Streaming of Funeral Service

Following the service, the footage will be posted and you can watch
at a later time if you were unable to watch at the time of the service.

Edited footage will also be posted within a couple of days which will include all 3 camera angles.

The streaming of the footage is depended upon the available internet connection
within the area. We stream via a 4G Telstra WiFi unit which has a 95% coverage.
When working via a mobile internet connection, we can come upon internet connection issues.
We will work to address these issues at the time. If connection issues outside our control occur,
we ensure the fastest possible upload of the service for those unable to attend to view.

If you are experiencing any problems with this page, please click on the
Live Chat option on the left hand side of the screen or send a text message to Belinda on 0417 560 757.