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  1. Sincere sympathy to all, we were truly blessed to have known Karen over many years as we attended the osteo group in Rosanna. Kindest regards, kathy, kelvin jessica shaw and mitchell Gale.

  2. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of ‘attending’ the beautiful service for Karen. She was a force and hearing all the stories about her and her character inspires me to do better in this world. She was very precious and my love goes out to all those that are grieving her loss. May time and all the wonderful memories of her help in your healing.

  3. To hold so many wonderful memories of someone launching on you to crack that one spot, to being told to foam roll with an in-person on the floor demonstration – which I resisted initially but now do with a vision of her in my mind, tells you that Karen was a special person who gave so much to everyone she met.

    I never got the chance to give her my tomato plants this summer for the huge tomato’s I gave her last year to plant herself but I will think of Karen when I plant them this year and beyond.

    To Gus and the Barton family, Karen was a truly amazing person taken too soon but will never be forgotten by all who had the honour of meeting her.

  4. Dear Barton Family and Gus,

    Thank you for a beautiful service and celebration of Karen’s life. As a patient for almost 10 years, it’s difficult to put into words Karen’s impact.

    I always looked forward to my treatments, knowing I’d walk away with so much more than just an ailment fixed. From our chats about politics (particularly our strong mutual dislike for Angus Taylor and many members of the Liberal Party), to climate change and why I should only eat wild salmon (which I now strictly only eat), to what vegetables we were growing and the various books I need to read.

    Karen wasn’t just a practitioner, she was a friend. She tied up my shoelaces when my injury was particularly bad and couldn’t bend over, taught me so many things and ignited passions in me (especially in politics which is now my career path) that I will forever be grateful for.

    She was one of a kind, I will dearly miss her and I am grateful for her presence in my life. Sending my deepest condolences to her friends and family.

    Ps, I’ll never understand how someone so small managed to inflict the most pain (in a good way) and find the exact spot every single time!

  5. Dear Barton Family and Gus,

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful ceremony to celebrate the amazing life of Karen.

    I was a patient of hers for most of her time at the Osteo Group, and regarded her as a friend, as well as a very talented practitioner. Karen also treated my partner and son, and easily gained their respect and admiration.

    I loved our chats about cooking, travel and hearing about her amazing exploits. I never left the clinic without feeling inspired by her.

    Hearing that she was following her own path with VAD just shows the guts and passion for the right way of doing things. So Karen!

    She will be very missed by my family, and her memory will continue to inspire me.

    What a lucky family to have raised such a firebrand!

    Merrill Mackay, David Jones and Stuart Mackay-Jones

  6. I was lucky enough to have Karen as my osteo for the last couple of years, a good portion of which I suffered from chronic pain as well as anxiety. Karen cared for me in a truly holistic sense and I will forever be grateful for the difference she made to my life. I never felt judged or belittled due to my mental health but rather benefitted from her empathetic and pragmatic advice and care. I am not able to run anymore so took up bike riding, at Karen’s (rather frequent) suggestion. I also really enjoyed chatting with Karen during my appointments and always found myself reflecting on our chats later. She was interesting and knowledgeable about so many things. I am grateful for my limited interactions with her and to her family and to Gus, I am extremely sorry for your great loss.

  7. Dear Gus, family and friends,
    The service was beautiful just like Karen! I’m sure she would be appreciative and highly approve.

    I was a patient of Karen’s at The Osteo Group for the last five years. For the last four she treated me weekly and relived much of my pain. I was not only her patient we were friends!
    She would greet me with her beaming smile. We would laugh, cry and share stories from our lives and adventures she was going on.
    Although I was there to decrease my tension and pain I looked forward to seeing Karen for our chats whilst she did her magic.
    Karen often spoke about Gus how wonderful he was with the home renovations, travelling to Airies Inlet to spend time with her parents and Barwon Heads, cycling here there and everywhere. She was happy and content. the most positive and upbeat personality, funny, witty, intelligent yet in a non overbearing way she was gentle, caring and supportive and went over and beyond for her patients.
    Even when she found out she was ill, Karen continued to check up on me via text and through Kristin treating me as referred on as a better match for my needs.
    Karen will be forever in my heart! My love and thoughts are with you all. As Karen would say take care of yourselves and each other.
    Georgia & Ray Sailah

  8. What a terrific celebration and remembrance for a wonderful, energising, always enthusiastic, caring, genuine and encouraging person.
    I will always remember Karen, her strength, her sureness and her utter belief that we were all doing the best there was to do for native vegetation retention and protection across the state, for biodiversity and the environment. I will never forget those early years of the preparation for, release of and delivery of “the Framework”. The special bonds and closeness of our little group across the state, led by, supported by, encouraged by and unfailingly driven by our fearless leaders Karen and David C. What a legacy!
    You’ve achieved so much, helped so many, created so many partnerships, friendships and memories. Although we haven’t seen each other for many years, I have occasionally heard from colleagues about what you’ve been up to and have achieved over those years since departing Vic Gov’t, what an amazing life! I’ll never forget you Karen B!!

