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8 comments on “Alfred ‘Fred’ Wiesmayr”

  1. The first contact at the Billy Graham crusade was Brother Fred asking me whether I could pray at that time I did not know what prayer meant .The joy to be in his congregation were the first roots of a supernatural life .Thank you Janet and Fred for all your love towards our family .
    Today our Son Matt has an impact on people’s life and Heinsharvesttime is preaching the Gospel over Google and Facebook reaching millions.These are the fruits of your life my beloved Brother Fred ,soon we all shall be together in the our Fathers house.

  2. To Janet, Mark, Michele, Kirsten, Tania, Andre and extended family.
    A lovely and touching service to remember the life of Fred, who was a good man, I’m sorry I could not make it. Our deep condolences to all of you on your loss. Our thoughts are with you during this very sad time.
    Christa, Peter and the Grapentin family

  3. A heart-felt service to celebrate a truly remarkable man. Astounding what Fred achieved and the many people he touched and inspired. Janet and the children did him proud.

  4. Dear family,
    How wonderful speak and words from you all. We feel your deep love directly to Austria! We are sitting here and our tears are falling but in the same minute we know uncle Fred had a fulfilled life .. he had you all.. such a great family with so much love and so much kindness.
    When we celebrated his birthday it was the best time and we never will forget! Laughing, love, adventure, good vibes, good talking. We never will forget YOU Fred. And you know … you changed after our talking in the kitchen (you know the moment) our life! We grow up in business, we changed our mind and the best .. now we are going to marry … we know you will look down from heaven at this day be with us and you will always protect us. We love you Sigrid & Klaus
    (I am proud to be a part of your family . Sigrid)

  5. Dear Wiesmayr and extended family,
    Some weeks ago my dad, Robert Meyer, and I sang one of our, and I think Fred’s, favourite German songs together: “Die Fenster des Himmels stehen offen” translated is The windows of heaven stand open, the blessings are streaming down. Its Joy, joy, joy in my life since Jesus came into my heart.
    I think this encapsulated Fred’s life.
    My parents told me he would turn up at our house in Niddrie in the 1960’s to share God’s Word and not have the money to get home by tram afterward. But he would beam and be filled with the joy of the Lord and have no care in the world as God would provide.
    As an only child there was nothing better than to stay at the Monbulk farm with so many kids and pets to play with. I remember Mark and I bottle feeding a calf he had bought one school holiday stay there. Such excitement. I remember the wind up gramophone we played records on.
    Fred smiled in nearly all of my memory pictures, whether it was as he strolled out of church or recounted an episode of Mork and Mindy. But the greatest wide mouthed smiles were when someone committed their life to Christ or got baptised.
    An encourager, a faithful man, committed to his family and Saviour. So glad for the memories and example.
    I’m sorry I could not attend the funeral. I have been in isolation due to covid. But so thankful for the streaming.
    Wishing you God’s strength as your lives cope with Fred’s leaving this earth. And, although sorely missed, we have the delightful promises from God for a reuniting in the future.
    Virtual hugs and kisses

  6. Vale Fred. A superlative life.. Your nephew Vincent.

    I very much appreciated this streaming service. Danke

  7. Dear Michele

    Sorry I couldn’t make it.

    What a wonderful life Fred (your father) has had. Although you will miss him, cherish the memories as
    he will always be in your heart.

    Swing Low Sweet Charriot

  8. Fred, had a big impact in my life, about 56 years ago he brought me to the Lord.
    He was a wonderful brother and friend, will miss him dearly.
    One day we will meet up again in the Lord
    My Condolences to Janet.and the family

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