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  1. Ted will be so missed. My condolences to his family.
    Ted has left a massive hole in the motorsport community and we will all remember him with great fondness. RIP Ted.

  2. Thank you to Di and all the family for allowing us to share in a special ceremony for Ted.
    It was lovely service and everything that was said reflected our thoughts and time with him also.
    Ted was a true gentleman, an inspirational and supportive leader and above all a great work mate during our time with him in Newcastle.
    Rest In Peace Ted.

  3. Dear Di, Joel, Amelia and all the family, Thankyou for sharing your farewell to Ted with all of us, it was a truly special farewell for a truly special man. Many tears and many laughs, just perfect. So many great memories of our times spent together. Lots of love, Mary, Hannah, Nathan and Marcus xx

  4. Ted, it was a privilege to know you, and thanks to you we had many a great time together, I will miss you heaps.

  5. Thank you for showing Teds funeral. We were so sad to hear of his passing. R.I P Ted. Our condolences to the family. Tom and Carol Latta.

  6. Thanks to the Perkins family for making this beautiful service available online to join them in celebrating Ted’s remarkable life. It was a pleasure to know Ted and someone I’ll sorely miss around the service parks.

  7. Thank you for sharing this service for Ted. Ted has been a huge influence in my working life over the last 7 years at Synertec and I really appreciate his guidance, support and wisdom over this time. He will be very much missed.


  8. I didn’t know Ted all that well but he impressed me as a man of integrity and good humour and it was obvious that he had the respect of many people. My thoughts and best wishes to all Ted’s family, it’s clear he will be deeply missed.

  9. Very nice service for Ted. Would have liked to be there however maybe at a later date we can celebrate his life together with wine & cheese

  10. Sadly missed.
    Pleasure to know you Ted. Always helpful and generous.
    One of our sports great characters.
    Rob and Teri

  11. Hi,

    Thank you all for a lovely service.

    It was pleasure and privilege to know Ted over the last 3 years working with him. From the stories we heard today it is clear that he made a difference to everyone he met. He will be sorely missed.
    Condolences to you all at this time.


  12. A touching service. Great that so many could join, even if not in person, to farewell Ted
    It was moving to hear more about Ted and the profound influences he has had on the many lives he touched.
    Joel and all the Perkins family are a credit to him – ‘legacy’ was the right word!

  13. Such a lovely service to honour and celebrate Ted’s life. Thank you for enabling us all to participate and join with you from afar. Di, Joel, Amelia, Dan and family – you are all very much in my thoughts at this time. Kia kaha, Duane x

  14. Dear Di, Amelia Joel and all the family. Thank you for making todays tribute to your wonderful Ted available to us all. Ted was someone who effected everyone whose path he crossed. I have admired him as a person for decades and our family have been honoured to call him a friend and mentor. Today’s service was beautiful and the tributes so caring and enlightening. I know your loss is greater than ours but none the less all his friends have a whole in their lives never to be replaced. He was a great man and will be missed. RIP Ted

  15. Beautiful tribute to an amazing man. Farewell Ted and thanks for everything you have done for the family. You will be missed. All our love to Di, Joel, Amelia & Daniel. We look forward to catching up again soon as a family to celebrate an amazing life.

  16. Farewell Ted.
    Ted was a man i always looked up to, a friend and a mentor. I learnt so much listening to and watching Ted. His friendship was greatly appreciated as well. I knew we would get along when two weeks after starting at Synertec, I was helping out ( re getting in the way) at one of many Alpine rallys. An amazing man, that will be missed greatly.

  17. Hearing all the wonderful things you accomplished in your life. All the lessons, love, laughter and adventure you shared with so many people around you was beautiful.
    It was just a few weeks ago I spoke of catching up, I wish I had done it sooner.
    I am honoured to have had you a part of my life. Thank you for always reaching out and thinking of my family and I, you were always so understanding and caring. You hold a place in my heart.
    Sending love to Di, Daniel, Joel and Amelia .
    Thinking of you all in this time.

    Sara, Mark & Alysia

  18. Thank you for making the live stream possible.
    We very much appreciated feeling part of this celebration of Ted’s life.
    You all did Ted proud. We send our love to you all and hope you feel comforted by your memories and each other.
    Mareta and Kevin.

  19. To the entire Perkins family, thanks for sharing today’s beautiful service and for sharing the man with us all. He was always bringing people together. He was the camp fire.

  20. Di and Family – A very moving service and a fine tribute to Ted, especially given the strange times we are in with Covid. Thanks very much for arranging the streaming of the service so we could feel we were taking part. Please take care of yourselves and don’t hesitate to call on us for any assistance you may need. Love from John and Jenny Dunstan and family.

