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  1. my deepest sympathy to Lorena, Nina and Carlo, and my profound thankfulness to have known Bill

    CMS ( Sue’s friend )

  2. Dear Bill, of all the friends in the dog park you were the last one I ever thought I would be conducting a memorial service for! I am privileged to be given that honour but wish it wasn’t necessary. You should have been around to speak at mine! We will all miss you so much but not more than Lorina, Nina and Carlo. We all have great memories.

  3. Dear Bill,

    On Thursday we said our final farewell to you – officially that is.
    Nothing is final though, you are part of us, our family.

    That will never change.

    All your strengths and amazing qualities are shining and clear and that is why we feel such a loss.
    Now is the time to not be too sad, but to be so glad that we knew you, and to smile when we think of, talk about and remember you. That is what you would want for us, and I promise we shall.

    Remembering you with love and affection,
    your sister,


  4. Dear Lorina, Nina and Carlo,

    I am so sorry for your tragic loss.

    In the days and years to come you will pause to remember; you will reflect on what the man was, his habits both quirky and charming, his approach to life, his love for his family, his sage advice, the lessons he taught you, and the example he set. In this way he will never be truly gone, and will be a comfort to you forever.

  5. BB
    You were valorous right to the end, as was your family.  And much loved and admired judging by all the plaudits. Didn’t know what to expect when I signed up to meeting you and John again, but the years just rolled away. Desolating to have it all taken away so quickly when there was still so much to talk about, and you had glimpsed some light at the end of the tunnel.  I will really miss your sardonic sense of humour,  all the interesting, unique sides of you developed over the years, but most of all, your warmth and enthusiasm.

    Anyway, the fish, the fish, are jumping, they’re quaking in their tiny boots, so go get ’em now, and relent, relax and be content. And with luck, we’ll all meet again out there in the astral blue.

  6. Dear Lorina
    Such a lovely tribute to a wonderful special man who certainly left a mark in the lives he touched, thank you for including us. Please take care of yourself, Nina and Carlo, and if you every fancy coming to the UK, please come and stay with us.
    Thinking of you all. Love Mark and Mala xx

  7. Dear Lorina
    What a beautiful and moving tribute to Bill. Your words, read by your sister were heartbreaking as well as heartfelt. Our hearts go out to you, and your beautiful, composed and articulate children. It is a long time since we shared the excitement of living in Rankins lane. It was such a pleasure when we encountered each other at VCAT, to hear of your life’s journey, and to so enjoy time together, as the grown ups we had become. I treasure the memory of that lovely long lunch Bill, you, George and I shared at Bellbrae, and the opportunity it gave us, so much more precious now, for the four of us to be able to reconnect.
    Our loving thoughts are with you, Nina and Carlo
    Felicity and George Hampel

  8. Words cannot do justice to the loss of this beautiful man with whom we shared almost every significant event in our lives. The service & number of online tributes are a true reflection of the man we are honoured to call our friend.

    Bill, you left this world as you lived it, with dignity and grace. Our lives will never quite be the same without you, but we will hold your memory in our hearts and cherish all those moments we did get to share.

    At night when the sky is clear, we’ll look up and say hello to the stars that twinkle in your memory.

    Farewell our dear, dear friend. You will be forever young and so dearly missed.


    Lorina, Nina & Carlo, we will be here for you always – Ian, Lea, Lena and Zeph

  9. BB
    Well, forever young and beautiful, but above all, valorous to the end, as were your family, and John.  And much loved and admired judging by all the plaudits. Didn’t know what to expect when I signed up to meeting the Holden boys again, but the years just rolled away. Desolating to have it all taken away so quickly when there was still so much to talk about, and you had glimpsed some light at the end of the tunnel.  I will really miss your sardonic, and sometimes misplaced, sense of humour,  all the interesting sides of you developed over the years, but above all, your enthusiasm and warmth.

    Anyway, the fish, the fish, are jumping, they’re quaking in their tiny boots, so go get ’em now, and relent, relax and be content. And with luck, we’ll all meet again out there in the astral blue.

