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13 comments on “Toni Motufau”

    1. For all brother’s and Sister’s for all family.And friend’s for your powerful prayer. great love.❤❤ great Testimony..great support for my brother TONI MOTUFAU last time in this life.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
      Special Thanks The Deer Park Ward and DEER PARK Stake for the minister for my brother.My prayer God bless you All.
      Special Thanks for the great service for my brother TONI MOTUFAU.

  1. Dear Shannon and family, I felt it a privilege to be able to watch Toni’s funeral as well as his burrial. I have a deep love and appreciation for Toni and of course Shannon and the children. To Simi I say thank you for your desire to keep your family togehter . I delight in you Simi and always have.
    To Shannon remember what Pres. Hoare said about those beyond the veil being very near. Toni will be near to comfort and to give strength to you and your children.
    Of course God will not let you remain comfortless because the Holy Ghost can be your constant companion in these hard days.
    Please remember how very much I love you. I realize in these difficult days I am not going to be able to come to you but if you need what I can give please ask.
    May God hold you all in HIs hands and may you be given peace and feel His unending love.
    Love always Helen , Michael and Jordan Conlon xxoo

  2. Dear Shannon and all the Motufau family. My love and condolences to you all. The Lord Jesus Christ’s peace and love has surely been with you all during these times and will continue to do so in times to come. Like many of those who new Toni, I will miss him very much. I am sad that the world’s current circumstances prevent me from seeing my friend one last time. Yet, I am comforted with the knowledge of hope that I know that God knows that I know that I will see Toni again in the Kingdom of our Father. Love to you all Motufau family. With love. Bro Malu.

  3. Dear Shannon and all the Motufau family. May the peace of our Lord & Saviour settle on your hearts through the power of Holy Ghost. I’ll miss my friend very much. I love him and all of you. Thank you so much for including me in your tributes and family circle. Love always. Bro Sacco❤️❤️❤️

  4. Sending you lots of love , kisses , hugs & deepest condolences to youse during this time toni will be so proud on how strong youse are & this isn’t a goodbye but a simple “see you later” . Thank you toni for making us kids childhood a memory to remember & for being dads partner in crime !
    Loves & blessings ALWAYS
    Pasila & kids xx

  5. Love you Sis, Simee❤️ Our heart and prayers out to you, your Mum Shannon and siblings❤️❤️❤️ Your Dad was such a great family man and we are indebted to him and your mum for accepting our brother Zak into the family.
    We could see what a pillar of strength he was to you and someone who loved you and his family a lot. What a legend! We know he’ll be missed, and still leaving his mark in this world through you guys. Rest in Love Big Man❤️
    Love Zak’s Siblings

  6. We love you soo much family, praying For comfort and strength for each and everyone of you especially mum and the kids ❤️❤️❤️ I know dad is proud of you’s all and is with yous in spirit today and forever. You are strong women Simee and mum Shannon We love yous loads ❤️❤️❤️

  7. We all love you uncle Nd miss you so much, love you all my cousin Nd aunty Shannon

    Love from Sau Nd son Nd families

  8. Our prayers of luv, strength and comfort go out to Shannon, kids and the Motufau Family❤we are totally to hear of Toni passing. May you feel the luv and protection of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ at this time. Thank you Toni for always being that Brother that always greeted us with a smile followed with a hand shake with your wife and asking how we are, it always put a smile on our faces everytime we came to church. #tillwemeetagain ❤❤❤from the Manaena.

  9. Love you guys so much ❤ your father will definitely be proud of yu all xx thankyou for the live stream so that we can be a part of his last day ❤ yu guys are strong nd amazing just like your father .. aunty shannon yu are amazing and I know you will continue his teachings to your children ❤

  10. We love you Motufau family, May our Heavenly Father continue to comfort you at this time…
    We are always here for your family

    Love M Ah-Fua and Kim family☺️❤️❤️❤️

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