  9. Condolences Gus and the Barton family. A fitting tribute to a wonderful, vital person. Karen’s positivity and energy are the foundation to so many others’ happiness and fond memories. Vale Karen.

  10. Lovely memorial to an amazing person. Thank you for sharing. Heartfelt condolences to all Karen’s family & Gus; she will be hugely missed.

  11. Dear Angus,
    What a wonderful tribute to an extraordinary person & life. Deepest sympathies to all.

  12. To Gus and Barton Family, and friends
    An amazing tribute to an amazing person. What a great life in her short time.
    Karen was my osteopath who could always return me to a more comfortable state in one visit!
    She was always interested in what was going on in my life both personally and physically.
    As said today she leaves an incredible legacy.
    Hold onto your loving memories.
    A grateful patient.

  13. Dear Jan and all the Barton family, thank you for sharing this beautiful service celebrating your sister/daughter/loved one. Thank you Karen for the help and instructions to Jan on how to care for me as I ran my one and only marathon all those years ago, it made all the difference. Love Sophie

  14. Dear Edie & Jim and family, A beautiful tribute to a wonderful full Life. Lovely seeing all the photos. Thinking of you all at this time as you move through life without her physical presence. So many treasured memories. Such Wonderful dear friends made throughout her journey is a testament to her character. Hold each other that bit tighter and closer. Thankyou for the opportunity the share in this tribute on-line. Love and Blessings. Elizabeth Gibbs ( Watson )

  15. You be greatly missed
    I’ll never forget your great concern for me as a patient and the conversation we always had

    See you in god’s kingdom on earth

    “Do not be amazed at this , for the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out”
    John 5:28,29

    “ There is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous “
    Acts 24:15.

  16. Dear Gus and Barton family,

    Karen was our amazing osteo, always researching to find ways to help us. She empathised with us, tolerated our venting and laughed at all of our anecdotal stories.

    Karen had a profound positive impact on our lives, as we are sure she did with all of her patients. We always knew we were in good hands with Karen, in so many ways. We feel honoured and privileged to have spent even a small amount of time with her. She’s left behind a huge legacy and we always ask ourselves, “what would Karen do or say?”

    Karen was interesting, intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, caring, funny, full of energy and fire, a ray of sunshine, a pocket rocket, truly special, so much more to say…

    Sending you all love.

  17. Dear Gus and Karen’s family. MA kindly shared the link to this beautiful service, thank you MA. I met Karen at Uni in Townsville and shared a house with Jenny. I have many fond memories of Karen and thinking back since I heard the sad news of Karen’s passing the words, happy, positive, full of energy come to mind. Those and many other appropriate words have been mentioned today. The world was blessed to have her in it and we were blessed to know her. Joy

  18. Barton Family thankyou for enabling me to be invited to say goodbye and acknowledge your lovely Daughter / Sister

    The memorial was Beautiful and appropriate for one who was admired and loved as Was Karen ..

    My love goes to all of you ..


  19. I was so privileged to be treated by Karen for over 10 years. She was a phenomenal human. One of my favourite memories of her was when I had a terrible back spasm and could barely walk but she made time to see me early in the morning, with my breastfeeding baby in tow. Mid treatment, my baby needed to be fed. Karen, being the sensitive and practical human that she was told me “oh no problem, just pop him on and I will keep going”. She was a friend to me and I will miss her terribly but I am so happy to have known her.

  20. Dear Auntie Edie & Uncle Jim,
    I am sorry unable to attend in person. Thank you for giving the opportunity to pay respects online. My heart goes out to you & the family. I will always remember Karen as a charismatic, determined & energetic cousin & will miss her greatly.

  21. Dear Edie and Jim
    Though we are apart, but how wonderful to be able to share with you as your family and friends gather to support you all. John and I in spirit stand with you, with love, prayers and blessings, as you celebrate Karen’s life with you all.X

  22. Dear Gus. This is Natural Grace testing the comments section. It has been an honour to care for Karen. Thank you for trusting us.

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