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  1. Cathy you were so joyful, informative and fun, the students you thought loved you.
    I’m so lucky to have worked with you at VU and you always made me laugh , but more the care and respect you showed our students and them to you.
    You will be missed in so many ways, RIP lovely x

  2. Love to all the Tighe family.
    Many beautiful words spoken about a well loved and generous hearted woman. It was a gift to have known her through my connections with her little sister Anne.
    Rest in Peace dear Lady.
    Bridget & The Coyne Family xxx

  3. Why did you have to leave so early beautiful lady?! I wanted you to visit my country ranch once more the see all these crazy animals we have laughed so much about.

    I was so lucky to have you as my wonderful neighbour and friend for almost 16 years. We shared so much together you where always knocking on my door, just making sure I was ok as you were bring Els for a run up the drive. You loved a chat filling me in on your activities, I would be taken by the friends and family activities you could fit into a week! Always a coffee here, dinner parties, a drop over there, book club!, the overseas exchange program people you would let stay, Danny doing some financial work for you, a sisters date, painting dates with Cam and Trev, (buying that beautiful Aboriginal art) staying at Jen’s to watch Coco, staying at Kyellba for days on end( I even feel like I’ve been in your Mum and Dads house..,I’d knew everything happening you some how made me felt like I really knew everyone too.
    You’d notice when my car wasn’t locked, you would check in when my work days/nights were so long and you’d made sure you found out if there was any news after I had a big weekend out. We shared so much whilst I leaved on the block..,sharing food, shopping, pet feeding Leo, Elsie and Mojo, bins in/out every week! I still chuckle and raise my brows on the weekend you where unwell but desperately needed your lotto put on so you asked me to run out for you. You were so different to me but had such a great relationship you where so inspiring, loving, encouraging and caring.
    We made the Willow grove units truly beautiful planning the plants and then planting all those amazing pencil pines, what a massive weekend that was! When I left on my many long adventures you would get to know all the tenants I had in my place and give me reassurance they where good. On my settlement day you were the first to congratulate me, well it was 3am. This is what made you such an unique person!

    I will never forget our times together beautiful lady.

    Love ya xx

  4. Heartfelt condolences to Cathy’s family and friends.
    Cathy gave me the confidence to begin teaching at (VU) Melton campus in 1991. I am forever grateful for her support and encouragement. She has been a wonderful mentor, colleague, teacher and friend to so many of us in EC and will be sadly missed. Her legacy lives on in all of us who were lucky enough to meet her.
    Rest In Peace Cathy xx

  5. Deepest sympathy and condolences to Cathy’s family and close friends at this very sad time. My memories are of a very dedicated EC professional, mentor and advocate. Always smiling and lots of fun xx Rest in peace Cathy.

  6. Cathy my beautiful caring friend I am so lucky to have shared over 40 years of friendship with you. There are so many wonderful memories that will continue to bring a smile to my face each and every day. In the early days of our friendship at Prahran college back in the mid 70’s we would plot and plan how we were going to make a difference in our chosen profession of Early Childhood I think we can safely say that you certainly achieved that ! We enjoyed many nights out with friends dancing and laughing most of the night. You were with me the night Greg and I met and of course you were bridesmaid at our wedding. We watched as you travelled the world, and saved for 3 years to join you for your 50th celebrations in France …..such special memories. I think we caught our love of Europe from you , and have loved sharing in the planning of many further trips as well as delighting in sharing our post travel stories with you. You were always a great listener and I am forever grateful for the genuine care and love you shared with my family along with your chocolate self saucing pudding recipe. Our Scotland Study tour in 2011 , and our catch up with Janet in the UK are further memories to treasure . Most of all I am grateful for the simple times we spent together over coffee or lunch just chatting and enjoying each other’s company. So pleased that our special group of long time friends have managed to keep in regular contact this year despite restrictions and that we took the time to talk about what our friendship meant to us. Rest peacefully Cathy ,and keep that awesome smile going xxxx

  7. Cathy!
    I cannot thank you enough for all the help, support and love you shared with me during my studies at Victoria University last year and this year! You taught me so much that I will be able to pass on to many others and I will forever be grateful for that! You were such an inspiration to me and so many others and you loved sharing stories with us of the different experiences you had within the early childhood sector and whilst on holidays.

    Forever in my heart, rest in peace Cathy <3
    Chelsea Stellini (Victoria University Student G52)

  8. I have learnt so much about Cathy from this lovely service and I am saddened that I didn’t know her as all these others have. What a worthwhile and well lived life, a loving, thoughtful and inspiring woman. Heartfelt condolences to family and friends.
    Cousin Robyn

