families.

    1. Thank you so much Peter. We will miss her greatly.

      So sorry for your loss too.
      Love to all the Capps.

  17. It has been special to know you Vivienne. Many thanks for your friendship.
    Susan & John Warburton

  18. Vivienne, so proud to have had you as my Godmother – what a fantastic role model. And what precious and lifelong friendship, care and long lunches you shared with your old school pals, including my mother Margaret who was so pleased she caught up with you between lockdowns recently. My condolences to all the family.

  19. Vivienne was a much loved member of the Church of All Nations (CAN) Choir and congregation – she will be great missed.
    Thanks so much for today’s celbration of her extraordianary life.
    Love and prayers.

    1. Thank you Sue,
      she really enjoyed singing in the choir and being part of the community.

    2. Thank you Sue,
      Viv really enjoyed singing in the choir and being part of your community.

  20. I first heard the name McCutcheon as one of the leaders in urban ministry. It was a delight to get to know Vivienne when she came to CAN – her gentle nature connected with her passion for justice, and the way she threw herself into our congregation’s life, were a blessing to us all. Thoughts and prayers with you all as you celebrate her life and share you sadness, and joy at having known Vivienne.

    1. Dear Pam, thank you for being part of the wonderful CAN community that gave her such pleasure over the past 18 months.

  21. So many happy memories of a truly inspirational woman and a shared bond of two social workers married to two architects

    1. Dear Kathy and Peter, we are so glad you could be part of the celebration. She had so many loving friends.

  22. Thank you, Auntie Viv, for your inspirational life. You were always a caring and perpetually curious person who brought out the best in people. You were always a ‘half glass full’ person (especially if it was ‘Ten Minutes by Tractor’ wine).

  23. David Penington and my wife Sony,

    We experienced this wonderful family function in memory of a remarkable person. Great to see so many of the family contributing despite the difficult circumstances/

    1. Thank you David and Sony. It was lovely to be able to include some of your recollections with the others in our ceremony.

  24. We were privileged to enjoy Vivienne’s lively fellowship at Church of all Nations.
    Ian and Lyn Fry

    1. Thank you for sharing in the celebration with us. Viv loved being a part of the CAN community and singing in the choir.

    1. Dear Vera, so lovely that you were able to be part of this celebration with us.

  25. Dearest Viv, a friend, work colleague, a wonderful woman whose life was well lived and now celebrated.
    Much love to the McCutcheon family members. I’ll miss you Viv

    1. Dear Pam, it was so great to have all her friends around her again, even if having to watch instead of be here with us.

  26. A lovely celebration of an inspiring life well lived. We were so lucky to have Viv as our aunt.

    1. Thank you Liz.
      We loved hearing your memories at the zoom.
      So sorry for your loss too…
      Sending love.

    1. Dear Rick and Jill,
      We are so glad here friends were able to be with us. So many years of friendship she and Andrew had with you all on the Peninsula.

  27. Thank you for this beautiful service for a very special woman. She was a role model for me, and welcomed me warmly to the family. I have had a lifetime of rich, funny, moving, delicious and inspirational memories thanks to Viv. May she rest in peace. Farewell dearest Viv. Love and hugs to all of her beloveds xxx

    1. Dear Verity,

      Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me over the years. There are indeed so many memories of life with each others families…. Love, love, love to you too.

  28. Vale Viv. With very fond memories of our early days at PIT Social Work. A wonderful role model to many.

    1. Dear Fran,
      Thank you so much for being with us. It meant so much to have you all there supporting us.

    1. Dear Rose, thankyou for your wonderful support of Viv over the last few years, as well as the lifetime of fun times.

  29. Viv, you gave so much love, wisdom and energy. The first mother of all kind, ready to embrace as well as change diapers on Agnes. Will always remember your hospitality and how you and Andrew opened you house for us and with open arms embraced us as new members of the McCutcheon family. Thanks for Teaching us the spirit to include rather than exclude, to practice this makes the difference. Best of love from Löparö in Stockholm archipelago, a place that you liked. Susanne, Johan, Agnes and Sebastian von Schreeb

  30. Vale Viv – We have many good memories of our times together over many years and appreciation for all your contributions to the broader community in so many ways.

    1. Dear Tony and Angela,
      We are so greatful to all who were able to share the celebration with us. She loved the past 18 months living around the corner from friends. Thank you both.

  31. Condolences to all the McCutcheons. Viv was wonderful. It was a privileged to have known her.
    Mark Seymour

  32. Viv and Andrew set the highest standards in all fields of endeavour. It was a privilege to know them a little. Elgin Artists will not be the same. RIP Viv.

  33. A wonderful woman – I’m so glad we met again. Lots of love for memories that almost span my lifetime.

  34. A wonderful, dynamic and intelligent spirit that has given so much to our community and as a beautiful mother and grandmother. We have enjoyed your engaging conversations. Much love to all the McCutcheon clan as you navigate a great loss. Simon, Kristin, Sweeney, Sienna, and Mazey. XX

    1. Thank you my dear ones.
      Cannot wait until we can be together again to commiserate.
      Miss you all.

  35. Happy memories of 70+ years of friendship.
    Vivienne lived a very full life. A remarkable woman.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts and for being at the celebration Marg, it was lovely to have some of her oldest and best friends here.