  10. Dear Bill, we grew up with you thanks you. Toby and I will cherish the families that we raised together with Nina Carlo Tom and Nica. All the kids sleep overs, family lunches, picnics, Easter hot cross buns made by you, dolphin – memories we will cherish. Sometimes we don’t really realize what a person has taught us. This year you have taught me how to make purpose in hardship and to carry our scars with pride. That everyone matters. And How to turn pain into wisdom by consistently being there for ourselves and others. Thank you and know we will be there for Lorina Nina Carlo and Neil xx
    Love Anna

  11. Gentle and Generous – Bill you graced Nelson St for so many years. Will miss you.

    Love to Lorina, Nina & Neil, and Carlo

    “Unable are the loved to die
    For love is immortality” E.D.

  12. Lorina, Carlo, Nina, and family,
    Thank you for including us in the celebration of Bill’s life. It was a beautiful experience and fitting tribute to a truly amazing person. In spite of being so far away in Colorado, we felt close to you and all those present.
    Bill’s magical spirit has touched our lives and enriched us all. How lucky we are!
    Sending Love,
    Lisa & John

  13. I met Bill a couple of years ago at the 9am dog group, where he was a regular and I had so many great conversations with him. Bill had a really compassionate and wise outlook on life. He also had so many diverse life experiences. Our informal dog group was mainly parents from the local primary school and Bill found something to talk about with everyone. I will miss catching up with him. My condolences to Lorina and family

  14. That was such a lovely service. I think it really captured Bill’s character nicely.
    Miss ya Bill.
    Rest in peace my friend 🙂

  15. Bill will be so missed by our diverse dog park group, daily catch ups and dog park dinners at the Clare.
    He contributed so much to our little group.

    When the time is right we will get together , Lorina, Carlo, Nina , Neil and of course Bea to remember our times together.

  16. Dear Lorina,
    I was so very shocked to hear of Bill’s untimely passing and I’m heartbroken for you and your family. He was always so present .. when I saw him in the dog park or at the gym .. and always so calm and reassuring. He, and you, always enquired about our daughter Chloe and how she was doing… and I always felt he was genuinely concerned and interested, it was never self serving curiosity. Like so many people here.. we met in the dog park and made genuine real connections… Sending deepest condolences to you and look forward to seeing you walk past our home on Swallow Street… I’d give you a big hug… but a ridiculous elbow tap might have to suffice. Be kind to yourself at this terrible time. Lots of love Juliette x

  17. What a beautiful ceremony and what an intelligent, kind, cultured, interesting, well travelled, lovely and inspiring man. Thank you for streaming the service so those of us who are far away could be apart of it. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. What do you do when it’s the 70’s and Bill Holden is your life model? You find him very difficult to draw.

    He was young beautiful and totally awe-inspiring. Of course he was talented- he talked of clocks then he talked of robots. He was delightfully wild.

    Dear Lorina and family, your loss is far greater than our collective grief please take comfort in the good that Bill did in his life. His creative spirit and warmth as a human being will last longer than your present pain.
    Wrap yourselves in love

  19. Hugs Lorina to you Nina & Carlo xo A beautiful tribute to Bill. Thinking of you all, lots of love – Alida xo

  20. Nick Cave, yoga, bushwalking, thrashy metal music; just some of the life affirming things that Bill brought to our friendship and that I still get enjoyment from daily. Lorina, you introduced Bill into my life and for that I am truly grateful. Good to see that Nina and Carlo haven’t seemed to have suffered too much orthopaedic damage from the wild bouncing on my knee as little kids. A life well lived and a joyful legacy to show it. Vale Billy Boy.

  21. I was saddened to learn of Bill’s passing. We spent a lot of time together as kids as our families were friends. I have fond memories of those times. We saw less of each other in subsequent years but would occasionally run into each other. It was always good to see him. My condolences to Lorina, Nina and Carlo.

  22. Bill, although we only got to know you and Lorina in the past few years, you struck us from the very start as a warm-hearted and open-minded person, you will be greatly missed. Lorina, thanks for inviting us to this very moving tribute today and we are very sorry for your loss. Take care.

  23. Such a beautiful service captured the Bill I knew and loved perfectly. Will miss him so much but will savour all the great memories of times we had over the years.

  24. Bill, what a lovely service your family and friends compiled for you. So unique so interesting. Such a life. Gone too soon. My heart hurts for you, Lorina and your children. You will be missed. Kate, Scott, Zara, Tommy and Indy the dog x

  25. Lorina and family,
    I feel such sadness for the loss of your husband and family. This service gave me an insight into a man who loved greatly and was greatly loved by those who knew him. He will be in your hearts forever. Look after each other in this time of great sadness.

