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182 comments on “Scott Brownridge”

  1. To all family, friends and work colleagues who have posted words of sympathy, support and love to the Brownridge / Schinner; Cantoni / Bud Families we thank you all most sincerely. For the amazing Fund started by work colleagues at the Melbourne Convention Centre. I thank you so very much for what you have done in helping Tammy, Shakima and Zane have support looking ahead to their life without Scott. For Tammy it is devastating; for Shakima and Zane, bewildering that Daddy doesn’t come home from work anymore. Michael and I know now how much Scott was respected as a person and we are very proud of him (well we always have been). We will always miss him yet know he is in our hearts forever.

    1. Dearest Aunty Jan and Uncle Michael, and to Tammy, Shakima and Zane – we are devastated to hear about the tragic passing of Scott… he was, and will be remembered always, as a genuine, kind and humorous guy, and he will be greatly missed ..

      Love from William, Rebecca & Henry xx

  2. Tammy, Shakima, Zane. Scott Bowie didn’t have a bad bone in him but he did have a big brain and a big talent. Whenever I hear the bouncy cheer of a good man, I shall think of my friend Scottie and I shall think of you Tammy and your children and the legacy they carry forward. Stay strong.

  3. Beautiful ceremony. The tributes and anecdotes expressed real love and great humour. The videos and photo montage had me in stiches with laughter and also drew some tears. Such a sad loss. Thoughts with the family from a 2nd cousin and family in Brisbane.

    1. Michael & Janferie Brownridge:
      Thanks for your remarks Leighton and from all of the Thomas’. You are all being wonderful in your support to us. We have many happy family gatherings to remember the fun times e.g., the hot, tropical Christmas Day at Glen Waverley when the constant rain water had pooled in the cover between house and carport and the clever young boys (will not name names but guess who) poked the broom up and the cascade of water drenched many!!!

  4. A happy beautiful soul that we were so lucky to have known. Your heart lives on in your beautiful children and I know you will be the sparkling star shining brightly down guiding them and protecting them for all of time.

  5. What a lovely tribute. What an amazing partner and father he was. Loved all the pics and family movies.
    Sending sincere and heartfelt condolences to you Tammy, Shakima, Zane and to Scott’s family. Thank you for sharing, and so sorry i couldnt be there at this sad and terrible time. Your all in my thoughts and am here for you.

    Much love to you all. RIP Scott

    Love Sandra Del Buono

  6. What a lovely tribute. What an amazing partner and father he was. Loved all the pics and family movies.
    Sending sincere and heartfelt condolences toyou Tammy, Shakima, Zane and to Scott’s family. Thank you for sharing, and so sorry i couldnt be there at this sad and terrible time. Your all in my thoughts and am here for you.

    Much love to you all. And RIP Scott

    Love Sandra Del Buono

  7. Heartfelt condolences to you Tammy, Shakima, Zane and families. A beautiful tribute for a beautiful man. Scott will be deeply missed and never forgotten. Thinking of you all during this incredibly sad time.

  8. Such devastating news Tammy.

    Sending you, Debs and the rest of the family big hugs.

    You all spoke beautifully and although I never met Scott, I feel I know him a little more now. He has left an incredible legacy.

    Wishing you all a long, happy and healthy life.

    No words seem appropriate……

    Love Steve

  9. A beautiful service to honor your Scott!
    We offer our deepest condolences on this terrible senseless loss and our hearts ache for you all.
    May God keep you all within His sights during these impossible days and know that we will keep you in our hearts and remember you in our prayers.
    Much love
    Sam and Carol

    1. Thanks so much Sam and Carol your support and kindness is very much appreciated. Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

  10. So saddened by your tragic loss Scott Bowie, you were a wonderful human being. Tammy thank you for sharing your last moments with us all.

  11. Dearest Tammy , kids and to Scott’s family . The speeches today were truely spoken from the heart . I didn’t know Scott well but it was clear he meant so much to everyone knew him because of his warm , caring and positive nature . I am so terribly sorry for your sudden and tragic loss . Be strong x

  12. Dear Tammy, Shakima, Zane and Scott’s family,

    Our condolences to you and your family. We are very sorry for your loss. We wish we could have been there for you all. We are thinking of you. Stay strong.

    Love you all dearly,
    Marise, Steve and family

  13. Dearest Tammy, Shakima, Zane, and to all the Brownridge and Cantoni family. We hope that the happy memories will help carry you through the difficult times ahead. We will miss Scott’s smile, good humour, and excellent TV series recommendations. You are never far from our thoughts. XX

  14. My condolences to Tammy, Shakima, Zane and the family. Scott made working at MCEC a delight. I feel privileged to have known him. Whenever we had the chance to grab a quick coffee and talk about nonsense it always made my day a little bit better. You were so kind and generous with an incredibly infectious laugh. I am going to miss your friendship.

    Vale Scott.

