were married on Sunday 30th December 2012.

The Highlights

The Bride Preparations

The Ceremony

The Photo Session

The Introductions

The First Dance

The Parents Dance

The Speeches

The Dancing

The Garter, Bouquet & Farewell

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The Highlights www.vimeo.com/61674896

The Bride Preparations www.vimeo.com/61384102

The Ceremony www.vimeo.com/61384112

The Photo Session www.vimeo.com/61384099

The Introductions www.vimeo.com/61384109

The First Dance www.vimeo.com/61384105

The Parents Dance www.vimeo.com/61384110

The Speeches www.vimeo.com/61384111

The Dancing www.vimeo.com/61384104

The Garter, Bouquet & Farewell www.vimeo.com/61384103