  26. Dear Lorina, Nina and Carlo,
    we are so deeply saddened with Bill’s passing,
    Bill was a very dear friend, and he was so intertwined with John’s experiences at Melbourne State College. He invited him to live with us, I gave up my ‘sewing room’ to become his bedroom, what else could I do Bill needed somewhere to live, and it seemed an elegant solution.
    Words are never enough at times like these, the pain of the loss of such is beyond words, please know that we are holding you all in our hearts, and sending our love to. Bill was awesome, and to sit and watch and hear of all his achievements over the course of his life has been humbling, a very beautiful memorial,
    all our love, Deb and Demetra

  27. A good man gone far too soon. It was a pleasure to know you, Bill, someone who cared deeply and passionately. All my love to Lorina, Nina, and Carlo.

  28. What an amazing man, husband, and father. He has passed on his beautiful traits, personality and influence to his children Nina and Carlo, two friends that we hold very dearly.

    Love you Nina, Carlo, Lorina, and Neil.

    Steph + Toddi xx

  29. ThankYou.
    What a beautiful service and tribute to a very special Man!
    Sending Love, Light and Healing to His Beloved Family.
    Sincerely and with HeartFelt Loss,
    Lizzi. xxx

  30. Dear Lorina. It was a privilege to watch the service. Bill is amazing. Strength to you and your family.

  31. Bill, Although we only got to know you and Lorina in the last few years, you struck us from the very start as a warm hearted and open minded person. You will be greatly missed.

    Lorina, Thanks for inviting us to this very moving tribute today and am very sorry for your loss. Take care.

  32. Dear Lorina Nina and Carlo
    It has been a privilege to be a part of Bill’s life
    The last 12 months has been a challenge for all of us but it is part of life and it has also added some good memories ,a very fun picnic on the Yarra, a trip to Lyonville for lunch among some of them. We will miss him so much but we will not forget Bill
    Lots of love and hugs
    Alan, Renee, Emily and Danielle

  33. To our dear cousin Lorina and your beautiful children, Nina and Carlo. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time. We remember Bill as a lovely man, so calm, gentle, easy to talk to and a great sense of humour. What a beautiful service. All our love Anthony, Tiff, Lily and Adam Carafa xo

  34. Farewell Bill, much admired man of deep convictions, sensitivity and enquiring mind. Our love and thoughts are with Lorina, Nina and Carlo. Bill lives on in us all in vivid memories. Annick and Stephen, Clara and Louis.

  35. Dear Lorina, Nina and Carlo,

    We feel privileged to have shared in the memorial service this afternoon and are in awe of Bill’s amazing life.

    We will miss seeing him in the park, having a chat and his beautiful engaging smile.

    Our love and thoughts are with you.

    Much love,
    Jo and James

  36. What an absolute pleasure to have met you and share so many memories/laughs in the park with your buddy Bea.
    You will be so missed, what a gendleman, goodbye my friend.

  37. My Dear Bill, your passing is very hard to take, and it’s so hard to say goodbye. I keep hoping to see you and Bea walking down to Doggy Park (you were such a doggy and human confidante). We would chat about anything and everything – from politics to hiking to yoga to artificial intelligence and robotics. I never got to say thank you for the gift of your friendship, so, thank you Bill. Rest in peace my dear friend.

    Lorina, Carlo, Nina. I am so, so sorry that you didn’t have Bill for longer,. My deepest sympathies at this most difficult time, Lisa.

  38. Lorina, Nina & Carlo,
    Sending you my sincere condolences on Bill’s passing from the physical world into the Spiritual realm.

  39. Sending lots of love to you Nina and your family, during this difficult time. What a wonderful (and cool) man your Dad was. Thinking of you all xxx Monica

  40. Nina, sending all my love to you and your family during the most difficult time. Take time to grieve, and to celebrate, the life of a person you all loved so much. xxx Alice

  41. Dear Lorina, Nina and Carlo. Our sincere condolences for the loss of Bill, loving husband, father and friend to many. May the love, support and care of those around you bring you comfort and peace. Our thoughts are with you, Beth, Mark and family. X

  42. I am so very sad to have lost a good friend, we will all miss you I know. Bill, I owed you a coffee or a vino and was very much looking forward to sharing special time with you again. Your smile was super special. You have been taken far too early. Thinking of you often.

  43. Bill,

    Thinking of you at this time.
    There are no words to describe your loss, a wonderful friend and loving man, gone too soon.
    When we caught up at The Alfred, you said we must catch up more often. So sad we can’t.