  15. Dear Tammy, Shakima and Zane
    What an amazing man Scott was , his farewell was such a special insight into his incredible talent , his love of life and his gift of giving. No words can express the loss for you and your extended family. I hope in time your wonderful memories and his legacy he has left , will somehow sustain you. Tammy, you were so brave today and Scott would have been so proud of you all. We send our love, prayers and sympathy from the bottom of our hearts. Shirley and Graeme

  16. A beautiful service, for a very loved man. Still does not make sense that he is not here. Condolences to Tammy, Shakima, Zane and all the family. XX

    1. Hello Nicole,
      How lovely to receive your message. You know our family very well from school days. Thank you very much

  17. Tammy and children, and Scottie’s whole tribe, devastating beyond belief. I am so heartbroken for you…
    He was so loved.
    Such a brilliant human.
    So many wonderful stories and memories of my time with him.
    Already miss you Squirrel..Froggie signing off. xxx

  18. ‘Scort’ we shared our St Kilda ‘dog days’ together – with Maggie and Tamis our dogs, lots of walks and afternoons at dog park and coffees and cryptic crosswords which you patiently tried to teach me but I didn’t have the gift like you.

    You were a wordsmith, a wizard and a whizz with moving parts – you also had the knack for seeing inside people’s hearts. You made me and everyone in your world laugh like a kid. And Tamis ADORED you – he would greet you by placing his paws on your shoulders and you would both hug like long lost brothers. He knew you were one of the good ones – he knew he could trust you. Animals know.

    When Tamis made his debut on Playschool – you were the one who looked after him while he waited by the camera to make his appearance. Thank you ‘Scort’ for being the most wonderful friend to me, to Tamis and blessing us all with your contagious smile, love and twinkly eyes. Travel well my friend – see you again in the next one.

    Sending so much love and strength to Tammy, Shakima and Zane and to Scott and Tammy’s family.

    Leah ‘Vandenhoogenbergen’ (My title according to Scotty of course) .

  19. I recently saw Scott improvise during a gig. It was a pure delight to watch him go into character. For a few minutes I could see the whole room (which was a pretty tough crowd I must say) become utterly mesmerised by him. He had a spark that is rare amongst actors. It was so lovely to see that spark flying off him in those videos with you Tammy, Shakima and Zane. You were so clearly the brightest light in his world. I’m so deeply sorry for the loss the three of you must feel. My heart is with you and his family and dearest ones. What an incredible man you had in your lives.

  20. What a wonderful service. Feel very privileged to have been able to be there remotely. If we could have, David and I would have been in the Holden in a flash and made our way to Melbourne. My heart is broken for all of you. I send my love and deepest condolences to all the family. Scott was so liked. So loved. I first met him at NIDA and we became firm friends for all time despite being in different years. Later, David and I lived with Scottie in Bellevue Hill during the Lion King days. (David had become friendly with Scott, independently of me, before we met and they had become great mates) Scott’s sense of fun, playfulness and cheeky wit were infectious. Bright eyed and mischievous. A kindred spirit for my similarly impish self and a fine match for Davey’s wicked humour. A house of love and laughter. We even had a Christmas Day together one year. Such a special memory. He was also very dear, heartfelt and a big ‘softie’. Always eager to help. Present. His machine gun rapid peels of laughter fill my ears now. I can see him walking down the hallway, flanny shirt on, turning to flash me a grin, showing me his wonderful hands covered in car grease. Gone too soon. I send love and strength and laughter to all his beautiful family.

    Sending huge hugs and warmth and wish I could be there. Scott was so much a part of my life. My youth. Our youths. When our hearts were touched with fire.

    Much love, Michelle Doake and David Hynes

  21. Heartfelt condolences to Tammy, Shakima, Zane, and all of Scott’s family and loved ones. I had the luck to briefly share a house with Scotty in mid-90’s Sydney – I’ll never forget what a bright light he was. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute today.

  22. Dear Tammy and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. It feels so surreal. I felt so privileged being part of that service and was laughing and crying at memories of that beautiful man. The love you guys shared was palpable. Tammy, I hope and pray for you to be held in this moment.. held through this incredible pain you must be feeling. Shakima and Zane, your daddy was AMAZING, SWEET, LOVING, CRAZILY FUNNY, TALENTED, DEEP, A TRULY BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING.. and I’m not at all surprised, from what I heard and saw, wonderful dad!! I’m going to carry him in my heart fully and share his spirit of love and laughter with my family too. All my love. Andy Rodoreda xxoo

    1. Thank you Andrew for your thoughtful words above and thank you for the years of friendship you had with our son Scott. I saw you most recently as a truly scary character and although you were acting, you were most definitely were believable. ”Brake a leg”.

  23. I’m honoured to have had a part of your final performance Scott, you were great, as usual. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to have a second season, but the first was excellent, so there’s that 🙂

    I extend all of the love the I have to everyone hurting. I love you all.

    1. Hello again Alex and just remember all the fun times you had with Scott. Thank you for your kind thoughts above.

  24. Talented, quick witted and clever, a wonderful man.
    Such a big heart and a big smile.
    Scott, I shall miss you. RIP x
    Sending lots of love to Tammy, Shakima, Zane and Scott’s family

    1. Thank you Ray and Nancy for all the years we have known you as supportive neighbours. We had fun times and this is what we keep remembering.