  9. I had a privilege of spending most of my formative adult years with Cathy as part of my life.
    My first introduction was through early childhood education, as the knowledgeable, bubbly favorite lecturer at Vic Uni, 30 years ago!!! She saw me get married – twice! …second time around she was my maid of honor. She knew me before I had babies and watched me grow into my new stage of womanhood as a mum. She supported my transition from educator to lecturer, and it was perhaps one of my proudest moments to teach the same subjects she taught me.
    When I moved onto wellness she once again became my cheerleader, allowing me share my shaky emergence into massage, then counseling and hypnotherapy. I was fortunate enough to still be part of her health journey until very recently.
    We remained friends moving in and out of each other’s lives. Always returning when we could be of greatest service to one another.
    And so it came to be…
    The last 6 months were shared a rather unique and extraordinary time, as I had the absolute privilege and honor of living with Cathy since January this year …which meant we were housemates during lockdown. Far too many stories to share of times together – but most memorable were our evenings watching her favorite shows on TV / DVD and talking about anything and everything. Maybe sneaking in some chips and chocolate – her guilty pleasure and mine too.
    Thank you dear friend for standing along side of me during some of my most saddest days and for celebrating my wins with unbridled joy.
    I can honestly say that my life will never be the same without you in it.
    Sincere heartfelt condolences to Cathy’s family who I feel I know so well. I can’t even imagine your loss.

  10. Thank you Cathy for your friendship chats and commitment to EC
    You have a wonderful legacy and thank you for your support and kindness
    A life well lived
    Rest In Peace


  11. Dear Cathy,

    Thank you for your wonderful friendship.

    I will truly miss your positive outlook and your kindness and will always remember the fun times we have shared.

    Rest in Peace

  12. A valued friendship of over 20 years is something that I am going to miss & hard to find. Always so positive, happy & kind to everyone.
    Our book group will not be the same without you or your wonderful stories.
    Deepest condolences to Danny, Joan, Anne, Sue, Liz & their families.
    Forever in my thoughts, may you Rest In Peace

  13. We will miss you dearly Cathy but will hold all of our wonderful memories with you close to our hearts! Love Emma and Luke Millard xx

  14. Hi Cathy and family,
    As part of the Cam and Trevor crowd, my times with Cathy have always been a delight, we slept together, and not in the biblical sense, the same room, and I even painted her apartment around 8 years ago now. We always had wonderful laughs, chats and created fantastic memories at the myriad of events attended.
    Cathy will be sorely missed by so many and certainly gone too soon but a lovely service, although apart, and I think of Cathy with a huge smile xx
    Her friend x

  15. Thank you to Cathy’s family for including us in this very special tribute to the life of a beautiful friend. It was a very special service that celebrated a life well lived. Thank you Danny and Cameron – and the people who chose the photographs and music. Cathy would have loved every minute.

    It was my privilege to be a friend and teaching colleague of the wonderful Cathy Tighe. We met in the late 80s when together we set up the first Child Care Assistant Course at the Western Institute of Technology, soon to become Victoria University of Technology. We felt like pioneers walking together through the dark car park into the portables at the back of the old Melton Tech. I learnt so much from the then Coordinator of Park Street Chn’s Service. We hit it off straight away and had such fun as we co-taught our first cohort of students – attending each session together- Cathy was paid for one night and then I was paid for the next. ‘From little things big things grow’. Cathy went on to develop her skills in teaching and mentoring tertiary EC students in a variety of settings. Her enthusiasm and passion never wavered.

    My husband and children loved Cathy – always so positive and ‘present’. The children were babes in arms when I met Cathy and they are now in their 30s and Cathy went on to meet my grandchild Ella recently when we celebrated my 60th with close friends from VU. We spent many years teaching together but our friendship grew and with Maureen, Jenny and Jan we formed a special bond – ‘The Melton Crew’ Cathy would call us in later years. We went on to share many happy times and celebrated special occasions together. Tattslotto kept us making a time to share a meal together every 10 weeks as we paid up and spent a few hours catching up.

    Our last catch up was exactly a week ago via Zoom as we paid tribute to the lovely Maureen who had recently lost her battle to cancer. Cathy organised the meeting and was so excited to share her new skills in conducting Zoom get togethers with Jenny, Jan and myself. My last memories are of Cathy excitedly telling us about the televised footage of the fairy penguins – telling us that all our grandchildren will just love the nightly footage. Always thinking of others and sharing… We shall miss you Cathy but we will always have many treasured memories and hold you in our hearts forever.
    Much love Elizabeth (Roy)

  16. Cathy,

    Don’t forget to record. How many laps of your deck have you done today?

    You demanded we looked after ourselves and put our children before everything.

    Every word, moment and anecdote you shared with us was purely passionate and inspiring.

    Its hard to believe we never met in person because I will never forget you.

    It wont be the same without you but we will make you proud.

    Love Irene – VU Student G56

  17. Beautiful Cathy, you will be so missed by all who loved you. You are now reunited with your mum & dad and sister Maureen. Much love to all the Tighe family especially my dear friend Anne and her family RIP lovely lady, forever in our hearts.

  18. Dear Cathy,

    Your generosity of spirit brushed my life for a short but significant time.

    Even though we barely knew each other you helped me a a great deal, letting me stay with you in your home when I really needed it. We shared meals and conversations about life and education, we had a dinner party with Trev, Cam and Cody, I saw your life and I met your sweet dogs! It was such a comforting situation for me and let me see the sweet, beautiful, generous and strong Cathy everyone is celebrating today. What a wonderful memory to have of such an amazing woman. I wish we had been able to speak more while you were alive. That time has now passed however, I hold the wisdom you departed onto me with great love.

