Belinda Jane has Portable TV Screens, Short Throw Projectors, 3 portable Screens, and PA systems.

A Staff Member from Belinda Jane will arrive an hour before the service, set up the equipment, which is a Laptop, Speakers x 2, Portable Screen, Short Throw Projector, Microphone & Stand (when required) and have it tested and ready before the service.  The staff member will operate the equipment during the service and pack up at the conclusion.

We have 4 screen sizes available, depending on the location, please advise which screen size you require.

Portable TV Screen 1.95 metres 50 inches / 1.2 Metres Small Chapel or Church
Small Projector Screen 2.2 metres 82 inches / 2.1 Metres Small Chapel or Church
Medium Projector Screen 2.3 metres 100 inches / 2.5 Metres Most chapels 200+ people
Large Projector Screen 2.75 metres 120 inches / 3.1 Metres Church without space restrictions

The TV screen can also be used as an Overflow Option, for big services, where filming of the service has already been booked.  We can run the TV screen outside or another room with audio so those who can not fit into the service, Cost is $425.

3030   3035Pictures above show us using the TV screen and speakers in a small chapel in the Yarra Rangers. 


We are also able to run the facilities at the church or chapel, if only a laptop is required.  A staff member is sent and can plug into the church system to play the DVD slideshow.  Cost is $250.