    The loving memories remain in my heart.

  44. Dear Bill, It feels like just yesterday when we were walking in the park with our dogs, chatting. Ill miss you.


  45. Dear John, Lorina and family

    I was dismayed to hear of Bill’s untimely death. Billy was a central character in my childhood and youth. His companionship was engaging and refreshing. Billy had a twinkle in his eyes and a wicked grin. Although we have gone separate ways as adults I have always valued this friendship and have nothing but the warmest and fondest memories of Billy. Farewell mate, it is a privilege to have known you.

    My love and deepest sympathies go to John and Lorina and Nina and Carlo. Your brother, husband and father was a great bloke.

  46. We already miss seeing Bill pass by our house on his daily walks. He had such a kind nature and, from reading the other messages here, it is obvious he made friends everywhere he went. He would never hesitate to stop and have a chat; and not just small talk either, you could tell he was always genuinely interested in our lives and sharing in passionate discussions about music, home renovations, our family, anything and everything! Our neighborhood won’t quite be the same without him

  47. Dear Bill we had so many great times together with our beautiful kids / cousins, celebrating and going to concerts and generally hanging out together – I will miss you so much xxx

  48. Bill and I used to chat on the phone when I was working as Lorina’s EA. Over the years, I’ve heard lovely stories of their life together. His legacy will live on through everyone’s precious memories and of course, through his gorgeous children.

    Deepest sympathies to my dear friend Lorina, Nina and Carlo.

    Marita x

  49. From the time we met in a yoga class Bill was always navigating a journey.

    Along a mountain trail, a recovery program, a property play, a beach, entrepreneurial vision, creative scheme, commercial release, he was a man of multiple skill and capacity, an intellectual power with a wit to match. He shared himself and his soul and was a thorn in everyone’s health shoe, caring through critical analysis, particularly of my every health failing! We often spoke of oneness, of the delight of gratitude and of women.

    He epitomised independence of thought and of person and leaves a beautiful legacy in his children Nina and Carlo and all the memories of a lived marriage and a loving family. It is surreal to think he now walks among us in spirit but he does walk among us. I only wish I had known him as a younger man, but it was a privilege to share some of life with he and Lorina. My Kim wished she had more exposure to him and we stand by for Lorina. Vale William Holden, he is missed.

  50. To my uncle bill, I have always and will always admire your courage and adventurous spirit. Your essence will be remembered and lived day-to-day. It will always remind me to strive for happiness and to explore the natural terrains. When I am in nature, I will be thinking of you <3

    May you rest in peace X

  51. Deepest sympathy and condolences from Suzanne and Leigh, together with Stephanie and Gavin. We’ll be watching, like many others, from ISO lock-down.

  52. Goodbye our loving and loved friend, Bill.

    You will be so very missed .

    ‘Til we meet again.

    Polly, Jnana and Nimai

  53. Bill Didn’t we solve so many of the world’s problems with our chats in the dog park. You were always so sincere, caring and considerate of others and willing to listen. We had much in common, your company was always sought after and enjoyable. So sorry to see you go.

  54. To my very special cousin Lorina , I am so sorry that you are saying goodbye to the love of your life . Bill a true gentleman who was always honest, respectful and so much fun to be around . I loved our chats and giggles about life ! Bill was really something and you were such a beautiful couple. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Lor, Nina and Carlo and of course with your family and friends . Love you Lorina xxxx Connie and Rino xxx

  55. Dear Lorina, Nina and Carlo, our hearts go out to you on the tragic and untimely loss of your Beloved Husband and Father Bill. Please accept our sincerest condolences. Christine & Robert Enker

  56. We were bright and shiny, not a mark on us.
    It was the seventies, we were art students and we were invincible. Bill was our life drawing model. We students spent a stimulating semester observing and recording each arousing line of our lithe model. Some of us, the more audacious, were able to progress further than mere fantasies. I snared Bill long enough to call it a relationship. After we parted ways, we would, from time to time, check in with each other and offer if not wisdom at least the comfort of familiarity.

    Fast forward to the 90’s and I was pondering my biological clock. Bill’s enthusiastic accounts of parenting (Nina) and partnering with Lorina allowed me to reimagine my life. I pushed aside cautious reservation and I decided I could become a mother.