    You have now experienced something I wonder about, and will never truely know until my own time comes. Perhaps death is an arrival for you, a change? Perhaps it is a becoming, as much as it is an ending? Perhaps there is ultimate peace in the form of everything, or nothing at all. How incredible it would be to know what happens next. What ever it is like, Cathy I hope you are surrounded by what you need.

    The service was inspiring today, literally. I breathed in deeply and remembered you. It showed just how cherished and loved you will always be.

    Farewell Cathy

    With love and gratitude,


  19. Cathy,

    Thank you for being such a kind, warm and inspiring teacher. Your wisdom of and passion for early childhood education will stay with me forever, as will your beautiful, funny and touching stories.

    You have made such a wonderful and lasting impact on my life and so many others. You have been so loved and will be truly missed.

    Thank you to Cathy’s family for including her students. I am so sorry for your loss. Cathy was such a beautiful soul.

    Much love,
    Brianna (Vic Uni Student – G56)

  20. Beautiful service for our beautiful cousin. Loved the stories shared, loved the photos shared, loved the sentiments of love and fun shared. Fond farewell dear cousin, who I will always see as a major player in our cousin catchups. It was fantastic to see the high regard you have been held in.
    Much love Cathy.
    Much love Tighe family ❤️

  21. Dear Cathy,
    You are surely the best teacher I have ever had– a teacher whose I was always longing for. You were such a gem in this humanity, specifically in early childhood sector. You always told us to be a role model for everyone– for the children and yet there you were, a role model to me and to a lot of people out there, I believe. I am so thankful that I am given the chance to meet you, the most amazing, passionate, humble teacher. I will always remember your kindness, positivity– everything. Thank you, Cathy. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I miss you so much.

    Nessa (VU student G52)

  22. My Beautiful Cousin and yes Best Friend Cathy!!!
    We have been together forever and enjoyed so many wonderful adventures. Your love and zest for life has always rubbed off on me. You enjoyed giving so much and it was always wonderful to see the true excitement on your face when we opened the treasures you had searched and purchased for us.
    We followed the same career path and shared many ideas, stories and resources over our working years.
    You were always the first to put your hand up to help in any situation even if it meant flying up to Canberra to help Skye prepare for my 60th birthday. Nothing was too much trouble.
    The laughter we shared on our mini holidays and visits to cafes and outdoor spots as well as our love of who dunnits (especially Agatha Christie) will always remain with me.
    Thank yo for your love and support in all of my life.
    Love you to the moon and back and forever
    Love Carm

  23. Cathy was a cheerful soul who will be sadly missed at our book club gatherings. She always had a story to share and never a bad word about anyone.
    RIP Cathy with your mum, dad and sister. Xxx

  24. Dear Cathy’s family: my most sincere condolences. What a lovely service. I’ve known Cathy since the late 70’s, she was a wonderful friend, so full of life and generosity. She will be missed and in my heart especially every time I wear something red ! Fly high Cathy !! ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Thank you for allowing me to attend today.

    I hope you will carry a little bit of Cathys beauty with you for the rest of your days.

    We are all walking each other home.

  26. A beautiful service; a fitting send off to such a lovely caring lady
    Condolences to all the Tighe family, all the extended families and special friends
    Memories to cherish, stories to share
    Cathy touched so many lives, and will continue to do so through her students
    And her organ donations
    Truly a giver

  27. Dearest Cathy,

    Almost 40 years of friendship. Tuesday nights were take away and “Melrose Place” together.
    The years slipped by so quickly.

    I am grateful that we reconnected a few years ago and managed a weekend to Philip Island, brunch in Hawthorn, time together while you were recovering from surgery, many phone calls and finally you joined Facebook so we could follow each others lives there.

    We never did make it to the special market (Covid saw to that).

    My heart is sad. But I am so very glad to have been in your life and had you in mine.

    D XX

    All my love to Cathy’s family and friends.

  28. I met Cathy years ago through our dear friends Trevor and Cameron. She was always warm, friendly and certainly loved life! I remember her kindness when she made the time to help me shop for my furniture in my own home (which I still have after 14 years!).

    Cathy, I will miss seeing your smile at gatherings and having a chat and a laugh with you. So sad that we didn’t get to say goodbye. Gone too soon – will miss you dear lady.


    Love Gracie and Mal xx

  29. In memory of Cathy –

    Lorraine Stilo the eldest of 42 cousins.

    Am so glad I could watch the live stream. Vin and I send you all our condolences.

  30. Sending so much love to Cathy’s family and friends.
    It was a privilege to be invited to be a part of this celebration of a life so well lived and one full of love and passion.
    Cathy’s smile, sense of humour, love of travel and people, and her joy in living indeed a lesson for us all in how to live a generous life.

    Fly high Cathy, you will be sorely missed.