  25. Life will not be the same without you Scott. You were always the entertainer to all around you. You left an imprint in our hearts, forever missed, forever loved. x

    1. Andy, Bridget, Abi and Tom, thank you for your words of sympathy which we very much appreciate.

  26. Dearest darling Scottie,
    There is no way to fully describe the joy and succour your friendship has given me over the years. My heart is wrenched and broken with the sudden loss of your bright light in this world. Time and again, your positivity, wisdom, humanity and ever ready wit warmed my heart and soothed my soul, and I will hold the comfort of your friendship forever close. You are the most beautiful soul, and the very best of humankind.
    Your family was your world and I remember the huge smile on your face and the love and happiness radiating from you when you spoke of Tammy, Shakima and Zane. My heart, love and deepest sympathies are with your beautiful family. There are no words that could possibly ease your pain, but know that Scottie cherished you above all else, and you brought as much joy and love into his life as he did to yours.
    Travel well my dear friend – you will always be loved, celebrated and deeply missed.

    1. Tasma you knew Scott well in the shared house while at NIDA. I know you had many fun times and probably more so because no parents were around! Thank you for your support and friendship and the words you wrote (above) regarding our son. You are a brilliant actress and we follow your progress whenever we can, particularly recently in “Mystery Road”.

  27. Oh Scotty, the world has lost such a beautiful man. I have wonderful memories of your cheekiness and spark as we were growing up. You found your thing and did life so well. Those videos & pics, Tammy, of you, scott and the kids at home, how very special. Tammy, Auntie Jan, Uncle Michael and Jacq, such a massive hole is left but beautiful Scott’s sense of playfulness & absolute joy de vivre will return to your homes and live on thru you and all of us, it is too strong and irrepressible! Farewell Scott xxxxxx

    1. Dear Caro, thank you and all the family for the magical times we have had, and will continue to have with our families. Your family have a fight ahead and we are all cheering for you and particularly Katie. Much love.

    1. Jenny you are so kind and good and we value your friendship very much. Thank you.

  28. Dear Jan and Michael
    We are truly saddened by the loss of your wonderful son Scott. We recall his early days at the gardens where he displayed so much enthusiasm. Our deepest sympathy goes to you both and the family. Rod & Jan.

    1. Hi Rod and Jan, thanks for support and sympathy. Yes, the gardens were always a magnet for our family, particularly Scott and Jacquie. Many happy times spent with you both and with the family in general.

  29. So beautiful to hear about Scott’s life from family & friends. Such a special service. Thinking of you all at this difficult time. Wishing you long life.

    Much love & hugs
    Steve, Michelle & Raphael

  30. Scott, you were a genuine and lovely man, with an infectious personality.
    Our heartfelt sympathy to Tammy, Shakima, Zane and families.

    When family chains are broken, its never quite the same, but as god takes us one by one, he links the chain again
    love Sue and Mal xo

  31. Such an incredibly touching service as a suitable tribute and testiment to a truely beautiful soul.
    My condolences to all the family, friends and people who had the fortune of being connected with Scott. Wishing you all a life that’s full, healthy, happy and rewarding…. as Scott would want.
    Hakuna Matata!

  32. Ahh Scottie, I just couldn’t believe the news when I learnt that we’d lost you so tragically and so soon. I’ll forever remember you from our NIDA days. So effortlessly funny it was as if comedy and improv were just in your DNA. You just always had me in stitches. Ahhh, what a loss. Thank you to your family and loved ones for sharing such a beautiful service. Rest in power Scottie. I’ll hold you in love and light. xxx

    1. Hi Rachael, the lady with the beautiful speaking voice. Thanks for your thoughts shared about Scott. We are devastated and so sad for Tammy, Shakima and Zane as well as ourselves. Live goes on and we all will too, remembering Scott’s funny voices when reading stories or telling jokes and laugh when thinking of those times.

  33. Scott Bowie, as I will always know you… Kindhearted, gentle, polite, caring, genius… the list goes on but, as I say all of these wonderful thing about you all I can is… “Wow, no stop… you’re too kind, really? You’re just too kind… no actually, don’t stop keep it coming ” And that’s how I remember this man who was taken too soon! I will always have a soft spot for you Scotty, and my love goes to Tammy, Shakima and Zane ❤️
    He will always be around you and will play lots of jokes to show he’s never left!
    Eternal love to you all

    1. Trevor, Megan, Madi and Steph thank you for words and the times we have shared together as a family. Hope we can continue to do so. Love to you all

  34. What a beautiful service to honour Scott, so moving, many tears shed.
    A life so rich & loved by so many.
    Scott will remain in our hearts always
    Love Susan, Jon & family

    1. John, Susan: Kylie, Elly, Jake and Rahnee
      Thank you so much for all your continuing support Sue and we wish Jon a very quick return home from hospital. Love to you all.

  35. My condolences to Tammy, Shakima, Zane and both your families. Scotty was a wonderous man and will be deeply missed.
    It has been my honour to have met him in this life.

