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70 comments on “Brigitta Johnson”

  1. Thank you for allowing us to share this moment with your family.
    She means so much to us, she touches our lives.
    We have just lost a wonderful and kind person.

  2. It was so wonderful to know everyone was with us at Mum’s funeral yesterday.
    We have appreciated all the messages and kind thoughts.
    With gratitude,
    David, Caroline and family.

    1. It will take us time to come to terms with this enormous loss, but all your shared stories about Mum continue to bring us lots of comfort

    2. Caroline and David and families
      Brigitta was a special lady with whom I spent many a new year celebration .
      A beautiful service ( pleased one of my staff ( Colin) was there to assist at this important time .
      Love to you all … Pam Baker

  3. A beautiful Requiem.
    Brigi was a lovely and most interesting lady with a profound faith.
    She will be sadly missed.
    Margaret Touhy OHR

  4. A truly inspiring Requiem for Brigitta,
    May Brigitta — a woman of love , character and service — Rest In Peace with her Lord whom she served so generously .
    Beautifully crafted , heartfelt and uplifting eulogies inspiringly delivered .
    Bro .Quentin

  5. Our love and thoughts are with you all at this difficult time.
    We moved into No 30 Scheele Street in 1987 and became friends with Peter and Brigitte from that time forward. We often managed to catch up whether it was in the street or by having dinners together. Both Peter and Brigitta were very special people and we feel so blessed to have known them. Even when we moved out of the street to Parring Road in 2003, we still managed to keep in touch. Earlier this year I visited Brigitta and we enjoyed another lovely catch up. She was such a beautiful lady with a special love for all her family of which she would so proudly talk about. She was a such a delightful, intelligent, gentle and caring woman and was always interested in everyone. She will certainly be sadly missed.
    Our deepest sympathy
    Cathy, Michael, Amanda and Elisha

  6. Caroline, lovely eulogy from you today and so accurate about your mum.
    My internet was ‘patchy’ but I did get to watch almost of your eulogy, and the grandkids too. Strange world right now, but you all did her a great honour today. Thinking of you and David and family, take care, and catch up soon!

  7. Along with so many other ‘locals’ we have been privileged to have had a happy and rich friendship with Brigi and Peter Johnson. Frequently Brigi said that she needed ‘courage’ in old age. She stands tall amongst all of us as a woman, not only courageous, but faith-filled, generous, kind and a dedicated professional in her career. A wonderful friend and always interesting company! You will be deeply missed, Brigi. Rest in peace dear friend. We are all enriched for having known you and loved you. To your grandchildren, thank you so much for your superb efforts today. Brigi and Peter would be so proud of you all.
    David and Barbara Kitchen

  8. My dear cousins, I wish circumstances were different so we could have been there to give you all a big hug on this very sad day. It was a beautiful service, everyone spoke so well from the heart. I loved hearing the memories and seeing the pictures.

    Brig was an amazing person, always so warm and caring. One of the very rare people who saw life and the world as a wondrous place, full of love and joy. As Luke said, I think she truly was loved by the universe. We will miss her very much.

    With much love,
    Kathryn, Hamish, Tully and Olive

  9. My dear cousins, I wish circumstances were different so we could have been there to give you all a big hug on this very sad day. It was a beautiful service, everyone spoke so well from the heart. I loved hearing the memories and seeing the pictures.

    Brig was an amazing person, always so warm and caring. One of the very rare people who saw life and the world as a wondrous place, full of love and joy. As Luke said, I think she truly was loved by the universe. We will miss her very much.

    With much love,
    Kathryn, Hamish, Tully and Olive

  10. Dear Caroline and David,
    Our deepest sympathies are with you and your families at this time. A beautiful and moving tribute to your lovely mum, Brigitta. We will miss her.