    Louise Dockery. XXX

  31. Dear Cathy,
    I will always remember and cherish your outlook towards life.
    I am very grateful to have met you.
    Thank you for all you’ve done.

    – VU Earlychildhood Edu Student

  32. Lovely service, thank you for inviting me. Cathy was an important part of my life, although we lost contact for almost ten years. When we found each other again four years ago I thought we would have lots of time for catching up and meeting again. Sadly, life had other plans. Cathy, I miss you.

    Love Bodil
    (From Gävle, Sweden)

  33. Thank you to the Tighe family for allowing us the join the celebration of Cathy’s life. She was much loved by so many. Great loss. O’Neil College class mate.

  34. Dear Cathy, 

    I have known you for a very short time, and in this short span, you have touched my life in many ways. I feel so fortunate to have known you and be your student. I did not just learn about the course but a lot about life as such. You taught us how to stay positive even when things around us looked bleak, you taught us how to acknowledge and enjoy small things in life, like taking a walk in the sun and drinking coffee from your favorite vendor or eating your favorite bar of chocolate. Looking at you I often wondered how was it humanly possible for someone to be so passionate about life and give unconditionally. But there you were…just being you. You were an angel sent to spread happiness and love among us. 

    I am sure you are rocking and spreading happiness wherever you are. 

    You will always live in me. 
    Much Love.

    Mahima (Vu Early childhood /G56)

  35. Thankyou to all of Cathy’s family and friends for sharing this farewell so broadly. Being in Bookclub with Cathy for well over 10 years I have heard so many names and it was lovely to put some faces to them today. Cathy it feels quite ‘unreal’ that you have left us and to say goodbye this way but im thankful for the opportunity. Thank you for your generous, kind and unlimited support and friendship over the years. You were always a ray of sunshine and such a special person and it’s lovely to hear how many lives you’ve influenced and inspired. Take care my lovely friend. You will be sorely missed and there’ll always be an empty seat in our club. I promise to read ‘some’ books and maybe drink a little less wine (let’s be honest, I’ll never hold true to the later) but i do promise to laugh twice as hard in memory of you. Be at peace Cathy. All my love Nicole (and Tooley, Eliza & Jack) You’d appreciate that my kids loved your ‘movie’ funeral.

  36. What a wonderful send off for Cathy. A beautiful service. Danny’s and Cam’s tributes were loving and heartfelt and it is so evident that she was a very much loved, sister, auntie and friend. She will be sadly missed by all, especially the Tighe family and my sister Carmie.

    Margo and Andrew

  37. Dear Cathy,
    Words cannot describe how much you will be missed. You were part of my inspiration to work with children for so many years.
    Thank you for your kindness, your knowledge and inspiration. Your legacy will always live on within VU and our hearts. Thank you for creating the educators we are today!!
    Thank you for your friendship, your laughter and your scones!!

    My condolences to your beloved family and friends.
    My you rest in peace beautiful Angel
    Priscilla xxx

  38. A very lovely service. Beautiful words and memories of a beautiful person. Thank you for being a best friend to Mum and always thinking about her and making her laugh and smile. Thanks for being an honorary aunty to Archie and Holly and the tips tricks and advice you provided over the years. I loved seeing the Paddington Bear represented, I will always remember you as my Paddington Bear aunty. Thank you for being you.
    Forever loved

  39. To Cathy’s family

    Such very sad news that Cathy is no longer with us. Like many people have said today, I remember Cathy’s generosity – including welcoming me on board at Victoria University TAFE many years ago. Cathy was always generous and giving, and her fun-loving personality meant that we often had social occasions. I have many fond memories of all those lunches and dinners – with Cathy organising many of them, bringing us together. As you know, Cathy loved her travel and she visited me when living in London – some lovely memories eating Thai meals.

    Just to let you know, as a reminder of Cathy’s professional work over the years in the early childhood education and care profession, there will be a dedication to her in the new early childhood education book, Strong Foundations: Evidence informing practice in early childhood education and care (ACER 2020), due to be released in November. It will read:

    In memory of Cathy Tighe, centre manager, TAFE teacher and early childhood curriculum advisor who passed away suddenly in September 2020. Cathy is remembered for making a positive difference in ECEC over the years, for her enthusiasm of early childhood practice, her generosity and sense of humour.

    May Cathy rest in peace.

    Anna Kilderry

  40. Dear Cathy,
    I’m so sad to not be able to be with you at our next O’Nell reunion. I was so happy when we reconnected after so many years and everyone was looking forward to our next catch up with you and hopefully some other new faces. We’ll raise a glass off bubbles and toast the fact that we knew you, our dear friend from school and think of all the memories we had together.
    Love and miss you dear Cathy

  41. This was a beautiful service and an opportunity to learn even more about Cathy’s life. My love to all of you. You will be in my thoughts in the coming weeks and months, and Cathy will be remembered and loved always.
    Love Aunty Pat xx

  42. Truly an amazing person, she will be missed dearly.
    I can only hope to lead a life even half as impactful and inspirational as hers.
    I can still remember her talking about her dedication to childcare as well as friends, family and other things she holds dear in her life while she taught class.
    Thank you for everything Cathy.