    Vale Scott

  36. Ahaha! “Basketball” Zane! How glorious, how silly, how fun, how Scotty! yaya! Thank you for sharing those glorious memories of Scott. He was and still is an amazing human. My heart is with you Tammy. May you find strength in his memory. Love to you all. Dear Scott – thank you for happening in our lives. You were the light for so many of us. We are much better people for knowing you. Rest in peace and we’ll see you soon. xxx

  37. It is so sad to have such a young man take away far to early. Our deepest sympathy to all of the family.
    I am sure he will be watching over you.

    1. David, Sam: Jack, Maddy, Max and Grace,
      Thank you for your kind words about Scott. It is so sad for our family and we so much appreciate your support.

  38. I am so grateful to have met and worked with Scotty. He was an incredible friend and mentor of life. My sincerest condolences and all my love to Tammy, Shakima and Zane during this awful time.

  39. SO sorry for the loss of Scott. He was a lovely boy, and man.
    Over 400 viewers! Such an indication of the love and impact of his life on other people. xx

    1. Amanda you have been through a dreadful tragedy and we send you our family sympathy. Thank you for your kindness now to our family and we wish you well.

  40. Sending enormous love to Tammy, Shakima and Zane – today was a lovely tribute to Scott and I am sure his love will continue to shine through you all. Love to you all, and chookas Scott. xx

  41. RIP Scott i didn’t know you very well but you were alway’s very knowledgable and help full when it came to ford’s and there part’s which you had a clear passion for. May you rest in peace condolences to your family.❤️

  42. What a heartfelt, moving, funny tribute to Scott. It was so lovely to hear the many and varied tributes from his childhood through to adulthood and I’m sure many of us learnt something new and surprising about him. Our Dramatic Change team will forever be smaller for the loss of his passion and energy and we’ll miss him dearly as our friend. Our sincerest sympathies to the whole family. Pip & Gareth

  43. Dearest Tammy, Shakima, Zane, and all of Scott’s family and loved ones. Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you now and forever.
    Love Rosie, Andrew, Luca, Mila and Sam Dounis xx

  44. Dear Jan and Michael,
    I only heard about Scott this morning – what a terrible loss, particularly at this time. Mary joins me in sending our heartfelt condolences to all your family. We never had the privilege of meeting Scott, but the ceremony really did give a very full picture of his life and achievements.
    I hope we can catch up again in better times before too long,
    Peter Cairney

    1. Hi Peter and Mary we wish to thank you for your comments above and glad you were able to view the funeral service to our son Scott. We believe he would have loved the send-off and particularly all the fantastic tributes from family, friends, workmates and just everyone. Scott was a happy, optimistic and positive person and always looked on the fun side of life.

  45. Dear Tammy, Shakima, Zane, and family. I am so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know Scott well but had a sense of him in this beautiful service. It is clear to see how much happiness, laughter and love he brought to your lives. My son Joel wanted to watch the service with me, and he said “he sounds like a super hero”. My heart goes out to you. I wish you a long life, strength, courage and lots of love. Please know we are all here for you, and don’t hesitate to be in contact if you would like to talk or I can be of any help. love Suzette

  46. Just absolutely heart broken that this tragic event has happened. RIP Scott you will be extremely cherished and missed!

  47. Will be sadly missed at MCEC Scott would always bring a smile to your face. Tammy I know the huge hole you have, I lost my husband at a similar age, that hole will slowly fill but life will never be the same, we learn to live differently. How lucky and blessed you were to share your life with a special person. Hugs to you and your beautiful children.

  48. Such honest and beautiful words from those that knew him so well and a beautiful montage that caught his infectious smile and personality.
    I was honoured to know you Scott, even if it was for just a short time at the MCEC.
    I am sure he will watch over you all and ensure that laughter and happiness does indeed return to your home.

  49. Will miss your contagious smile and warm heart Scott. May you RIP
    Condolences to Tammie and your family xx

  50. So many childhood memories growing up with Scott, Jackie and the beautiful Brownridge family. I will always remember Scott’s cheeky grin. We are so devastated for you all and send you so much love at this sad time. Virginia and Terry Mason

    1. Hi Terry & Ginny,
      How lovely of you to send this message. Our families go back a long way and what fun we have all had particularly with the Draffin family. Those are the times we think about when feeling sad about Scott because he is and, will always be, there in our memories.

  51. Scott’s warm friendly greetings, quick wit and bright attitude was always uplifting in a sometimes stressful work environment. My condolences to your family and those closest to him. Take strength in knowing that Scott lived life to the full and left a positive impression on all that he met. He has made the world a better place and will not be forgotten.

  52. Dearest Tammy, Shakima,Zane

    Scott just seemed to be a magical sun…. so much love and laughter.
    I’m devastated for you all that your sunshine has been taken away. Your love for him can’t be. Xxxxx

    Love to you all, Deb, Ariel& kids, Agi&Jacques, Scott’s family.

    Our deepest condolences
    Anabella and René

  53. It’s been many years since I’ve seen Scotty but I will always remember him as just a lovely lad always full of joy and laughter. My heart goes out to Tammy and his two young kids as well as the extended families. He will be so missed. There is now a huge Scotty shaped hole in the world where he should’ve been for many years to come.
    My deepest condolences and Scotty, the light of world is just that little bit dimmer without you in it.