  21. Ted
    We cant help but feel that the world has suffered a great lose with you leaving .
    with that said you have left much joy and goodness behind i am grateful to have had the time
    i spent with you and the wisdom you shared with me .
    My heart is breaking for your family and selfishly for my self
    i thought we would be in SA later this year it was not to be.
    may be with Joel if he is game .

    John & Helen Hadden

  22. Ted
    We cant help but feel that the world has suffered a great lose with you leaving .
    with that said you have left much joy and goodness behind i am grateful to have had the time
    i spent with you and the wisdom you shared with me .
    My heart is breaking for your family and selfishly for my self
    i thought we would be in SA later this year it was not to be.
    may be with Joel if he is game .

    John & Helen Hadden

  23. I’m so lucky to have known Ted. The beautiful tributes today remind me to stay strong and live my life the best I can because I know Ted did just that.

  24. Di, Daniel, Joel & Amelia condolences on the passing of Ted. there are many memories of our friendship that I will cherish, from the Easter trips away & the beers around the campfire, being able to go to the 2014 COT, and many more. with love Shane & Jenny Robinson

  25. A beautiful and fitting farewell, reminding us of the generosity, kindness and love that you have shared with us your friends and the community. Thanks for wonderful times and great memories. All our love to Di, Joel and Maddy, Amelia, Daniel, Mary, Liz, Des and families.
    The Sheas

  26. Ted
    We cant help but feel that the world has suffered a great lose with you leaving .
    with that said you have left much joy and goodness behind i am grateful to have had the time
    i spent with you and the wisdom you shared with me .
    My heart is breaking for your family and selfishly for my self
    i thought we would be in SA later this year it was not to be.
    may be with Joel if he is game .

    John & Helen Hadden

  27. Di & Family

    Thank you for the privilege of being able to participate in the service today. I am the manager of the Engineering team of Stolthaven Terminals (“the Newcastle project”) that you referenced, but we worked together with Synertec and particularly Ted, on a number of projects for some years. He was great to work with.

    Certainly a man of integrity and clarity.

    On one memorable occasion we were a group of six at dinner together, and worked out that only one of that group was not currently fighting some form of the disease. Ted’s battle was far and away the toughest, and yet he was the most upbeat, supportive and positive of all. That says much of the man.

    Nga mihi / Kind Regards
    Brent Metson
    Stolthaven (Auckland, NZ)

  28. To the entire Perkins family, thanks for sharing today’s beautiful service and sharing the man with us all. He was the camp fire, always bringing people together.

  29. Such a sad time and such a great loss. The service was just lovely & Meals & her brothers were very strong & paid a loving tribute to their Dad. Thinking of you all & sending best wishes. Jenny O’Rourke & Andrew Archet

  30. My deepest condolences to Di and her family.
    Ted was a great man and a great mentor.
    He will always be in our heart.


  31. It is still very hard to believe that you are gone. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work under your leadership. You have been a very supportive, and considerate boss. We will all miss you.

  32. Dianne, Daniel, Joel & Amelia

    My deepest sympathies to you all.
    I wish you strength, peace and comfort during this time
    I feel so honoured to have met you Ted you truly were a wonderful person
    Big heart with a great outlook on life
    A wonderful man that will never be forgotten
    Your memory will live on
    RIP Ted xx
    Angela & Ev

  33. That was truly beautiful. Such wonderful words about a wonderful guy. As possibly Ted’s first friend I can endorse that everything was an adventure.There’s no doubt you’ll be missed.

  34. Thank you for letting us share the service. We were able to watch this service together as colleagues of Ted over many years.

    We are thinking of you all.

    Romila Gomez, Nathan Robinson, Mark Ashmore and Samantha Carroll

  35. Dear Di, Joel and Amelia
    We only have the fondest memories of Ted. From sitting around the fire at Easter, to asking what help is needed at SJV fetes to having a quiet chat about anything and everything.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Love Sally and Matt and family xx

  36. Well as always, the little fat kid from across the road has left us all the better for being able to share time with you.
    Me, I was older but you were always wiser.
    Treasured memories will live on.
    You were a once in a lifetime friend.

  37. What a lovely service in very trying times. We look forward to the time that we can all get together to remember and celebrate Ted’s life. He was a friend to everyone and has left a great legacy.
    Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you Di, Joel, Amelia and all the family at this very sad time.
    Mary, John, Stephen and Robert

  38. To Di and all the family,

    The service for Ted today was beautiful and touching, its such a sad day for you all – Ted was such a kind, loving and beautiful human being – he would be so proud of you all today. We will all miss him so much – as we have also known him for a large part of our life.