    Michelle S ( Vic Uni student – G52)

  43. Beautiful service Tighe family. Tears for Cathy.. again sending love to you all . Vale dear Cathy .

    Greg , Pamela and Mark Hyslop Xx

  44. A great friend who i worked with back at Vic Uni. Lots of laughs teaching ECE together. Was thrilled when my girls were lucky enough to have her as their teacher at kinder some years later – how special that was for them and Mark and I.
    Lots of love to Cathy’s family at this sad time – Cathy will be missed by many
    Heather, Mark Emily and Claire xxx

  45. Thanks for the fun times and the hard work all those years ago in Brunswick. You have so much to the Early Years sector. So sad you have left before we were able to catch up. Thinking of you with love. Jen

  46. Farewell Cathy, Kim and I will remember the many fun times spent with you and our wonderful friends.

    xxx Jacinta and Kim

  47. Dear Cathy, 

    I have known you for a very short time, and in this short span, you have touched my life in many ways. I feel so fortunate to have known you and be your student. I did not just learn about the course but a lot about life as such. You taught us how to stay positive even when things around us looked bleak, you taught us how to acknowledge and enjoy small things in life, like taking a walk in the sun and drinking coffee from your favorite vendor or eating your favorite bar of chocolate. Looking at you I often wondered how was it humanly possible for someone to be so passionate about life and give unconditionally. But there you were…just being you. You were an angel sent to spread happiness and love among us. 

    I am sure you are rocking and spreading happiness wherever you are. 

    You will always live in me. 
    Much Love.

    Mahima (Vu Early childhood /G56)

  48. Great memories of working with Cathy when she was a Park Street Child Care Coop, and beyond.
    Always committed to the best for children and a generous colleague and friend.

  49. Into your arms O Lord and the warm loving hugs and kisses of your big sister Maureen and your Mum and Dad. A beautiful life, lived lovingly by a beautiful person. Condolences to all of the Tighe family and especially Anne, Michael, James, Molly and Olivia , much love Berna & James xxx

  50. Good bye beautiful friend. You truely showed us how life should be lived. With love and genuine connection. You were a shinning light to us all. Love and condolences to her wonerful family. Theis and Susan Heller.

  51. Cathy,
    You were a beautiful and generous person to walk into the office and see everyday. Thank you for all the support and guidance. You have made an impact on many people and in particular many children and families with your shared knowledge and experience.
    Miss you xx

  52. I met Cathy 14 years ago at the Alliance Française, I am so glad I had a chance to know Cathy. She was a kind, intelligent person. I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Best Wishes, Anastasia

  53. Thank you so much Cathy for becoming a organ donor. Today I celebrate 10 years of having received a double lung transplant. I will be forever grateful as I am sure the recipients of your organs will be.
    Rest in Peace Cathy.

  54. Sweet Cathy. Always in our hearts and thoughts. Thankyou for all the wonderful stories and many laughs. We have been lucky to have you. Thankyou to her family and friends for the memories, so lovely to hear others thoughts of her.

  55. Dear Danny, Joan, Sue, Liz , Anne & Families,
    Wishing you peace and comfort during this difficult time. · Please know you are in our thoughts, and in our hearts.
    Kirsten, Craig, Georgia & Zoe Wiley

  56. Clearly one of the most gentle and selfless souls I have encountered. Us cousins were lucky enough to know her most/all of her life. Commiserations to all the Tighes.

  57. To have known this beautiful lady through both studying & working at VU in Early Childhood was an absolute honour ~A favourite amongst many with her caring nature ,smiling eyes & kindness.
    You will be very sadly missed & will be in our hearts for eternity.
    We have so many fond memories of you not only as a lecturer and leader in our field but as a friend.
    We wouldn’t be the educators we are today with out your influence, teachings & amazing knowledge.
    Sam & Julie xx

  58. A beautiful soul who will be so missed, but forever remembered for her kindness, love and laughter

    Jodie, Bruce, Georgie and Hamish x

  59. Dear Joan and Cathy’s family and friends
    What a lovely service for a marvellous person. My thoughts are with you.
    With much affection,
    Jan Tyquin

  60. Cathy really supported me over the past year and I am so thankful to have had her as a teacher and friend. She created such a positive environment, and provided a home away from home. Cathy was such a caring person, and always did so much for those around her. I loved how well she knew me, our little chats and all the wonderful stories she shared.
    Thank you for sniffing my yoghurt for me whenever I was unsure.
    I love and miss you very much. Jam <3

  61. Cathy will forever be one of the most influential teachers and friends I have ever had, her passion for educating and her support for each and every one of us is unmatched. I will miss her greatly.
    forever in our hearts, lots of love always
    Esperanza (VU Early childhood student)

  62. Dear Cathy,

    You have been successful in teaching and giving people second chances to live. You are a teacher, an educator, a sister, a daughter, a hero and an angel. Everything you did has been fulfilled and appreciated. We have only known for 2 months but you succeeded in strongly bonding with me and other students. you have always been kind, caring and thoughtful to everyone. As we talked on 1:1 session, you even told me to sit straight so that I won’t hurt my back. You would always tell the class to go for a walk when there were nice and warm days. We would always be happy and laughed at one another on Zoom class. I promise I will become a successful educator just like you. I feel thankful, grateful and sad at the same time but it will heal one day. You will always be remembered as my role model, my hero :). Last but not least, Cathy.. you are always and will always be loved.