    Another half decade later Lorina and Bill offered a warm haven for my broken heart. My marriage had imploded and Bill and I had caught up again. Carlo arrived around this time. We were both coincidentally parenting young babies. One afternoon Bill and I were walking together, each pushing a pram, our wheels in silent unison. With a wry smile and quizzical inflection to his voice he observed

    “ Look at us! Who would have thought?”

    We both, enjoying the moment, laughed at ourselves.
    And this is how I choose to remember you.

  57. Eskimo Proverb:

    Perhaps the stars in the night sky are not stars but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

    We offer our Heartfelt Condolences To You and Your Family.

    Sincerely Lea and Andreas

  58. Dear Lorina, Nina and Carlo
    I am thinking of you Today and sending much Love .
    I am remembering Bill from the few times that we met, and appreciated his graciousness and his intelligence worn lightly…
    Love and Blessings from Paul Wilson

  59. To our dear friend,
    We have shared so much in life. You have given us great enduring gifts. Your warmth your keen mind your beautiful smile your courage.
    Make your last journey
    From this strange world
    Soar for the heights
    Where there is no more separation of you and your home- Rumi
    Our love to you dear Bill
    Our strength and love to Lorina Nina and Carlo
    Julie and Luke

  60. We may not have known you long, Bill but the time we had you always showed positivity, encouragement and made us laugh! We are blessed to have lovely neighbours like Bill, Lorina and family. Walking down the street, to the park and along the beach we’d regularly bump into Bill and he’d always smile & have something nice to say…the last few weeks have been very strange not seeing Bill in our paths…Thank you Bill for welcoming us into the neighbourhood & for all your patience. Nelson Street will miss you and so will we! May You Rest in Peace.

  61. In loving memory of Bill, a true gentleman. Your gentle nature and welcoming smile will be forever missed. You will always be in our thoughts.
    Daryl and Nin

  62. Renaissance Man

    In the time that I knew you,
    you appeared like an angel.

    Did you step out of a painting by a Florentine master?

    Or did you simply arrive here, direct from the stars,
    as eternity’s blessing to Earth

    Ian Alford

  63. So long gracious friend Bill.
    I enjoyed our long chats in the dog park and your refreshing honesty to tell it how it was. Most of all I will miss your infectious smile and good humour. It was a pleasure knowing you Bill.

    I am sending my deepest sympathy to Lorina, Nina and Carlo. Bill was a beautiful man who spoke of his family with love and deep affection.

  64. So long gracious friend Bill.

    I enjoyed your good humour and refreshing honesty during our catch-ups in the dog park.
    Most of all ..I miss your infectious smile and well considered conversation..

    I am sending my deepest sympathy to Lorina, Nina and Carlos.
    Bill always spoke of his family with love and deep affection.

  65. Bill we have Fond memories of those long chats in the park after dark,you are missed by all but you have left us better for knowing you.

  66. Lorina, Nina & Carlo,

    So sad to hear of Bill’s death.

    My thoughts are with you all in these difficult times.


  67. I have been priviledged and honoured to share beautiful moments with Bill….such an interesting and awesome man….always so curious about life and people…….Bill you have made such an impact in my life and I will miss you for ever…..
    Rest in peace Dear Bill….
    I am beside myself trying to accept that you are gone but rest assured that you remain in our hearts forever….

    1. Farewell dear Bill. Thank you for being with us.
      All our love to you Nina, Carlo and Lorina,
      Julie, Luke, Georgia, Harriet, James

  68. Dear Lorina, Carlo and Nina,

    We extend our deepest condolences for your loss of a husband and father. Life can be most unfair and cruel taking the ones we love so much too soon.

    I too will miss Bill, my friend, his charm, his humour and perspective on life – reminding me of the importance of keeping it real.

    It’s been a privilege to know Bill and have shared time with him, dear friend RIP.


  69. I am honoured and priviledged to have known Bill and share so many beautiful moments with such a sexy and interesting man…..Bill U have made such an impact in my life…..and U will forever be in my consciousness …..May you rest in peace and be sure that you will be forever loved…

  70. There are people who just pass through a moment in time and depart with barely an impact or murmur. Then there are those rare and precious souls who give so much more than life requires and so much less than they deserve in return. The things that Bill and I have shared since our first meeting in 1976 have remained with me as some of my most treasured memories and he has until now filled an enormous part of my heart, now feeling somewhat empty with the reality that he is nowhere somewhere other. His love for his family, for Lorina, Nina and Carlo was immense and somehow there was plenty of room for the rest of us. Art school was better because he was there… life was better because he was there.
    I thank Bill for what he has taught me about art, about creativity, about experimentation and risk taking, about life, about alternatives, about being kind and gentle, about love and life, about thinking beyond the moment while helping me live precisely there…in the moment. His words and actions will continue through the lives of others and we’re all the benefactors.
    My heartfelt thoughts are also with you Lorina, Nina and Carlo at this meaningful and sad time.