  54. Heart felt condolences to Tammy and Family and Scott’s Family.
    A beautiful service for a big hearted man who lived life to the fullest.
    Chookers Scott.
    Love David

    1. Our deepest condolences and sincere sympathy to Scotts family our thoughts and prayers are either you all.

  55. Dear Janferie, Michael and family, we are sending love and prayers at this sad time. What a lovely service, a great tribute to a wonderful man. xoxo

    1. Dear Graham and Julie, we thank you for your kind and supportive love from far north Queensland. Scott will be missed, very much indeed, however, we have him in our thoughts forever. Thank you so much.

  56. Thank you for sharing that wonderful tribute the the most wonderful man Scotty Bowie. I am gutted and heartbroken – but that has helped bring a smile and warmth to me. I send my love and warmest wishes to you his family.

    1. Hi Peter, I remember you from NIDA and always look out for your brilliant set designs in opera, plays, and films. Thanks for what you have written about Scott. We wish you well.

  57. Ah! “Basketball” Zane!!! How glorious, and funny, and silly, and Scotty! Thank you for sharing that with us and all your beautiful memories of and with him. My heart is with you Tammy. May you find strength in his memory. Dear Scott – thank you for all that you brought to the world and to everyone who knew you. We are better people because you shone in our lives. Rest in peace and we’ll see you soon! xxx

  58. Tammy, Shakima and Zane. What an amazing tribute! Hold onto those gorgeous memories and remember his love for all of you. Know I’m here for toy if you need me. Sam

  59. My heartfelt thoughts are with you Tammy, Shakima and Zane for the terribly sad loss of your dad, your partner, your family as you know it. I have no doubt you will share so many tears and laughter together and the memories of Scott will live on forever. What a great man he was and he touched so many in such a beautiful and positive way.
    My thoughts and love are with you all.
    Nicky and Amelie

    1. To Tammy,Agi,Jacques and family.

      Wishing you long life.
      All the best during these difficult times and it is indeed very sad.
      From the wegman family.
      Lots of love.

  60. Scott Bowie always full of laughs, light and love. Thank you for the memories my friend. Sending love and strength to your family.

  61. Tammy all the love in the world spills out my heart for you, Shakima and Zane. What a beautiful service for a man who is irreplaceable xxxxx

  62. Love from New York. Forever in my heart and now together with your best mate Derek Lloyd. Love you boys who both left way too soon. Love to all the family, Mary Rose Lloyd

    1. Hello Mary Rose. Just think about Derek and Scott together at last. They were inseparable in their younger days and will be able to build on that again now. Fred thinks that too!

    1. Bruce and Joyce thank you for all the support you are providing to us. We had some amazing times with our two families and those are the memories Michael and I will always cherish.

  63. Dearest Tammy, Shakima and Zane,
    Our hearts are broken for you. May he rest in peace and his smile, energy and love for you live for eternity. We are here for you.
    With all of our love,
    Fabio, Fanoula, Julius and Orion

  64. Thinking of you all today. Scott was such a beautiful man and always made us laugh.
    Wishing you all the strength and courage.

    Paula, Mark, Hayden and Jordan

    1. To dearest Tammy, Shakima & Zane, we are broken hearted and are sending you all our strength and love for today, tomorrow and the coming months and years. Scott was such a great guy, quick with a smile, always up for a chat and loved his family so much. Such beautiful words from you Tammy and such great tributes and wonderful videos and photos. All our love, Colin, Sharon, Otis & Imogen x

  65. Such a beautiful and fitting tribute for such a beautiful man.
    Our sympathies and loving thoughts are with and your wonderful family Tammy.
    Dean and Michelle.

    1. Hello Dean and Michelle,
      I am so pleased to have this opportunity to thank you Dean for the friendship you had with Scott in his late teens and beyond. Together with Derek you three had a lot of good and amazing times. Thank you so much for leaving your tribute.

  66. Rest in peace Scott. I have many fond memories of our time together on Lion King – both working on the show and engaging in epic table tennis battles! My deepest sympathies to you Tammy, Shakima and Zane.

    Love, Richard

  67. Scott, You will be greatly missed and in our hearts forever. My blessings for your family and loved ones. Rest in peace my friend.

  68. What a wonderful service for an incredible guy. Thank you for the amazing speeches and incredible video for Scottie.
    I send my condolences to Tammy and the kids, his parents and sister and all the families and individuals who were touched by this versitile and talented guy.
    Sending love and hugs to all.
    So incredibly sorry for your loss.

  69. Goodbye Scotty
    You were a warm, caring, witty and incredibly genuine person.
    For the short time I was able to call you my colleague, you left a much longer lasting impression.
    You will be sorely missed, and my sincere condolences to your family.
    RIP buddy.