    Our love to you all,
    Rob and Mary Hart

  11. Thank you for facilitating the opportunity for us to share in the Mass of farewell for Brigitta today. A delightful lady we are pleased to have known. Condolences to her family. Mary & Joe Sang

  12. To Brigitta’s family I send my sincerest condolences . The service was beautiful and thank you for allowing us to share it with you in spite of these difficult Covid19 times.
    Brigitta was a wonderful friend. From the first day we met ,next to each other ,on the mat at yoga back in the early 1990’s. I wanted to leave but she convinced me to stay… yoga and coffee afterwards became a ritual.
    My deepest sympathies to Jan. You two seemed inseparable to me.
    With lots of love from Gabrielle.

  13. Lovely send off for Brigitta. My condolences and prayers to David, Caroline, Jo and families
    Love Theresa

  14. A beautiful service for a wonderful person. It was always a joy to be in your company Brigitta. Love Denise

  15. Deepest sympathy to Caroline and the Johnson family. Brigitta will be so sadly missed – such a pillar of our parish community. I will miss her warmth and friendship, her words of encouragement and her contribution to parish life. Drinks ‘n’ Nibbles will not be the same without her! A beautiful Mass for a beautiful lady. Rest in peace Brigitta.
    Love, Kathy Wilton (OHR)

  16. Such a beautiful ceremony, we wish we could have been physically with you today. Brigitta was wonderful, loving and caring, she stays in our hearts forever. It was a blessing to know her.
    Lots of love, Emi, Gyuri & Viki Papp

  17. A beautiful service. Condolences to Brigitta’s family and friends. Loving, caring, supportive, resilient, wise, and always inspirational! Monday morning yoga classes will never be the same without you Brigitta. Thank you for your welcome smiles and warm embraces before every class these past 19 years. RIP XX

  18. Rest In Peace, dear Brigitta.
    We will always remember your kind heart and generous spirit.

    Maria & John Prior

  19. Thank you giving me this opportunity to join in the Funeral Of Brigitta. I was very blessed by the service, and all of what has been said about her.
    I thank the Good Lord for the life of Brigitta she was a blessing to everyone.
    I am truely blessed by her Funeral mass. Her story is a encouragement to how one should live life.

    May God Welcome you with all his Angel’s and the Light of Christ shine upon you.
    Though we may be sad, but very Glad to know that you are now with the Heavnly Father.


  20. What a lovely service, but I wish we could have been there with you all. Thinking about the family and remembering all the wonderful things about Brigitta and the many happy times, and especially Christmas Celebrations.

    Love from Ann & John xxx

  21. What a wonderful service and celebration of a beautiful lady. She has touched all of us, and we will always remember her. You all did a wonderful job paying tribute to her, and we thank you for making it possible for us to share in this celebration. We send our love to the entire family. Kati, Jim, Charlotte and Julia Pearman

  22. Our deepest sympathy and love to all the family, and thank you for the beautiful service to honour Brigitta. Her warmth and love will shine on. We will miss her.

    With love,
    Alison & Simon, Liz & Ella

  23. Dave and Caroline – such a beautiful tribute to your wonderful mum! It really gave us a sense of her life and what inspired her and the inspiration she was, and is, for others! With love Kathryn and Greg

  24. A most beautiful service for a beautiful woman and we felt like we were indeed at the service! We are so blessed to have known Brigitta and she certainly brought her love into our lives.She was so loved by so many and an inspiration to all, especially at OHR.
    The family gave us an insight into her amazing story.
    Love and god bless to all the family.
    Adrian and Diane Ohlsen

  25. Brigi touched our lives in a thousand different ways; she will be remembered for her unfailing capacity to love and support. As you celebrate her life, love, and memory know that you have all gained so much from having been loved by her. We will miss her deeply and cherish our memories of her.

    Lots of love,
    Bridget & Xavier xxxooo

  26. Thank you for enabling us to join online…a wonderful send off. We have been much enriched for Brigitta being a part of our lives….she made the world a richer place. All the best to the family. Peter Collery

  27. What a beautiful service. You all spoke so eloquently about Brigitta’s life and you have done her proud. Plenty of tears here. Love to you all. Deb, Poggo and family xx

  28. A beautiful woman and friend has left us, but her gentle touch, her gifts of graciousness, wisdom, love and kindness will remain in our hearts always.
    May God make His face to shine upon you Brigitta and bring you His Peace.