    Much love and always,
    Ben (Vic Uni Student – G56)

  63. Dear Cathy,

    I haven’t meet you in person but the impact you had on me was massive to the point that I told my friend that if ever me and my partner will fight I will be knocking on your door and crash for the night that’s how comfortable I am with you already but now you left
    I’m actually in the park right now as you’ve constantly remind us every after class to go out and go for a walk and get some fresh air.
    I will miss you Cathy and will remember you with love.

    Condolence to Cathy’s family.

    Hana Alegada | VU early childhood student | G56

  64. HI Cathy,

    You will sadly be missed in our hearts and lives. You were a very kind and passionate person who always looked after others. Will miss you every where, in our meetings, classes, campuses, lunch breaks and get togethers.
    Rest in peace. Much love
    Early childhood teacher at VU Footscray Nic

  65. Goodbye to my wonderful, generous, caring and joyful friend. I will treasure always the memory of the last 10+ years where you guided and supported me in our shared work roles, laughed and cried through movies and books, and the engaging, robust professional discussions. Thank you for your endless encouragement and wisdom. Cathy you are in my heart forever. Sending love and sincerest condolences to Cathy’s extended family at such a sad time. xx

  66. Dearest Cathy
    One in a million, a true friend who genuinely cared about people. I will miss our coffee catch ups our chats and sharing a muffin in Coburg. We have worked together in two places and I feel very privileged to have walked beside you in life’s journey as friends and colleagues.
    Thank you for listens and always laughing at my jokes.
    Rest in Peace
    love Gracie xx

  67. what i loved about cathy as a teacher was how passionate she was about teaching and about life.
    this career i have choose for myself she has inspired me to be a great educator and enthusiastic in life, she was amazing teacher and will always carry her in my heart throughout my career. i’ll miss her amazing compassionate stories! we are with you in sprits
    <3 <3
    (VU student early childhood)

  68. Cathy,
    I am so grateful that I got a chance to know and be taught by you, if only for a brief time have no doubt that you have influenced my life and your wisdom and guidance will be with me forever. If ever in doubt about what to do in a situation, I’ll just think to myself what would Cathy do? and inspiration will surely find me.

    Sarah K ( Student, Vic Uni G56 )

  69. Cathy,
    Your smile, passion for life and travel is something I will always remember. Your contribution to the ECE will carry on in the lives of all of the students that you taught.
    Rest in peace.
    Jane Sharp

  70. You were such an important part of our cousins’ network and catch ups Cathy. We will miss you very much but also celebrate you when we get together. I feel cheated that we can’t fulfil our promise to study the family history together when you retire, or is that what you are doing now?
    Much love, Lisa xx

  71. Dear Cathy,

    Cathy is the first teacher of the class I met. Her passion in teaching were always shining through the class and we were even more enjoyed. I have always been in quiet and shy student. As we talked on 1:1 I will make sure I will become a successful educator just like you. Your work and teaching as an educator have been fulfilled and appreciated. You were always caring and thoughtful to everyone. When I was sick you would even told me to sit straight so that I won’t hurt my back. It has only been 2 months but you have succeeded in bonding with me and other students. I feel grateful, thankful and sad at the same time. Time will heal but you will always be remembered. Last but not least, you may not be here with us today but you have done a wonderful things, giving others second chances to live. You are a real angel and Cathy.. you are always, and will always be loved.

    sincerely love and respect,

    Ben (Vic Uni Student – G56)

  72. My dear Friend Cathy,

    I feel so privileged our paths crossed and that I had the opportunity to work so closely with you. We tackled a new model of teaching together head on and we didn’t let anything stop us from giving our all to our students – I couldn’t have done it without you and your support xx

    I have very fond memories that I will treasure forever, you were one in a million, kind, caring, thoughtful and so knowledgeable and passionate about Early Childhood. You had such a positive impact on so many children, families, students and colleagues, you truly touched the hearts of many including my own and you will be dearly missed.

    All my love, Caroline xxx

  73. I’ve only known you briefly but always looked forward to your classes. You’re passion for education was infectious and I feel privileged to have learnt from you.

