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37 comments on “Eileen ‘Liz’ Thornycroft”

  1. Very beautiful service for Aunty Eil, Fiona your words were beautiful from your heart, may she now Rest In Peace, Amen. Love to your dad Jim & your families, from Jamie, Jane & Jack Minehan ! ❤️

  2. Very very beautiful! So glad that I could view this wonderful farewell to dear Liz this afternoon. Much love to all and prayers for Liz’s journey in the spiritual realms.

  3. Rest in Peace and may God look after you Lizzy. I will miss my beautiful lady with the lovely smile in room 41.
    Jenny Leong

  4. What a beautiful service all the bible readings , songs chosen, sermon by priest , segments by family all so inspiring and comforting. its certainly my pleasure as a nurse to be able to look after Liz all these years, we love her and Jim, her smile was so infectious.Wow she was a RN too , her life story certainly touches all of us . What a faithful servant of God.
    Love and prayers and sincere sympathy to Jim and the entire family at this difficult me. .

  5. Jack & Bev & Oscar send their love & support from their home in Horsham. They were so grateful to be present at Eil’s service. A very special & loved little sister of Jack. The service was touching & beautiful.
    Sending love & thoughts to Jim, Fiona, John & all your families.

  6. What a lovely service to farewell your dear mum. All our love to your family at this time. Jo, Ben and kids xxx

    1. I will miss Lizzie so much, she was such a gentle, beautiful lady. I always enjoyed going to her room because I knew she would smile at me. May she rest in peace & may God look after her. Love Jenny Leong

  7. Hi I am Shirley,one of he nurse who cared for dear Liz while she was with us . Jim and Liz are wonderful and loving couple , I saw Jim every day every night checking on her dear wife and giving her a big kiss talking to her making jokes to each others. Its certainily mygreat pleasure looking after this lovely lady —-a registered nurse. wow I wish i knew it before.

    I attended the service today , it was so very good . the bible verses and song chosen, sermon by the priest, segments by the family all so inspiring and meaningful. . we got to know our dear Liz much better , praise God she served the Lord well , she is with our Lord now . what a remarkable story about this servant of God . we have much to learn. from her life.

    My sincere and heartfelt sympathy love and prayers to dear Jim , and the entire family at this difficult time.

    As you walk through thestorm ma you feel th comfortingpresence of God .
    Be strong and courageous ….for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua ch1v9

    Thanks once again for a memorable service that I can be part of it today . God bless you all

  8. A wonderful service for Liz.
    Liz’s beautiful warm smile will be always in our memories. Peter Webb (son) also joins me in sending condolences Much love, Heather

  9. Hi Fiona,
    A truly beautiful service to celebrate your beautiful Mum’s life. Fiona you spoke beautiful words and did so beautifully. Olivia and Chloe you both spoke really beautiful too as did Mark and Uncle Peter.
    The music and songs were beautiful and the priest presented a friendly manner and spoke very well too.
    The photos were also beautiful and showed your Mum’s full life. Will always remember your Mum for the beautiful, happy, caring, fun and wonderful woman she was with that sparkle in her eyes and beautiful happy cheeky smile. Love to you all x Rest In Peace Beautiful Aunty Eil xo

  10. A beautiful send off for our beautiful Aunty Eil. May she Rest In Peace now. Our thoughts are with you Jim, Fiona, John and your families.

  11. This was a beautiful celebration of a caring and loving nurse, wife and mother.

    I was so honoured to have known you Liz – you warmed my heart.

    Rest well in the loving hands of Jesus.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Jim and all Liz’s families.

  12. Fiona – it was so wonderful to know about your mum and the adventures she had when relatively young. She certainly was a trailblazer – a young single woman traveling overseas during that time! I loved your words and was completely inspired by this life she has lived. In that church, with so few people, there was so much love and admiration and thanks. So thank you my friend, for letting me be part of knowing her through you. I am so very proud of you and know she would’ve felt so damn proud of her gorgeous daughter. Love you lots and those 2 beautiful mini-Fi’s for their heartfelt, clear and very well spoken words. Thinking of you all with all the love we can muster today and always, Vix, Rich, Chloe, Char and Lachman. xxxxx

  13. Liz’s beautiful warm smile and laughter will always be in my memory. I have her hand written recipes which are treasured
    My son, Peter Webb, sends his regards and condolences to all the family and especially to John (Mother of God days shared together)
    With love Heather

  14. Hadn’t seen Auntie Liz in a number of years but seeing all the beautiful pictures you put together it bought back a lot of memories. Lovely service for a wonderful lady.

  15. Dear Jim, Fiona, John and families, a beautiful service, thank you for allowing us to be a part of it. Thinking of you all.

  16. A lovely celebration of Eil’s life. She was very special and, as Fiona said, an inspiration for the following generation of Magee women. Thanks for making it possible to have this chance to share her funeral.

  17. It was a lovely way to say goodbye to Liz and a moving service and beautiful words from Fiona. Thanks to all involved today. We’re so glad we had the opportunity to attend remotely. Love from Kaye and Susan

  18. What a beautiful service and memories of Liz. Sending you all our love to all the Thornycrofts and Johnstons in this hard time.
    Big Hugs.
    Love Min and family.

  19. Lovely service and beautiful words Fi, honouring your gorgeous mum. Lots of love to you all. Shell and Jules. xo

  20. Dear Fi, Olivia and Chloe, we are sending our love and support during this difficult day. Love to you all. Blythe, Glen, Mitchell, Aaron and Grace xxx

  21. Such a beautiful service for such a lovely lady x Wish I was there to give you all a big hug x Immense love to you all xox

  22. To Jim, Fiona, John and families, our thoughts are with you even though we can not be there. Thank you so much for arranging for us to watch from home. take care, Sue and Viki.

  23. Eil Was always kind and had a smile for her nieces and nephews. This service was full of reminders of her kindness.

  24. What a beautiful tribute to your gorgeous Mum Fi. What an amazing life she had. Thinking of you all at this sad time.

    1. I loved hearing about Aunty Eil’s amazing life experiences. She created opportunities & gave so much love, inspiration & care to so many people. Fiona thanks for sharing you memories & words of your beautiful mum. Olivia & Chloe you read so heart fully.
      Love & warm wishes to Jim, Fiona, John & all your family

  25. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. A warm and generous aunty to all of us. So similar to our mum.

  26. It’s really special to be a part of this celebration of Eil’s life. We are there with you in spirit.

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