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10 comments on “Yuan Kiat Chou”

  1. Yuan Kiat was wonderfully consistent in his love and generosity. I remember first learning to cut garlic at his apartment in New Haven, where he hosted many a dinner for the Malaysian and Singaporean community. I must have been one of the first visitors to his new digs in Melbourne after graduation in 2000, and he took me on a long road trip in his (rather old) Saab. Now I know I wasn’t that special, and he showed this same hospitality to so many others! At least we didn’t run out of petrol then. As I watched the car drive away my thought (of comfort) is this, Yuan Kiat you are in our good Father’s hands.

  2. Dear Yuan you where such a gentle man, funny and always listened – you will be missed. My love goes out to your family.

  3. Dearest Yuan Kiat,

    You are one of the most loving, most hospitable, generous person I always remembered and most grateful for at Yale! The time you made me sing to you on the phone so that I can join your Yale International Singers! I only wished we had smartphones then, as I would have loved to have more records of all those rehearsals and concerts we did! And all those lovely meals, in US to Melbourne….

    You are so so missed, gone way too soon! Thinking you will still always be there to welcome us with your gentle smile, your encouraging words and your kindness to your cats.

    May God bless you and we will see you again in heaven!

  4. Dearest Yuan Kiat, you have left us way too soon. The fond memories of our time together in New Haven and in Jamaica will stay with me always. I remembered mber the first time watching you perform, you sang with such a joy and a deep love for God. I only got to see you twice in Melbourne but I’m so glad you got to meet Chin Fang and we got to meet Ellie.

    I have few friends as kind, gentle, thoughtful, considerate, generous, intellectual and fun as you. You are the gold standard. You were also maddeningly calm with travel arrangements but somehow, I never missed flight with you or because of you. It was part of what made you so endearing.

    Rest well my friend. We will miss you always.

    With love,

    Meng Keet, Chin Fang, Cheng Kai and Cheng Yan

  5. May you Rest In Peace, Yuan Kiat. We’ll miss your company, especially your witty n intelligent comments. I’ll always remember the lovely dinner you cooked for us. That’s where I learnt how to cook braised duck the quick and easy way. With fond memories and love from Albert, Anne Heng & Family.

  6. Thank you for sharing this beautiful service for those of us so far away. It was wonderful to hear so many good memories of Yuan Kiat’s life. He was a joy to be around. I will miss him. May he rest in peace.

  7. Farewell my dear friend Yuan Kiat. You are one of the most wonderful people I have ever known.

    I will always remember the night you came to look for me at the campus library to help me with my exams the next day. I will remember our Jamaica holiday and the many road trips we went on together. I will remember the delicious food you cooked for us at your apartment in New Haven. I will remember your performances, your jokes and your laughter.

    You are such a loving and kind person, and I am so grateful that I knew you, that I had the privilege of being your friend.

    May you rest in peace Yuan Kiat, and may we meet again someday with our Lord Jesus.

  8. Yuan Kiat, you are greatly missed.
    Yuan Chun, thank you for sharing the live stream. You did a fine job eulogizing your brother. I am in Singapore with Mei Yee and my parents. It was a beautiful memorial for Yuan Kiat, reminding us of his wonderful qualities and happy memories we have shared with him.

  9. Lovely speeches and service – so true that Yuan Kiat lived life to the fullest! I (with Jean and the boys) will so miss his sharp wit, kindness and most of all, his friendship. Thank you for all the memories and for being a part of my life. Farewell my old friend – may you rest in peace. Sin Oon

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