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44 comments on “Julius Beretka”

  1. Köszönjük, hogy ilyen módon mi is részt vehettünk ezen a szép, és hozzá méltó szertartáson. Köszönjük a személyes, megható beszédeket és visszaemlékezéseket!
    Gyuszi bácsi kedvessége, figyelmessége, vendégszeretete, életöröme örökre velünk marad. Nyugodjék békében!

    Dia és Bence

  2. My sister, Ingrid, and I were 9 and 11 respectively when a 27 year old Bracsa and his wife (our cousin) Kati came into our lives on 3 May 1957. Their arrival, initially at our parents’ house in Adelaide, was our first introduction to our wider family.

    Thereafter followed a lifetime of friendship, family get togethers and regular contact.

    Marti and I, and our family, are saddened by the loss of this wonderful man from our lives. We will miss him. His was a life well lived. May he rest in eternal peace.

    Emléked örökre szivünkben él. Nyugodjál békében.


    Acsó, Márti, Veronica, Laura és gyermekeik.

  3. Good bye Bracsa – a lifelong friend of the Varsanyi Family.

    Peace now.

    Ingrid J. Harvey (nee Varsanyi).

  4. Dear Family and Friends of Julius,

    My wife and I are very saddened to hear of Julius’ passing. He was such a wonderful lovely kind gentleman to us over the last six years of being a nearby neighbour. My little one year old girl will miss his smile and will miss waving to him. I wish we had known him better. God bless you all in this difficult time.

  5. Drága Brácsa!

    Köszönök mindent amit tőled kaptam. Gazdagabb lett életem az által, hogy ismerhettelek!

    Isten áldjon!

  6. Drága Oki!
    Szívünkben örökké élni fogsz! Szeretettel Éva, Miklós és a családjuk.

  7. Deepest sympathy to the Family.
    We will always remember our time together.
    RIP Brácsa
    Judith and Szabolcs Hody

  8. Dearest Julius

    I will miss you. We had a friendship and bond that spanned a 55 year period.
    You were a graceful man that I enjoyed spending time with academically and socially.
    You introduced me to Veronica, the love of my life, and for this I am truly grateful.
    You were godfather to my son Jason.
    You were an amazing influence and friend to Adrianna.

    The world will not be the same without you.

  9. Dear Julius,

    Thank you for the wonderful memories of ‘the good ole days’ at CSIRO, you were so generous with your hospitality and friendship to our little group then and in the years to follow. I will miss your lovely birthday and Christmas cards with newssheet enclosed. Your kind heart never forgot anyone, you were one of Nature’s gentlemen. May God bless you.

    My heartfelt condolences to Stefi and Kati and all the family for the very sad loss of your beloved Julius.


  10. Dear Stefi and kati,
    we are Gianlorenzo Valenti, Lello Cioffi and Stefania Manetti from Sorrento, Italy.
    We attendend with great pleasure the service and we will always remember Julius for his kindness, humblennes, and humanity.
    With love from Italy,
    Gianlorenzo, Lello and Stefania

  11. My dearest Stefi and Kati, so so sorry that you have lost your dearest loving father. He will always be Brácsa Bácsi to me. The service was beautiful and thank for arranging for us all to be able to watch it. I’m thinking of you both and sending big, loving hugs to you and all the family. With lots of love and heartfelt thoughts, Ester and family. Xxxx

  12. Drága Oki,
    Az Úr legyen Veled mindörökké!
    Sok szeretettel Annamária és az egész család

  13. Drága Gyuszi!

    Messziről búcsúzunk Tőled, de lélekben ott vagyunk veled !
    Veled kapcsolatosan csak jóra tudunk emlékezni.
    Nagyon kedves, figyelmes, őszinte, vidám ember voltál.
    Szerencsére sok fényképünk van Tőled és Rólad, úgyhogy akárhányszor csak elővesszük őket, olyan mintha megint itt lennél köztünk és jópofa történeteket mesélnél.
    Nagyon szeretünk és sohasem felejtünk el!
    Nyugodj békében!
    Melinda, Levente

  14. Drága Oki,
    Az Úr legyen Veled!
    Nagyon szeretünk:
    Annamária és az egész család

  15. Drága Oki,
    Az Úr legyen Veled mindörökké.
    Nagy szeretettel: Annamária és egész családja.

  16. Drága Gyuszikám!
    Isten Veled!
    Nagyon jó ember és nagyon jó barát voltál. Szeretettel emlékezünk a sok bodlog együtt töltött időre Ausztráliában és Magyarországon. Soha nem felejtünk!
    Nyugodj békében!
    Zsizsi, Jóska

  17. Drága Brácsa!
    Örülök, hogy ismerhettelek! Nyugodj békében! ISTEN VELED!

    Drága Stefike és Katika!
    Őszinte részvétünk, legyetek büszkék Édesapátokra, nagyszerű, szeretetreméltó ember volt! Köszönjük a lehetőséget, hogy láthattuk a búcsúztatót, meghatóan szép szertartás volt!

    Szeretettel: Anci és Miki
    (Ilona Bite húga és párja)

  18. Drága Brácsa!

    Eddig is Rád gondoltam amikor a Dunacorso előtt elmentem és ez így is fog maradni!
    Szívemben élsz!

  19. Thank you, Stefi and Kati for giving us all the opportunity of saying farewell to your dear father. He was a true gentleman and throughout the 10 years of our marriage that we were together he enriched my life enormously. We have remained good friends over the years and I will treasure the lovely conversation we had just one week before he died.

