were married on Saturday the 23rd of June, 2012.  Enjoy a look at their wedding DVD…

Before the Ceremony

The Ceremony

Family Photos

Reception – NEW


First Dance Bracket

The Speeches

The Bridal Waltz

Greek Dancing

End of DVD – NEW


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Before the Wedding – www.vimeo.com/51292777

The Ceremony – www.vimeo.com/50926976

Family Photos – www.vimeo.com/51292832

Reception – NEW – www.vimeo.com/58851561

Introductions – www.vimeo.com/51292831

First Dance Bracket – www.vimeo.com/51295562

The Speeches – www.vimeo.com/50895625

The Bridal Waltz – www.vimeo.com/50895626

Greek Dancing – www.vimeo.com/51296126

End of DVD – NEW www.vimeo.com/58855109