  39. Love and best wishes to Di, Joel and Amelia. Thanks so much for all the fun, laughs and adventures over the years Ted. So many great memories to treasure for ever. Will really miss you mate. Peter and Leanne

  40. Farewell Ted.
    I only knew you a short time, watching today only reinforced my thoughts that you were a caring person with a great personality. Will miss seeing & chatting with you you at Cortina club events & at the various racing events.

  41. Beautiful service for a truly beautiful person who touched us all with his generosity, encouragement, and spirit to get things done. So many of my adventures in life have been because of Ted – his encouragement and help. His strength and mateship will be treasured and something we will never forget. Our thoughts are with your family. RIP Ted you will be missed. Greg and Jacqui

  42. Farewell Ted, it was a pleasure to know you and experience first hand your passion for family, and for motorsport. You will be sorely missed by all.

    To all the family, well done on a very moving service. Beautiful words from all of you that perfectly captured Ted’s personality and spirit.

    Much love,
    Tom & Mon

  43. Tex was just a good bloke; we as a family are all better off from meeting him.
    The laughter we had at all the PFA committee meetings to our dodgy school Fete set up’s
    I do know of one mechanic vehicle he didn’t want to fix was St John’s Thomas The Tank.
    He reckons if it wasn’t fixed i couldn’t drive it.
    He was an unique character and nothing ever seemed to hard.
    He will be sorely missed
    Our hearts go out to Di, Joel, Amelia & family

  44. Thankyou for allowing us to share in this amazing tribute to Ted..he was a truly genuine person and loved by those who new him…love and strenghth to all Michelle and Michael O’Connell xxx

  45. beautiful service for a legend of a man!

    So upset we cannot be there in person, Looking forward to see everyone when we can xxx

  46. To Di and all of the Perkins/Mazzeo family, thank you for making the service available on line. You all did a great job, it was both beautiful and moving. All my love, Christine.

  47. Di, Joel, Amelia, Daniel and family. Thank you for the opportunity to share in the service remotely, and I am very sorry for your loss. I worked for Ted for a number of years at Synertec, and they even bought me over to Australia for the opportunity. He was great to work for, always had the time for anything you’d ask and taught me so much from which I’ll benefit throughout my career. Like so many my life has been made better by knowing Ted.

  48. Wonderful service for a beautiful man.
    RIP Ted, see you on the start line one day.
    PAC and Samoyeds

  49. What a wonderful service, Ted would be so proud of his family. We were so happy to be part of Ted’s life and although didn’t get to catch up all the time, the friendship always remained. We were pulled into Ted’s journey.
    Love to you Di and kids and to the Perkins siblings and families.
    RIP Ted..

  50. I’ll miss those Bathurst get togethers at Johny’s and those fun nights at the footy clubs but I’ll never forget them. A down to earth bloke and a great mate.


  51. Goodbye Ted. You were a delightful man, I will miss your smiling face at our future rally events. Kindest thoughts to Di, Joel and all your family. Kaye Kilsby

  52. Dear Di & Family,
    May Ted Rest In Peace. He will be truly missed. His strength, toughness and caring nature, a legacy that we will always remember.
    Lawrence & Michelle Muscara & family

  53. What a wonderful service for a wonderful bloke!
    Sympathies to Di, Joel, Amelia and the family our love and thoughts are with you.
    Love Janine, Neal, Nathan, Rhyan & Emma

  54. Will miss you Ted. Loved working with you especially at Port Botany and Newcastle and even CSL in Broady. So sorry you’ve gone too soon. But I’m so glad I knew you. And whenever your name comes up or a memory of you springs to mind, a smile will pop up on my face.

  55. Dear Di and Family,
    Lovely words from everyone and my sincere condolences.
    Ted was one of those guys you looked up to and he rewarded you with mate-ship, as a fellow Cortinian and PACian he will be sorely missed by all and what a race he ran. Seeya Mate.

  56. You will be sadly missed and are truly a unique character. Always happy to see me and up for a chat.
    Love to your family From Dave Robinson Performance Exhaust.

  57. Dear Di, Joel & Family,

    my sincere condolences to you all.

    Ted was such a great character, always with interesting stories and adventures to regale.

    A hell of a bloke to be around.

    God bless and may his sole rest in peace.

    Paul Dunstan

  58. Ted, I have not had the privilege to get to know you in full health, but know how much your enthusiasm, guidance and professionalism was valued by your team members at Synertec. My sincere condolences to your family, you are warmly remembered and ever present.

  59. Farewell Ted. Thankyou for everything you did for me to learn my Rally craft. You are a great man and will be sorely missed.
    Love to your family from Matt, Tracy and Oliver Lee

    1. Thank you for letting us be part of the goodbyes today. As all said Ted was a great man and great friend who we will miss terribly. Sending our love and virtual hugs. The McGowans xx

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