    Rest in peace Cathy


    Aidah Green
    Vu Early childhood /G56

  74. Cathy,
    You were not only a work colleague and a mentor but more so a friend. Someone to bounce ideas off, share a laugh, share a hug, share lunches and recipes and we also shared a birthday. Thankyou for guiding my terrible knitting skills and laughing at my jokes and being that sounding board as we shared our breakfast at the office. It wont be the same but we will be just as passionate and just as caring.
    Rest peacefully my friend. You will be missed and fondly remembered always. Love and thoughts to your beautiful family, who I know she adored, each and every one of you with all her heart, I feel like I know you all so spoke so fondly of you all.
    Love Lisa Langdon VU Early Childhood FN

  75. Cathy, we was a honour to have known and worked with you. You leave behind a legacy of students and educators who share your passion for the care and education of young children. We will miss you’re smile and how you made everyone you meet feel special
    RIP beautiful lady
    Sue Downey – Victoria University

    1. Cathy you were just one of those people that anyone would be grateful for the opportunity to have met you. Genuine, kind and caring. You will be missed xx

  76. Blessed to have even the briefest of times with such a beautiful soul.

    Cathy managed to inspire our learning and embed such a strong passion for early childhood education through her words and her support but also simply just through her being. Her stories of her friends and families gave us a glimpse into her wonderful world and even in passing Cathy ensured to continue helping others around her. Every day we will aspire to be more like Cathy.

    Cathy will be remembered in our family every time we sing “Open shut them”, just as Cathy sang to my captivated toddler during a Zoom class.

    In our thoughts always,
    (VU Early Childhood Education Student)

  77. Cathy,
    We are so sad you left us so soon. You have been a great mentor to so many of us at VU.
    Your legacy is definitely your passion for children and learning in general. Never forgotten.

    A happy face to brighten every day we saw you!

    Much love to Cathy’s family and friends at this very sad time XX
    Michelle Reilly-VU Early Childhood Teacher and friend

  78. You had such a kind soul and showed you cared for all of us. I really admire how passionate you were about your teaching! I will never forget you, Cathy you will be missed, rest in peace ❤️❤️

  79. Dear Cathy,
    I truly feel blessed and honoured to have known you in person and to have you as one of my teacher.
    You were one of the best teachers that I ever had, very passionate about your role.
    You taught me so much about building positive relationships with children and families.
    You will be dearly missed

  80. Cathy,
    You touched my life as much as you did your students. You shared your extensive knowledge and experiences freely making my life richer. Your legacy of quality education and care for children will live on through those you have taught.
    Never forgotten.
    Lin (Vic Unit teacher)

  81. Cathy, thank you so much being such a wonderful educator, for passing on your years of wisdom to us. As students, we then go out into the workplace and do our best to make the world a better place for little ones, with your guidance. Your legacy will always live on Cathy.

    Thank you also for just being a wonderful human being. Your kindness, heart and lovely face will be very missed. I am so grateful to have met you and learnt from you, even in the short time we had together. You have also inspired me to register as an organ donor. Today, I am wearing lots of red for you as it was your favourite colour and have lit a beautiful red candle in your honour.

    Sending love, support and my deepest condolensces to your family Cathy.

    Much love always, Chris Hill
    (Vic Uni Student G56)

  82. Condolences to Cathy’s family and loved ones, my thoughts have been with you during this very difficult time. Cathy you have had such an impact on students, early childhood services and colleagues over the years, generously sharing your knowledge and wisdom, such a giving person. Gone way too early, you will be missed. Much love Andrea Burton

  83. Cathy,
    You were so committed to making a difference in so many people’s lives!
    You were truly such a special person with such a big heart xx
    Sending love to your family,
    xx Nicole

  84. Dear Cathy,

    When we met I felt an instant connection. You were always lively, full of love, kindness and compassion. You and Caroline were there for me at the beginning of the year when I was going through a really difficult time with my grandmother. I was constantly on edge and stressed to the max but each time I spoke to you and Caroline, almost instantly I was put at ease by your words.
    You shared so much of your knowledge with your students, I found I learnt the most through the stories you would tell us about your own experiences.
    We never got the chance to meet in person, I only wish I was able to thank you directly at least one more time.
    You will forever be missed Cathy, your life isn’t just measured in years but it is measured in lives you’ve touched around you.
    May your memory forever live on. xx (Vic Uni Student – G52)

  85. The last time I spoke with Cathy she gave me the bird. That cheeky smile and sense of humour is what I will remember and cherish. You will be missed Cathy. You have touched more lives than you know.

    Much love,


  86. Cathy, I have such fond memories of our time together sharing the Hoppers Crossing office at Victoria University. You were such a fun and caring colleague.
    I will always cherish these memories.
    Rest in peace

  87. We feel privileged to have known Cathy. Such a generous, friendly, genuinely lovely person.
    You will be missed, Cathy, but you’ve left the world a better place. Vale. Lots of love from Paul and Jane

  88. A good friend will be greatly missed by her family, all her extended friend “family” and very much by us.

    Cathy had a big heart and lots of love for us all.

    We love you too, Cathy.

    We are thinking of everyone at this sad time and send our love to all.

    Fi and Bruce xx

  89. I had not met for long but I was able to tell how passionate Cathy was about teaching and I will forever be thankful for the wisdom she shared with my class.
    We will miss you so much Cathy
    Lots of love

    (vu student G56)

  90. My Rock Start Cathy,

    Originally my teacher, mentor but most importantly friend. I cherish the 30 year relationship which we shared. You were a gem to the Early Childhood Sector and we thank you.