  70. So terribly sorry Tammy. Our thoughts and love with you and the kids. Wish you all the very best and strength through this sad sad time. xx
    Brian, Linda, Beau and Tabitha Lewin xx

  71. What a remarkable and extraordinary human, Scott Bowie…my heart goes out to you all. Wish I could be there for you all. Sending massive hugs and lots of love xx

  72. Thank you for the memories of your childhood. Thank you for the smile that melted my heart when you and Richard were so naughty! So many memories of a very special person.
    Barry and Nerida

    1. Dear Barry and Nery,
      Thank you for being the wonderful friends you are. For coping with a “Buggar of a kid”‘ because young Scott did go ”exploring” however, fortunately we always found him! Scott and Richard’s family movie you tell me are showing just what they go up to in jumping off hay bales and driving around the paddock in a car. So pleased now they didn’t end up delinquents!!
      We wish Katie all the very best we can wish anyone and send our love to you all.
      Thank you also Richard and Lou and all you lovely family. M & I are there for you all, always.

  73. Dear Tammy, Shakima and Zane,
    Our hearts goes out to you on your loss. Wishing you all a long life.
    Sending love and hugs
    Alon, Shelley and Nathan x

  74. Watching over here in NZ. I worked at the MCEC for 5 years and am simply gutted I will never get to see Scotty again. Sending big love to the Family

  75. Dearest Tammy, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your words were so beautiful. I can only imagine what you and the children are going through at the moment. Scott was such a lovely man and I understand why you were happiest at home. Take care of your hearts.
    All our love,
    Amanda, Andrew, Seren and Bryn.

    1. Sending love and deep condolences to the family and friends (of which there are so, so many) of dear Scottie. I had the luck and glorious hilarious pleasure of touring with him in TOI Jake and Pete back in the late 90s. We all laughed around the country and I still have the tricycle Scottie made from bunderberg ginger beer bottle tops. Bless you Scott you talented warm kind man with the biggest of hearts. Blessed Be.

  76. Tammy,

    Wishing you and your family a long life. Scott was a beautiful unique soul radiating sunshine & humour. He will be missed by all who knew him.

    All our love, Heidi & Tim

  77. Dear Tammy and family,
    Thinking of you all and your terrible loss. I had the pleasure of sharing a flat for a time with Scottie during Coogee days. Sensitive and forever fascinated with the world, there were so many times that I couldn’t even breathe because he was relentlessly hilarious. Car whisperer and bestest bloke, he will be terribly missed by all that met him.

  78. Oh Tamagotchi <3
    My heart breaks for you. Your grace under these horrible circumstances is inspiring. Sending you so, so, so much love xxx

  79. Dearest Tammy, Deb and family,

    Our hearts are with you at this time. Scott was always such a positive, bright and cheerful soul to be around. That part of him will never be forgotten and all of our lives are richer because of it. Will carry his eternal smile with me always. May you all find peace and rest in your hearts soon.

    Much love to you all at this time.
    Tim Smith and family.

  80. Dearest Jan and Michael,
    I am deeply saddened to hear about Scotts passing and am sending out so much love to all of you at this very difficult time. I have fond memories of Scott from when we were all growing up.
    My thoughts are with you all. RIP Scott,
    Love from Lou, Archie, Max and Matilda xxx

  81. One of kindest, friendliest and most quirkiest person to have the pleasure of working with. You will be missed Scott!

  82. Words can’t describe how sorry we are at your loss. My heart goes out to you Tammy and beautiful Shakima and Zane. Our thoughts and love are with you during this time of grief.
    Sending you all our love, Danielle, John and Adin Xx

    1. You will surely be missed Scotty by everyone and I am sure it will also bring big smiles on their faces when they would think of you. You will be missed at MCEC. Great charming cheerful Scott, Rest In Peace and deepest condolences to your lovely family behind.

  83. My sincere condolences to Tammy and your beautiful family and to all Scott’s family and friends. He was a generous, warm, witty and talented man who will be so sadly missed by us all. Sending my love xo

  84. My hugest condolences to Michael, Jan, Tammie and Scott’s entire family. He was such a lovely man, and we’ll miss his sense of humour at MCEC, his willingness to help and to have a chat. He will very much be missed.

  85. Scott, you will be greatly missed and a shining light gone too soon. We will remember you for years to come and your legacy will live on.

    An incredible person and someone i am so thankful to have known at MCEC. We had many wonderful conversations together and i deeply admired your passion for events and your respect and care for each and every person. It didn’t matter if you were working with 1 person or 100, you always took the time to assist everyone in such a caring manner.

    Thinking of you, Tammy and the kids.

    Rest in peace xx Steph

  86. Dearest Scotty/Scottifer,
    We will miss you mate. Your smile, your appalling dad jokes, the fun and laughter you brought to the office every day. We will miss the “grumpy old man club” chats every morning. We hope Tammy, Shakima and Zane get to know the incredible legacy you have left behind and the love that so many people have for you. You were a genuine human being with a soul of gold.
    We will all go on in a world just a little dimmer without your shining light.

