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18 comments on “Graeme Lawler”

  1. To Amanda and all the Lawler Family
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Rest in peace G.


  2. Dear Amanda and your beautiful children Tom, Alex and Ellen, I feel privileged to be part of this ceremony knowing we are all connected. I was moved by Tom and overwhelmed by the strength of genetics as he reminded me so much of his Dad at that age and our Grandad by his gestures. I am thankful that I got to meet you and spend the day with you and Graeme a few years back. A memory I shall treasure even more as I never thought it would be the last time I would see him. Love to Aunty Audrey and my cousins Bev and Suz who must be in as much shock as I. A reminder of the bonds that still remain despite distance.
    Love Sandy

  3. Dear Amanda and Family
    Thank you for the opportunity to witness Graeme’s service. He was a wonderful man who will be sorely missed. We will cherish the time we spent with him at the tour Down Under earlier this year. The people and places he introduced us to were unforgettable. Particularly the vanilla slices in North Adelaide.
    Our thoughts are with you all
    Matt & Jackson Ellis

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to attend the funeral.

    Graeme will always stay in our hearts deeply.

    Our thoughts and feelings are with you.

    Marina and Karl

  5. A great send of for an even greater man. I will miss him everyday for the rest of my life. I am honored to share the name Graeme with him and to be named after such a person is the greatest honor and one I will cherish. To my aunty Mandy and my three cousins thank you for allowing us to say goodbye and to help you all farewell the great man that was and is your Husband and father.

    Lots of Love to you,


  6. My deepest condolences to Graeme’s beloved family and friends.
    G, this is not goodbye, this is until we meet again. Thank you so much for being a wonderful boss, mentor and friend. M

  7. It was wonderful to be present with family at this time albeit remotely. I feel blessed I was able to meet you Amanda at your home and spend the day with you and Graeme, now even more a precious memory.
    To see Tom was very emotional for me as I was able to witness the strength of genetics. He gestures and moves and speaks deliberately in the same manner as his father and our grandfather. He reminds me so much of the Graeme I knew and grew up with. I would have liked to have known your children, as our generation were close as children, but age and distance has challenged our bonds. To my Aunty Audrey and my cousins Bev and Suz, you are in my heart but we have lost our links and it is times like this we remember how important it is to restore them. Much love Sandy xxx

  8. Dear Amanda and family,

    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the service for Graeme. As Tom said, you always knew where you stood with Graeme, and his open pleasure in the company of the Amici a Bici team has been one of the great gifts of Steve’s life. I wish I’d known him half as well. Thinking of you all.


  9. Thank you for this opportunity to join.
    Sending our thoughts and love to you all, family and friends.
    G created the Leed family and he will be missed by us all – past and present.

    With Love,

    Corey, Belinda and William

  10. We are thinking of you. The sentiments in the service reinforced to us how much Graeme was loved by all. We will miss him immensely. He will always be with us. Love Margaret, Cathy, Paul, Spencer and Zoe

  11. To the Lawler and Leed Family

    Our thoughts are with you all. Naomi and I are truly shocked and saddened by Graeme’s sudden passing. I thought he was bigger than life and would live to 100. I just want to let you know how proud and fortunate we feel to be a part of Graeme’s life with a Graeme like dot point summary below.

    I loved how you;
    • loved your family
    • were so humble
    • were fun to be around
    • how you made everyone smile in a room full of strangers
    • were so trusting of me and the team to get the job done
    • appreciated and awarded hard work, honesty and loyalty
    • kept everything simple and direct and made our jobs easier.

    I was proud of;
    • what you had made Leed and the projects you won and delivered
    • what you made out of all who worked for you
    • showing us the way forward out of shit situations
    • how positive you were through the good, bad and the ugly
    • how you gave young people an opportunity
    • what you had made out of me, a small skinny kid from the country!

    Graeme has taught us all so much. He would hate to read my rambling and ask for me to be direct and get to the point!

    I remember some of G’s words of wisdom;
    • stick to the contract
    • get it in writing
    • use the language from the contract
    • use dot points, don’t start with a capital after a dot point
    • who is they? be specific
    • lawyers don’t use commas
    • formatting of spreadsheets over the phone
    • when doing a program the constant request of “hit save hit save” as if the computer would crash at any moment
    • keep persisting
    • get on with it and get to the point!

    Your lessons made everything seem so simple.

    I will miss;
    • your smile and humour
    • sending you cheeky emails after getting a variation approved with a picture of Jerry Maguire saying “show me the money”
    • sending pictures of armaguard vans at pay review time to stir you up
    • you stirring and asking the young engineers “when are you getting married, what are you waiting for?” or “when are you having kids”
    • how you hugged Leo our youngest son for an hour at last years x-mas party and he didn’t cry!
    • catching up for a coffee or a beer and talking movies and sport and what the next plan/job was
    • getting the Falls Creek snow report from you while you were riding the chair lift.

    You were more than a boss. You were a mate, leader, coach, and someone who was always there to lend a hand.

    You always showed great and genuine interest in my life and family. You saw a lot in me that I didn’t see in myself and gave me the greatest of life’s opportunities and lessons. I wouldn’t be in life where I am today without your help and influence. I think of having time to learn off you as a privilege, honour and something I am eternally grateful for.

    We will miss you Graeme. You will be forever in our hearts, rest in peace.

    Kind Regards
    Shane, Naomi, Oscar, Oliver and Leo Burke

    1. Well said Shane, there will be a time in the future where we can all get together share a beer and the stories and remember.

  12. A beautiful service for a beautiful person.
    My condolences and prayers are with you Amanda & Family and hope you can find peace during this sad time.
    Rest In Peace Graeme…

    Bridgid & Wolfgang

  13. With heartfelt condolences to the Lawler family. May you find comfort in those around you. RIP ‘G’

  14. We have had a working relationship which has lasted nearly 20 years. We have seen the good and difficult times and have always been able amicably work through issues. I will miss your guidance and council.
    I will miss you deeply.

  15. Our deepest sympathy to you all, our thoughts are with you.
    As the days continue to pass, we hope you find comfort and support in the people that surround you all and the wonderful memories you all carry in your minds and in your hearts.
    Thank you for allowing us to share this beautiful service with you to say goodbye to our friend and colleague.
    All our love, warm hugs and best wishes to you all sincerely
    Lee and Kim Marks xoxoxoxo

  16. Thank you for this opportunity.
    My thoughts are with you all not just today but always.
    Take care of each other. The love of family was always one of Grae’s great joys.


    1. Love to you and Bev at this heart wrenching time. I did leave a message with Bev but didn’t hear back. Was lovely to be part of this with you all.
      X Sandy

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