  71. For Bill

    You came into our lives when I was about 19, a significant year – Tobys 21st and the year my dad died.

    Racing up the stairs at Rankins Lane …greeted by a fresh faced Lorina…I’ll never forget how happy she looked. There you were right behind her. Not only were you handsome but there was something different about you…a rock star kind of air about you…maybe it was the Michael Hutchence hair and the leather jacket but you had a strong presence all the same.

    You brought a new dimension into our lives…us with a sensitive mother and complex sister relationships …your no nonsense attitude to life – cut through conventions and traditions that didn’t make sense anymore. You matched Lorina’s earthy passion for life, and you were just what our family needed. A free spirit to approach life another way…

    Bill, we are always in awe of that self-discipline and your every word is considered. In a world of too many layers you’re pure, sometimes almost raw…but that’s your beauty: genuine and sincere. You’re always interested in what is going on with us, and you intuitively know what the most significant things are in our lives. The feeling remains that you only ever want the best for us.

    And I know you won’t mind Bill…but I’m not saying good bye… your presence and energy goes beyond space and time….When we miss you most….I will close my eyes and imagine you up there relaxed at Panton Hill…I will imagine you always with Lorina giving her strength…and I know you will be constantly & proudly watching over Nina and Carlo’s journey ahead.
    …and with each and every salute to the sun, Neil and I will carry you in our hearts…
    Xxx Sandra

  72. Bill, it has been a real pleasure knowing you. And an absolute tragedy that you can only be with us in our thoughts in future. I always enjoyed your open, adventurous, spirit and your empathy with some of the more extreme activities I have pursued over the years. We shared a common interest in pushing the limits of fun things to do in life, while we can. It is really hard to image how we are all going to cope with not having you around – our world is the better for you being in it – and the lesser for your absence. You’ll never be forgotten. Peter Scott

  73. It was too soon for you and your beautiful family for you to depart. We will regret never spending more time with you but we also celebrate the few times we did see you at home, at the gym, in the Albion. Your forthrightness and integrity was always something I admired and your help and advice deeply appreciated. Thank you Bill for friendship and steadfastness. Our world is lesser, we will miss you. Love Lena and family. xxx

  74. Dear Lorina, Nina, Carlo and John,
    We are so sorry to hear of Bill’s death and we wish you strength and courage in the coming months.
    With lots of love, Jutta, Nick, Irene, Sam, Steph and Suzie.

  75. Bill, j’ai le souvenir que tu aimais la nature et la liberté qu’elle procure par dessus tout. Je regrette que nous n’ayons pas eu l’occasion de nous voir en Bourgogne pour te faire apprécier cette belle région et sa nature. Ta famille est bien sûr la bienvenue.
    Rest in peace.
    Love. Valérie & Laurent

  76. Dear Lorina Nina & Carlo
    With the unexpected sad news of Bill’s passing ….
    Anna & I are sending our condolences & love down under to you all.
    Lots of Love Ali & Anna

  77. Dear Lorina Nina and Carlo,
    We are so sorry to hear the news about Bill. Sending our love & condolences to all of you.
    Nik and Kylie

  78. Ciao Bill, la tua prematura scomparsa lascia anche il rammarico di un’ attesa negata.
    Insieme a LORINA, Nino e Carlo sarebbe stato bello condividere ancora lieti momenti italiani.
    Mi consola il fatto,però , che quando sarò a Roma,con o senza di loro, per sempre ti rivedrò fare “Thai Chi “ sul terrazzo di Piazza Di Spagna contemplando entusiasta e felice il sole tramontare sui tetti romani.
    Ci mancherai caro Bill. R.I.P.

    Bill, your untimely death leaves an empty sorrow.
    Together with LORINA, Nino and Carlo it would have been nice to share happy Italian moments again.
    However, I am consoled by the fact that when I am in Rome, with or without them, I will forever see you doing yoga on the terrace of Piazza Di Spagna, enthusiastically contemplating the sun setting over the Roman rooftops.
    I will miss you dear Bill. R.I.P.
    Love Tina

  79. To Lor, Nina & Carlo, my condolences & thoughts to you.
    What keeps Bill with us is the way he engaged with us & how we remember that, & most importantly continue to share it. Warm regards, Larry Cirillo.

