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3 comments on “Wilma Warke”

  1. Mum
    Can’t believe yr gone n not suprised at all by comments made by a certain person but as we u n l both know what would have been said between us that gives me Th confidence to ignore such nasty comment. You were as close to me as one could be we would say many things to each other but Mum they were always truthful n we’d always end up agreeing with our thoughts n that was a bond and a closeness u just don’t find everyday. You’d say don’t u ever repeat that n I wouldn’t care if U repeated what I said cause it was th truth n I always wanted the truth put out on the table to be discussed……it rarely did though but u n l knew our thoughts on th matter but one were able to contain yourself where as I’d normally say what was on my mind. I know for a fact dad loved this about me but I know u would be embarrassed at times!!! I remember dads last night when I felt the nurses weren’t being kind to my dad n I told them to get their manners in check n treat my pa a whole lot better I fact I told them I’d take over!!!!! Dad laughed n said oh Susie Warke with a proud tone. N so there’s my acknowledgement to keep being me keep standing n having a voice if I felt something wasn’t right n believe me I forever will react n I don’t care if yr the queen of England or Th man on a bench I will have my voice heard n stand up to make a difference in a life I feel is being bullied or disrespected in any way.
    Narcissistism is another issue I’m passionate about n can’t stand there and tolerate the load of absolute shit some narcissistic people say in order for their own gratification pfft their just as bad they show no compassion I fact they gain passion from the discomfort of others. They assume they have won when in fact any envolved person see right thru their antics……my mothers funeral service a perfect example of a narcissistic person in charge of th arrangement
    It could be used as an narcissistic person in control of a family mourning their mother n in that family there were four children!!!!
    All 4 children were asked to provide photos for the service but only three of the four children’s photos were used!!!!! Narcissism at its greatest form!!!! It has left me with quite a distaste for th organizers n I must understand how such an error has occurred!!! Hmmm I wonder but will make enquirers nevertheless!!! I could say it’s for my own amusement just to discover who was responsible but nothing would surprise me!!!! Anyway ma I know u would be mortified but also not too surprised yourself as we have spoken about this scenario also. And you just said to me “you know what they’re like don’t let them worry you they can go to hell” it’s not what I would have wanted but there’s nothing I can do when I’m not here”
    If I didn’t have such a solid relationship with mum I would be more concerned by not being included verbally n I also th one who had to have verbal confirmation was the one who failed to have it in life!! So a narcissistic must claim it where they can… I’m just disappointed it was trusted to the wrong person oh Th professional person with no real compassion but is good at organizing!!!!
    Whatever I say …….

    Now to my mums passing unfortunately your passing mum has been over shallowed by having me told to get here one day before u went instead of one week like what the doctor had asked the professional to inform family members…like as if they thought u wouldn’t wait for me!!!!! That didn’t go according to ones plans did it NO WE BOTH KNEW I WOULD BE THERE HOLDING U TILL U MOVED ONTO EVER SO PEACEFULLY IN MY ARMS TO GO SEE DAD N DI. N I held u peacefully for 7 minutes after u went so u could get there without th woo haa that was to come. We had this pact n we worked it ma just u n me peacefully together and I thank u for that experience as it was like no other experience on earth n I’m so grateful n proud to have been th chosen one for u to comfortably be in a complete state of bliss to slide thru to the comfort of no pain the realization of yr passing and then to see the light n met our family who have passed over already I felt that with u n it will never leave me n I thank u for giving me your gift of strength as u knew I’d need it to deal with what was ahead. I thank you for this pleasure and I thank u for our moments even now when u tell me ..,,,,. What did u except n not to lower myself to their level!!! To that I say I’ll try but I can’t live a lie ( u would just not say a word to keep the peace) well I can’t stand the people who thought they could walk on u . They can’t now I won’t allow it specially after your service they made for you!!!!! Clearly they didn’t know u that well except of course for Marks spearheaded which melted my heart n yours no doubt that was beautiful
    U promised to stay by my side n help me n I know u. Have already I’m sorry I’m using my voice to defend certain ones u knew I would so be proud mum I’ve got yr back I always will have I saw what went on or heard from u what went on n it won’t continue from now on
    Your at peace n I can’t wait to become my pure spirit also to get back to u di n dad to zip around here n here. I’m confident your life after life will be more fulfilling n I’m bloody happy for u. Thank u ma for being th best example a mother could be I wish i could close my mouth but I can’t as much as u didn’t want me too u were glad I voiced my thoughts too i know u did.
    Love u like nothing else love u with my whole heart n my heart is huge n I look forward to when I cross n I keep me warm n comfort me then introduce me to Lennon! You’ll have to wean Dianne off him lol
    Gonna miss yr physical ma like nothing else in this world u could never be replaced cause simply put there’s no other lady like u on This Earth!!!
    I got this ma n I’ll look after our daughters who hardly got mentioned Tahnee n Remi
    Remi finally got yr wedding rings as you wished so that was great she wears them with great pride n honour

    Don’t know how I’m gonna cope but I will with all the extra strength u gifted me when u left.

    So proud to be yr daughter ma thank you xxxxxxxx.

  2. We are deeply sorry for the loss of Auntie Wilma.
    We remember her in many positive ways; with a big smile and a great sense of humour.
    We know your hearts are aching. Our hearts go out to you all. Expect us to check in soon!
    We cannot express how much Wilma meant to not only us but my Dad, her brother, over the years. She always brought so much light into the lives of those around her.
    No words can take away the sorrow that you bear. May it be comforting to you to know that others care.
    We know what you must be going through in losing what we think is one of the most important compasses in our lives. We know your mom was that to you all and with this loss comes so many layers of heartache.
    Your mom was such a lovely woman. I often think about all the times we spent together over the years. We have such precious childhood memories. We know you will miss her so much.
    Take comfort in how much she, and your whole family, is loved in these difficult times.
    Nothing can truly cut the ties of motherhood. She is with us all still in love, memory, and family. Know we are here to support you all through everything that may come.
    Wishing you courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart.
    Beautiful memories are silently kept of you Auntie Wilma who we loved dearly and will never forget.

    Debbie and Barry Crossin

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