    Rest in peace dear friend,
    Guy and Samantha xxx

  87. Dearest Tammy,
    Wishing you so much love & strength during this time. Scott’s beautiful warm nature & legacy will continue to thrive in Shakima & Zane. We wish you all long life & send much love.
    Janine, Adam & family

  88. Tammy,

    My heart is saddened by your sudden loss, no words can really express how sorry I am that you and your family are going through this. Scott was truly one of a kind and will be missed by all.

    Just know that you are surrounded by so many people that love you and your kids.

    You are in our heart and our thoughts during this difficult time.

    Melissa, JP, Maddison & Nicholas

  89. Such a zest for life, it’s hard to believe you’re gone. RIP Scott. You were always a joy to work with and will be missed by so many.

  90. We will miss you terribly Scott. You were such a bright light and a joy to be around. The many happy and funny work memories will be cherished.
    Sending all our love and condolences to Tammy, the kids and family.
    Love Melissa and Jarrad xxx

  91. Tammy, Shakima and Zane,
    Our love and support are with you. You had an amazing partner and father who showed how much he loved you all. He made a difference in this world. Mary and Howard

  92. Sending lots of love to all during this difficult time. I am sure that Scotts memory will be a blessing to all who miss him. Much love xxx

  93. You will be so missed Scott! How lucky we are to have known you! Forever in our hearts and memories

  94. I’m very saddened to be witnessing this service, I’m still in denial. I’ll miss our morning banter, the laughs, the cheekiness, the love and most of all you.

    You were a true gentleman, a person that lit up a room. I’m going to miss you very much Scott.

    Mik Pollard

  95. An amazing friend, colleague, and fellow cruciverbalist – Scott’s light and humour will be sorely missed

  96. Wishing you a beautiful journey, Scott. Rest In Peace. You will be missed.
    Tammy, Shakima and Zane our love and thoughts are with you all. We are holding a space for you.
    Jen, Michael, Jack and Grace O’Brien

  97. Going to miss you so much mate!
    Thanks for being such a great person you would light up any room you walked into!

  98. As a young high schooler hanging around with the much older, cooler Rusden kids Scott was always incredibly sweet and kind to me – definitely one of the good guys. Sending much love to Tammy, Shakima, Zane and all of Scott’s family.

  99. Scott, you were always a bright spark everywhere you went and it was always a pleasure to work with you. I’ll miss you deeply.

  100. Goodbye Scottie,
    Thank you for being such a lovely and genuine soul in the LK family. I pray that your generousity, quirkiness and loving nature will live on among us, the lives you’ve touched. Don’t be too naughty when you see God. Love you and miss you.

  101. Scott was such an incredible person. His passion, care and dedication to his work at MCEC was first class. I never met a customer or colleague that didn’t love working with Scott and his infectious attitude towards life and helping others. He will be very much missed. My deep and most sincere condolences to your family.

  102. Our sincere condolences to the entire Brownridge family, and to Tammy and the children. I have nothing but good and fun memories of my time spent with Scott – he made me love Star Wars. Such a terrible and sad loss. Love Nick & Nancy Draffin

  103. So hard to believe that a man with such a zest for life is gone. RIP Scott. It was always a joy and a pleasure to work with you. You’ve left an amazing legacy and you are already sorely missed.

  104. Many happy memories of childhood fun and games with Scott and the lovely, generous Brownridge family. Scott was always the one who came with a smile, a sense of fun and made sure others left with a smile. Our thoughts are with his family. Stuart and Suzanne

    1. Dear Stuart, Suzanne; Nick and Nancy, thank you for your memories and words of support regarding Scott. He was a fun person and at times I wanted him to be serious and he would continue to make me smile. All he needed to do was talk back to me — nicely, but speaking with an accent and I would always be disarmed. Cheeky person but lovely!! Thank you Draffs’ very much for your kindness.

  105. Dearest auntie Jan and uncle Michael, our thoughts are with you at this time, I do feel fortunate to have been able to spend so many good times with Scott growing up, we had a lot of great times that I’ll never forget. Love always Richard, Helen and the girls

    1. Dearest Michael & Jan, it was an honour & a privilege to share Scott‘a memorial service with you all. You must be so proud of him not just as a beloved son but also a truly wonderful husband & father. The accolades from his friend & colleagues were so beautiful and heartfelt. My love, thoughts & prayers are with you both. RIP dear Scott. Take care & God bless. Christine xx

    2. Christine that day you called about our Victorian lock-down you received a shock I know just like the day you called me with similar news. “‘Not funny Jan”. You were able to move on and so will Michael and I but like you, remembering all the wonderful years of having your Tracey and our Scott. Thank you Chris.

  106. Rest In Peace Scott. I will always remember working with you at the MCEC, you were always such a pleasure to work with. Thinking of your family at this difficult time.

    1. Scott was amazing to work with, always so positive and happy to help in any way. He will be so missed, my deepest condolences go out to his friends and family at this time.

