were married on Saturday the 4th of August at Roslyn Court, sit back and enjoy the footage from their amazing day.

David Getting Ready

Stefanie Getting Ready

Tea Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony

The Photo Session

The Introductions

The First Dance

The Speeches

The Parents Dance

The Reception Montage

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David Getting Ready – www.vimeo.com/51633201

Stefanie Getting Ready – www.vimeo.com/51633200

Tea Ceremony – www.vimeo.com/51635616

The Wedding Ceremony – www.vimeo.com/51629562

The Photo Session – www.vimeo.com/51629730

The Introductions – www.vimeo.com/51629919

The First Dance – www.vimeo.com/51629561

The Speeches – www.vimeo.com/51635594

The Parents Dance – www.vimeo.com/51631227

The Reception Montage –www.vimeo.com/51635332