    Forever in my heart
    Pam Chapman Xx

  91. Cathy, I only knew you for a short while but you have made a great impact on me. I will be forever grateful of the time I had with you.

    Always in my heart <3

    Stella (VU Early Childhood student)

  92. Cathy, one of the first of many lovely people we met when we moved to Melbourne. Genuinely caring and always sharing. You will not be forgotten. Marg Russell Kate and Tom.

  93. Cathy’s enthusiastic love and passion for not only what she did, but also for everybody that was in her life was inspiring. So many stories and so willing to have a laugh, even at herself.
    I am honoured to have started my early childhood education journey with Cathy leading the way.
    Her positive attitude and kind heart, along with all the actual content learning I have done will stay with me forever.
    I had so much more to learn from her but am so thankful to have had these last few months!
    Much Love,
    Madilyn (Vic Uni Student – G56)

  94. Dear Cathy,

    What an impact you had on us! You were an inspiration to future educators and taught us what it means to have good character. You always put your students first and treated us like family, your passion for teaching was infectious. Our class is very lucky to be taught by you, you had so much wisdom to share.

    I remember when the lockdown was about to start and we were having our last in person class, all our class was nervous about being on campus and wanted to do classes online. I remember you telling me not to be fearful and how you weren’t worried, and how you were going to continue to come into campus and work until the university told you not to. This really hit me hard and I felt it was very defining of your character. You breathed passion and resilience, you really taught me a lot about character and work ethic in that moment. I hope I can remember and utilise that fearlessness and drive you showed me in that moment.

    Compassionate, optimistic & wise. You were one of a kind Cathy! You mean so much to me and all of G52 <3

    We miss you so much

    Love Hannah <3 (Vic uni student – G52 )

  95. Cathy is family to me and I will miss her dearly. She has been the most supportive, caring, and passionate teacher I have ever had in my life. She helped me through everything, and I would not have come as far as I have without her endless support and unconditional love she showed. She went out of her way for anyone and everyone. She has impacted my life in such an amazing way and I will treasure every moment we had forever. I love her very much.
    Always and forever,
    (VU Early Childhood Student G52)

  96. Stephanie Azzopardi ( VU student)
    I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, love and support during my studies at Victorian university.
    You were such an inspiration to not just me but many! You have taught me so much, such an amazing experienced teacher that will stay forever in our hearts.
    I can’t wait to pass on what you have taught me over the years into the Early childhood work place, and teach others what you have taught me.

    Will never be forgotten, Rest In Peace Cathy ❤️❤️❤️

  97. Much love to Cathy’s family at this very sad time. We are so sorry that you have to endure this sorrow at the loss of you very special family member. It is still hard to grasp that our fun get togethers with our friendship group will no longer include our vibrant friend Cathy. Your presence in all our lives has been greatly valued over many years, (since the mid 1970s) leaving so many wonderful memories that we will think of often. We are thankful for the iso get togethers we have had this year with you, and that we all shared heartfelt love and gratitude for our long standing friendship at those times. Our last contact was on the very day you were taken to hospital, when you thoughtfully remembered Phil’s birthday. You always were a very thoughtful, caring friend! My thoughts have been with you since then. I thought of what you mean to so many people as your conversation was always about your treasured family and friends, such a people person! Looking back on photos of our times together has been a great reminder that we have not missed opportunities to have a deep and lasting connection. Much love from Janet and Phil Morrison (Janet met Cathy socially through Andrea Doherty (then Poole) 1975, Phil a year later when he came into Janet’s life).

  98. Dear Cathy,
    We called you as your name was listed on a Servas booklet. You picked us up at the airport. we were completely broke, but happy to be in Australia. After 15 minutes of knowing us, still in your car on the way to your home, you lent us your house for a week while you were going up to Cairns for your 40th birthday, with friends. During that week, we found an apartment and a job, which led us to stay in Melbourne for 5 years. But your generosity and trust didn’t end there: you presented us to your circle of friends and family, who became our friends too.
    We have such fond memories of our Sunday brunches, our visit to Phillip Island at Trevor and Cameron’s cottage, the wineries, the parties.
    You would have loved to meet our kids Alice and Henri. We read them so many times the Australian books you sent.

    You are still with us, Cathy. We love you,
    Ariane, David, Alice and Henri, from Montreal, Canada.

  99. We said hello and now so suddenly we’re saying our goodbyes forever, you were a wonderful loving and passionate lady who was always full of life and joy!

    You will be dearly missed by all
    Much love, Ellisha (vic uni student G56)

  100. On the memory of beautiful Cathy.

    We haven’t met for long but I’ll always remember you, Cathy!
    She was the first face I saw connecting me to the Uni. Such a passionate teacher but specially a caring, life (and coffee) lover and positive person. Always looking after us, her students. Telling us to enjoy the sun when was out, to be active and healthy and to make our family a priority.

    Cathy, you have pass on me your passion for this career and I can feel you with me every time I got lost. I’m sure you will guide us all in our professional path, to be and do our best.

    Forever in my heart <3

    Julieta ( Vic Uni student – G56)

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