  80. My darling Lorina, Nina and Carlo.
    Our deepest sympathy to you all at this very sad time.
    Sending you all much love and strength.

    Rob & Julie Abbas

  81. Carissimi Lorina, Nina e Carlo,
    Spesso la vita ci mette di fronte a prove che sembrano impossibili da affrontare, ci porta a chiederci il perché di tale prove e dolori.
    La vita vi ha tolto il caro Bill prematuramente, ma piano piano troverete la sua presenza ovunque i vostri occhi si poseranno. Ricorderete gli insegnamenti e l’amore che vi ha dato e la sua forza interiore che lo hanno reso una persona ‘speciale’. Cose belle di lui che non vi abbandoneranno mai.
    Siamo vicini a voi in questi momenti.
    Un abbraccio grande da cugini Tina, Paola, Dario e Francesca

    Dear Lorina, Nina and Carlo,
    Life often confronts us with trials that seem impossible to face, it leads us to ask ourselves why we need these trials and pains.
    Life has taken away dear Bill prematurely, but slowly you will find his presence wherever your eyes will rest. You will remember the lessons and the love he gave you and his inner strength that made him a ‘special’ person. Beautiful things about him that will never leave you.
    We are close to you in these moments.
    A big hug from your cousinsTina, Paola, Dario and Francesca
    Pescara, Italy

    1. This is so beautiful in Italian especially all i can give are hugs and happy thoughts to you. Thinking of you Larina Nina Carlo and Beatrice boyfriend and Stanley xxxx

  82. Dear Lorina, Nina, Carlo and family,
    We are so sorry to hear of the sad news of Bill’s passing.
    You are all in our thoughts during this difficult period and we send love and prayers from your overseas family.
    With love, Kay, Mala, Mark, Clare and Gary and family
    UK / New York

  83. Dear Bill,
    Your family and your friends are broken hearted.
    Judging from the all the messages left here, you were a hard worker, good friend, a great family man
    and you will be missed.

  84. Bill……..your calm thoughtfulness will always be missed dear brother in law. You never seemed to have a hidden agenda – always very positive, supportive, appreciative and caring. It was a truly a deep pleasure sharing a meal with you, whether at a grand table or around a camp fire, talking politics, music and life.
    As family we will forever be there in support to Lorina, Nina and Carlo.
    Love Neil and Sandra

  85. Dear Bill,
    with your open mind and your unforgetable laugh, you lighted our eighties in Berlin.
    Thank you for your warm words, your confidence, your smile, your humour, your funny visions
    and your friendship.
    It was always a good time when you visited us in Europe. Thank you for all the moments of happyness!

    It does’nt make sense to try to understand why…?…
    Those we love don’t go away, they stay in our heart.

    Lorina, Carlo, Nina, we will support you with our prayers on Thursday, with all our love.

    Au revoir…notre ami Bill…
    “Je suis dans votre coeur car vour m’avez aimé,
    Dans le souffle du vent, la chaleur du soleil,
    Dans le chant de l’oiseau, le vol du papillon,
    Dans l’ombre du sapin, la goutte de rosée,
    Dans le bruit de la mer et sur l’onde des vagues,
    Dans la voute des cieux qui scintille la nuit….
    Je n’ai qu’un seul désir, celui de vous revoir,
    Venez donc pour humer le parfum que j’exalte
    Puisque je suis aussi…
    ….au coeur de chaque rose….”


  86. Condolences from all the my family to Lorina, Carlo & Nina/Niel. What to do?, What to say? I am heartbroken. Farewell faithful friend of nearly 40 years, never a bad word. Via con Dios fellow music lover, I really did think ‘I would see your face again.’ Bill would always call & say ‘Jon, your still alive!.’ & then we would joke about the absurdity of our way of life. Always supportive, positive, wise, loyal, intelligent, honest, considerate, caring, hard working, calm & cool…really cool. We had much in common, born of veteran parents, the ‘hope’ of a post-war World, a generation not always aware that our ‘no more war, no pollution, save the Earth’ ideas were that very ‘hope’ made ‘real.’ A good man is gone, but he is not forgotten. Luckily he loved & was loved & that’s great for anyone. But of all his achievements, meeting Lorina & making Carlo & Nina has got to be the best, love & peace Bill…Jon

  87. Bill, Thank you for always letting us pat your dog whilst you wandered down Nelson Street. We will miss you. Olivia & Charlotte (and of course Chris & Chiara)

  88. Bill, you will be truly missed.
    You were always so warm and friendly to everyone in the dog park, accompanied by your sweet little dog Bea.
    I send my deepest and heartfelt sympathy to Lorina and your children.