  36. Fondest memories of Vivienne in her and my work time together at the Health Commissioner’s Office. She was always a hard working, generous and loving person and will always be remembered for those qualities. RIP Viv. Condolences to your family. Heather Andrew-Rieper

    1. Thank you for being part of the celebration. It was great to know her colleagues were sharing it with us.

  37. Thank you, Viv, for your wonderful kindness and friendship over 50 years. A woman of all seasons who kept giving.

  38. We were just getting to know you at Redmond Park. Your soft smile, knowing words, your erudition, eager participation in some of our activities, and hints of what your life had encompassed were very alluring. We feel enormously saddened at not having the opportunity to know you better.

    Judy and Nick Jans

    1. Thank you so much for welcoming Vivienne into Redmond Park, we were all so glad at how happy she was there.

  39. “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
    – Edith Wharton

    Viv, your light shined on me when I dearly needed it, and will continue to shine on so many. An incredible woman. Heartfelt thanks to you and your family for your kindness always.

  40. Beautiful soul with an infectious laugh… You will be deeply missed. Condolenscenes to the whole wonderful family.

    1. Hi Bec,
      We missed seeing everyone, so great to know that you were there with us.
      Thank you

    1. Dear Pam and Martin,
      thanks you so much for sharing the celebration, and all the times we’ve had over the years.
      xx Louise

  41. Happy memories from Preshil days.
    A wonderful life Viv and an inspiration to many.
    Love from Ruth Dunn and family

    1. Beautiful tribute to an amazing life. So pleased to be able to share in this day with Nicola Nick Lola and Frankey. How beautifully poignant that here in Ireland too we say goodbye to a Titan of a man in Irish history Who was a beacon of light for social justice and civil rights. We share your loss on this sad day in a Ireland

  42. Thanks for your love and support over the years Viv, you are an amazing aunt and we will always love you dearly. Andrea, Beau & Jade xxx

  43. Vale Viv. Thank you for your leadership and guidance at COTA. Your contribution was significant over many years. I enjoyed working with you and learnt so much from you. May your spirit continue to fly.

  44. Dearest Viv, we are so grateful to you, for your friendship over a lifetime, we love you so much
    Maggie and Sarah

  45. Vivienne, you were a great supporter of family. I always appreciated your love and encouragement. Graeme Turner, and wife Anne.

  46. Wonderful spirit and joyful energy. We had much admiration for your community work as a beautiful and supportive mother and grandmother. Much love to all the lovely McCutcheon’s as your navigate this great loss. Simon, Kristin, Sweeney, Sienna, Mazey and Cookie XX00

  47. It was always Andy and Viv. So, whatever we believe, we can now say their spirits are together again.

    Alan and Gay Hopgood

  48. Viv.
    Always welcoming, always your fierce love for family and friends, for justice and the wellbeing of all, your shining face and unrestrained embraces, my other mother I love you. Journey well


  49. Vivienne and Andrew were great friends of my uncle, Robin Cuming. I enjoyed some wonderful conversations with Viv at the CAN services and getting to know her a little better was a privilege I will never forget.
    Hartfelt sympathy to Vivienne’s children from me and the Cuming family.

  50. I only have beautiful memories and eternal gratitude to Andrew and Vivienne. They were part of the small group of wonderful people who donated their love, talents, experience, passion, time, and connections to make possible what is now SisterWorks. Their contribution opened the pathway that today is changing the lives of hundreds of migrant women and their families.

    To Louise, Kirsten, Nicola, Simon, Margaret and their families, our love and sympathy. We will keep alive their memory and contribution.

    Luz Restrepo – SisterWorks Founder

  51. Happy memories of Montcuq France, Flinders and wine, riding in the High country. Thank you for setting such a high standard of community service. May you now rest in peace with Andrew.

  52. Dearest Viv

    We salute your life of adventure, service to others, unqualified love, sense of adventure, and commitment to creativity in the arts, environment and heritage. Your were dedicated to the relief of suffering both physical and mental.

    Vale Blithe Spirit

    1. Thank you Barry and Rachel,
      We really enjoyed hearing about your memories, descriptions, and details of your shared adventures with both Viv and Andrew on the Zoom.

  53. Vale Vivienne
    Memories of friendship from Gold Street and beyond. Wonderful to have kept in touch.

  54. An inspirational woman. Thank you to the McCUTCHEON family for sharing the zest for living, powerful social values, generosity and warmth of Viv!
    Steven, Michelle, Isabelle and Tom

  55. Farewell, Vivienne.
    I’m glad that we reconnected in the last few years. Very happy memories.

  56. Lots of memories Viv from school days up to recent days of happy lunches together.
    Thinking of your family, you will be missed.

  57. We have very fond memories of the lively conversations we had with Vivienne on our way down to the Moorooduc Book Club, where she recalled , with a great sense of humour, significant times in her life , especially shifting houses about 17 times. Goodbye Vivienne.

    Jenny and Marston Nicholas.

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