  29. Thank you all, what an inspiring service. Our condolences for you loss. It was a privilege to have met her. Our thoughts are with you,

  30. Our deepest sympathy to Brigitta’s family. She was a wonderful lady, always gracious and kind. She will be sadly missed by so many.
    Catherine & Ferdinand Zito

  31. Farewell to a lovely lady, Brigitta, my thoughts & condolences are with Caroline, David & all her beloved family.

  32. Deepest sympathy to all the family. Brigitta was a very special lady. A beautiful farewell.

    David and Margaret Cull

  33. A beautiful service for a beautiful person. We’re very blessed to have known Brigitta (& Peter) for close to 20 years, the entire time we’ve been in this country. Now they’re together again, rest in peace xx

    Stella & Felix

  34. A very beautiful service and tribute to Brigi. It was a privilege to know her. As we remember her, we think of her love, generosity and positivity. And we shall always remember her that way. Thank you Brigi, and may you Rest In Peace.

  35. Thank you for letting us share this service. Birgitta was a wonderful person and we will miss her greatly. Terry and Sandy

  36. What a lovely tribute to Brigitta.
    Such a beautiful woman.
    Our hearts are with you.
    Love Tim, Yolanda, and Myles

  37. Dear Caroline, David and family

    To have known your mother was a privilege.
    Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time

    Margaret & Michael Bainbridge

  38. A very touching ceremony, as well as the words spoken by the family. Our sincere condolences to all the family for the loss of such a wonderful person.
    Louise Webster and Sal Giambruno.

  39. To David, Caroline, Stan and Sue and all – a beautiful and moving service for a wonderful lady. All our love, Majella and Damon

  40. Lovely. She will be missed. Thank you for letting us share this special celebration of Brigitta’s life with you.
    Josie (& Brendon) McCarthy

  41. Love and condolences to Caroline and David and families. Wish we could have been phsyically with you today. A beautiful service for a much loved woman who was so much a part of our childhoods and adult lives. Lisa and Vilani xxx

  42. My love and condolences to Brigitta’s family. A funeral in covid times is challenging but you are supported by members of the parish.

  43. Thank you so much for this beautiful service – I am glad that I had the chance to watch from Germany. Wonderful words and memories – Love Katrin and family

  44. A beautiful service, full of so many cherished memories of darling Brigi.
    I feel blessed to have known her as part of the Parish community, even for a short time. I’ll remember Brigi’s ceaseless generosity and warmth, which she shared so lovingly with those around her. She showed me a very beautiful faith. She is a treasure.
    Thank you to her family for allowing us to watch today’s service from home – we wish we could have been there in person.
    Nicole & Frank Mount, OHR.

  45. Dearest Caroline, Stan, James, Luke and all of your family. This mass was a wonderful dedication to an exceptional woman. Although we can’t be with you today, we send our prayers and feel blessed for having known Brigitta, enjoying her hospitality, robust conversation and work within the community. Sending our Love Giulietta and Scott.

  46. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share this beautiful service and celebration of Brigitta’s life, and her love for all of you.
    Much love,
    Terri xx

  47. Thank I am Connected. Brigitta whom I know from a far relationship is a loving caring person.
    I love you.

  48. Thinking of our beloved Brigi today, remembering all the wonderful times we had over so many decades and sending much love to all the family.
    Hari Sinha and Mindi and Peter Bakopanos xxx

    1. What a wonderful service and celebration of a beautiful life. Thank you for allowing us to share it with you and your families.

  49. Thank you so much I have found the page.
    I,am from Papua New Guinea
    I hope I will connect with properly and join in for the Funeral as I dont want to miss it.

    1. Third time lucky I hope.
      It was a beautiful ceremony today Carolyn. – a wonderful
      tribute to a beautiful lady. I did enjoy all the speeches & the photos. And I was so happy to see her carried, rather than wheeled, out!!
      You are all in my prayers.
      Ann Shelton.

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