  20. Thank you, Stefi and Kati for giving us all the opportunity of being present at your dear father’s farewell.
    Although we were married for only 17 years, but not together for the last 5 of those years, my life was enormously enriched by knowing your father. He was a true gentleman and will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

  21. Brácsa-you were the best gentleman that I ever met!
    Humble, polite, pleasant, caring and full with love for life, family and friends!
    Your regular visits in Budapest belonged to our yearly routine as well as your emails- one day we started to miss those visits and emails, and now we will miss you as well.
    Deepest condolences for the family and Friends.

  22. Dear Stefi,

    You may not recall but I had the pleasure of meeting you a year or so ago, when Your Papa has introduced me at the front of the Herald Holt’s swimming pool.

    On many occasions we met at the pool. I have always admired you Papa’s remarkable
    memory whereby he could name names, recalled dates and generally he could articulate
    in a manner that even I could understand.

    Over the years our swimming became shorter but the time of our discussions get longer and longer.

    I will miss you Papa Stefi and Kati

    Nyugodj bekeben Bracsa.


  23. All that distance, and all those years – yet, being part of this felt like home. That is Gyuszi bacsi’s presence.

    I visited your family in Melbourne twice – once as a child, and once as an adult. I remember both very fondly and vividly. And of course Gyuszi bacsi never stopped checking in on us over the years.

    With all our love – goodbye and God bless.

    “Lurika” and family. Canada

  24. Dearest Gyuszi, Brácsa,

    Our life, with your gentle demeanour and kind heart, has been made richer with your presence in it. You will always be in our memories and our hearts dear friend.

  25. Dearest Stefi and Kati

    Thank you for organising the video link, thereby giving us the privilege and opportunity to participate in celebrating your darling father’s life, and to bid him his earthly farewell … It is very much appreciated. What a poignantly beautiful service…

    We too loved your father very much. His friendship with Balázs spans over 63 years. He was a born and bred gentleman and the most wonderful, true and loyal friend – the world will not be the same without him! He shall be greatly missed.

    “Isten veled Gyuszikánk”

    Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you…

    God bless you and all your loved ones.

    Lots of love

    Évi and Balázs

  26. Good memories of my contacts with Julius; from 1975 at CSIRO Building Research; and at the retirees lunches. A much respected researcher; always had a smile; I enjoyed his company. Others I have contacted in the last couple of days also have great respect for Julius; including Dr. Gary Johnson and Dr. Harry Greaves. In normal circumstances, I would certainly have attended this funeral (as I am sure would others from the ex-Highett CSIRO retirement lunch group).

  27. I worked with Julius for about 20 years in CSIRO. He was an excellent scientist and a pleasure to interact with. I have great memories of being with him harvesting samples of gypsum from salt lakes in outback South Australia. There is a great photo I will give to Stephanie and Koty.
    We enjoyed many happy times in an extended group of colleagues wives and partners (from CSIRO) at luncheons, BBQs, dinners etc. He was excellent at “keeping in touch”; I always got a phone call on my birthday and the voice said “Happy Birthday Professor King”
    A true gentleman in every sense; I will miss him.

  28. Sincere condolences to the family. Julius was a lovely, friendly, happy person and will be fondly remembered. Thank you also for the lovely photo’s of our Christmas luncheons (CSIRO oldies) each year, rest peacefully.
    Tammy M

  29. Thank you for giving Pam and I the opportunity to feel part of the service for Julius. He was truly a lovely fellow and our warm memories of him will be even stronger and everlasting after today.

  30. Julius will be sadly missed by all of his fellow CSIRO work mates. His company at our retirement lunches was always enjoyed, he was a very great person

    Barry Schafer

  31. Drága Brácsa Bácsi,

    I have such strong and beautiful memories that you have given me and my family, from the first teddy bear that I had as a baby, to looking after me as a young boy with trips to the pool and your workplace whilst my parents worked themselves to set a life up for our family, the ulti parties at my parents place (when it was their turn in the rotation), more teddy bears from you when my two sons were born, and the always interesting and detailed conversations we had whenever we met, especially on New Years Day lunches.

    Thank you for all that you have given us, and continue to give us, and for being such a constant in in our lives like all the Bácsi’s and Néni’s in our extended family group.

    Mindig szerettelek es mindig foglak szeretni.


  32. Dear Stefi and family, thank you for the invitation via Howard Tankey and Roger Januszke to witness the celebration of Julius’ life today. Though not a close friend I was privileged to see Julius socially every now and again over almost 50 years. And thank you Stephi for your lovely words.
    Best wishes at this sad time,

    Rob Oke

  33. Dear Stefi & Kati,
    We are very saddened to hear about Julius’s sudden death.
    He has been a very close friend for the past 50 years – in that time we skied, swam, played tennis, bridge & shared many parties together in addition to meeting up in Budapest a few times.
    He was a good CSIRO scientist and a charming joyful friend at all times – even in recent times we have caught up in Melbourne at least once per year.
    Please accept our sincere condolences for the loss of your dear father. He was always very proud of you both and your families.
    Best wishes
    Ron & Marg

  34. Farewell to a long time friend who had a wonderful life with so many friends that he always took the effort to remember. Thank you for letting me be part of the farewell service. Alan Marriage

  35. Zagon Istvan es Claire

    We have had wonderful times with Gyuszi on rare occasions but always felt better after what he
    had to say. He was brilliant and delightful gentleman and we looked to catch up with him.

  36. Dearest Julius

    You were my godfather and friend. A loving man who meant the world to me.
    Not a birthday went by without a card, letter or phonecall from you.
    I have many fond memories with you from all around the globe. Long lunches in Budapest, airport pick ups in Melbourne followed by a meal, an Adelaide visit to your friends and my family, football matches at the MCG and an icecream or beer (sometimes both) at the Australian open.
    You were one of the last true gentleman left in the world.


    Jason Januszke

  37. To my shame I have not seen Julius for a long time.

    But I only have good memories of him.

    I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Bob Stanton huh

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