    Farewell, love from Linda and Dexter

  89. Dear Lorina, what a lovely, lovely man, who never realised just how much he was liked and loved in the doggie group. He had a great sense of humour and I loved the way he really listened to you.

    I asked him on many occasions what he was cooking for dinner that night and it was usually something delicious but, occasionally, he would say with a grin “I am on strike!”

    He took great mischievous delight in telling me to keep my dog under control whenever Bobby was naughty (which was often) and I, in turn, took great delight in laughing whenever Bea wouldn’t come to him when he called.

    But what I remember most about Bill was how much he loved you, his children and little doggie. Love Georgie and Bobby

    1. Our heartfelt condolences to Lorina, Nina and Carlo. Loosing a parent is not easy and when so young you feel you wanted to spend more time and make more memories. Take comfort in the times you did share and be assured Bill is in safe hands. Take care and be kind to yourself. Thinking of you Niels Annalize Stephanie and Bailey

  90. You shall be greatly missed Bill. From playing pool in Berin pubs, riding around Tasmania on motorbikes, trying to sell robot pets in Tokio and epic muti-day hikes in the high country we have had a varied and interesting 35 years together. There is nowhere near enough room to list all the things we have done. We have worked together on multiple projects from first time we met until now. Our families have been connected throughout this time and we have seen the children grow up.

  91. Dearest bill you are the reason we came to live in Australia all these years ago 35 to be precise a meeting in berlin with my partner Roy over a game of pool and bill said “would you like to come to australia and build robots roy said ok and and bill organised everything as was his wont
    Upon our arrival having lost a vast amount of money left it somewhere like myers due to jet lag met the most beutiful lorina whom we have.loved ever since
    we will always have that strong connection because of bill. Still cannot believe that bill has left it is all so surreal he was the fittest of us all yoga swimming
    Bill really looked after his body and his mind how do we process such a loss of this beautiful soul who brought vibrancy and joy to his family and friends you will be forever loved and missed dear billy boy xxx

  92. Lorina, we’ve only just heard about Bill’s death. He was someone who was so alive and interested in everything and everyone. Terribly sad. We’re so very sorry. Please accept our sincere sympathy.
    Meredith and Michael

  93. Farewell Bill. A lovely man, charming and generous, devoted to his family. Gone too young, he will be sorely missed by many. RIP Bill.

  94. What a charming, gentle, passionate, interesting and intelligent friend you were Bill. You have certainly left an impact on my life and I will miss you greatly. Your legacy lives on with your family and friends. Rest in peace my dear friend.XXX David

  95. What a charming,gentle,passionate,interesting and intelligent friend you were Bill. You have certainly left an impact on my life and I will miss you greatly. Your legacy lives on with your family and friends.Rest in peace dear Bill.
    Love David

  96. Abbe Pierre said, life is just a little bit time to be free and learn to love, so was your life my friend.
    I love you. Gerd

  97. Bill, business partner, friend and mentor. You will be greatly missed, your wisdom, confidence and charm radiated so brightly. You will always be in our heaets and thoughts.

  98. I will never forget when l first saw the way that you danced at parties.

    Your enthusiasm, passion and generosity was unique. You were part of the landscape that l valued & l assumed that you would always be there.

    You will be sadly missed. Rest In Peace Bill. Love Christine X

  99. Bill- you will be greatly missed in the Nelson street precinct… walking up and down with your doggie, saying “hi” to us all as you passed, and always unforgettable at our Nelson street Christmas parties.
    Rest In Peace Bill, Barbara

    1. During this time we realise how much our friends mean to us. Bill and Bebe were such good company each afternoon in the park. He will be missed
      Suzette and Shaun

  100. Bill was such a very good friend. I met him at doggie park with Bee. He was always concerned about me and my life. He was such a good friend. I cared for him and he cared for me. I miss him muchly. Muchly.

  101. My darling Bill, my love, my great love, what a unique 36 year journey we’ve had. I miss you and I love you xxx Lorina

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