  107. Oh dear Scottie,

    It just doesn’t seem possible you could be taken so early. Although we didn’t see each other recently I am so deeply saddened by your passing. Your family is beautiful and you should be increbiyl proud of the legacy you leave. Fly free my friend. RIP

  108. That grin and playfulness will live on forever, you will be so missed Scott, thank you for been such a big part of my life. Fly high my friend xxxx

    1. Dearest Tammy I am holding you and your beloved children in my heart at this very very sad time, Scott was such a beautiful and kind soul! All my love Mel x

    2. Dearest Clarissa, we all had a lot of fun didn’t we? You have been such a help lately with finding everyone and for the photos which Tammy, Shakima and Zane will have as well as Michael and me now you have located them. Thank you so much for all your help. Michael and I wish you and all your little family and extended family good wishes.

    1. Rest In Peace with the angels Scott. You will be deeply missed by so many! Fly high and we know you will always be by your families side. Love to you Tammy and family. Xxx

  109. We all loved working with you mate, you were one-in-a-million.
    We’ll all miss your quick wit and generous nature.

    RIP ol’ mate.

  110. Scott, you are such an incredibly kind and beautiful soul. Your infectious smile, your constant enthusiasm, your patience and willingness to always help others will always be remembered. I am grateful to have known you, and will miss your friendship.
    With love, Amy

  111. There are no words, so please just know that our hearts are with you all and we’re here for you xoxoxo

  112. Dearest Tammy, It was a pleasure to have known Scott and to have seen the joy he brought to your life. Deepest sympathies to you all xx

  113. A huge, impossible loss.
    A beautiful, genuine man taken just as the world needs such beings more now than ever.
    My heart breaks for his young family.
    Remember Scotty, only dance if provoked.

    1. Our heartfelt condolences to Scott and his family. What a beautiful soul and his memory will live on forever with those that knew him.

  114. Scott, I am incredibly saddened to hear you have left this world so abruptly. Your happy nature and amazing talent will be missed, among everything else that made you an amazing and unique individual. Much love and my sincere condolences to your family ❤️ See you again soon buddy (Zazu!)

  115. Dear Tammy
    My thoughts are with you and your gorgeous kids I will always remember Scots kind face and warm eyes
    A lovely man

  116. Scott, your light will continue shining forever, mate! You’ll never be gone, you will always live in our hearts. My deep and most sincere feelings to your family.

  117. Sending so much love your way. Tammy, we wish you Shakima, Zane And all of Scott’s family a long Life.

  118. It’s so hard to believe that you’re not with us brother. Your smile was infectious and you okay at ping pong too. Ha! Much love from your Lion King family. Travel well my brother, much love Mufasa xxx

    1. Hello Jay, thank you for your friendship with Scott particularly during the Lion King. He very much admired you and your professionalism.

  119. Such a friendly, genuine soul who was so committed and passionate to his work at MCEC. Rest in peace Scott.

    1. Jacinta it was very nice speaking to you by phone and I was happy to hear you had a breakfast group going at the MCC. Scott must have loved that! He very much enjoyed his working life at the MCC and from what we now know had a lot of friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for what you have done for his family — Tammy, Shakima and Zane.

  120. Watching from Melbourne. Fellow Lion King friend 2004 – 2007.
    Byebye Scott honey. Will never forget your bubbly personality, your wit and kindness.
    Love from Toni

  121. Dear Tammy, so sorry for your loss. I hope you find comfort and solace in the support of loved ones, friends and the community at large. Stay strong and cherised your beautiful memories you shared with the man you so love. Take care

  122. Scott and I were great friends at uni and he made me laugh every day. He was so funny. This is just so sad. Whenever we saw him at Dina’s parties, he was such a vibrant, gorgeous and smiling force!!
    From my family to you all, we wish you love and hugs at this terribly tragic time. We are thinking of you all. Please reach out for help if you need it.

    Love Lani, Steven and the whole Castan family.

  123. We had some much fun together working at MTC & MRC, Scott was such a pleasure to work with, to laugh with and to be around.
    So sad for your family, deepest sympathies.

    1. My condolences to family..Miss him big time for our morning coffee’s and that big warm smile..XX RIP Scotty.

  124. Dear Tammy, kids and family, wishing you long life and all the strength and love. My positive thoughts are with you. Scott was an amazing man and touched everyone’s sole.
    Do not be afraid to ask for help. You have a village/tribe to support you and we are here for you.
    Love Paul

  125. I am deeply saddened by the news of your loss. My heart goes out to you Tammy, Shakima and Zane, Deb, Ariel and family at this difficult time. I want to express my sympathy and let you know that my thoughts are with you today.

    As the days continue to pass, I hope you find comfort and support in the people that surround you and the wonderful memories you carry in your mind and in your hearts.

    Scott was such a wonderful man and father and will be terribly missed.

    With all my love

    1. What a lovely tribute. What an amazing partner and father he was. Loved all the pics and family movies.
      Sending sincere and heartfelt condolences toyou Tammy, Shakima, Zane and to Scott’s family. Thank you for sharing, and so sorry i couldnt be there at this sad and terrible time. Your all in my thoughts and am here for you.

      Much love to you all. And RIP Scott

      Love Sandra Del Buono

  126. So terribly saddened by your loss.
    Scott was such a beautiful man.
    He brought so much positivity and high morale to our crew when we were building MTC and MRC.

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